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A watchwinder.....why?

The watch enthusiast knows what a watchwinder is. However, many other people don't know exactly what a watchwinder is. Our simple definition would be that a watchwinder is a device that supplies energy to one or more automatic watches to keep it running. Because normally an automatic watch stops running within 32-48 hours when it gets no energy.

A watchwinder is useful because it rotates the watches to supply energy to them. Therefore you can wear the watch instantly with the correct time and functions. On the other hand it's good to wear or move an automatic watch regularly to avoid problems. You can compare it with a car parked in the garage and is started only once in a while. It's important for an automatic watch to keep the movement running to allow oil smoothing the complete movement of the watch. 

Is a watchwinder necessary? No, but beyond the fact that a watchwinder is useful if you have several watches, a watchwinder is also a beautiful accessory in your living room, bedroom or office. A watchwinder has certainly added value and is optically also nice to show to your family and friends. It will certainly create conversation when friends, family or colleagues see the watchwinder.

2 dec2013


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