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Buben & Zörweg notes rise in demand for secret safe

There are people on this world that have enough money to spend it on the most beautiful items. They buy special cars, build incredible houses and have a great watch collection. Buben & Zörweg notes the demand for secret safes to keep the valuable watch collections safe. 

A good example is the client recently commissioned Buben & Zörweg to install three of its 580kg, 2 metre high X-007 safes deep under the floor of his palatial European home, insisting they are completely concealed from view. The safes and the floor openings themselves, almost like a trap door on the stage of a theatre, only come into view when the owner remotely activates them. Thanks to a double lift system, the entire safe then dramatically elevates, revealing a 360 degree bullet-proof glass showcase, which itself then elevates to allow access to the contents of the safe. 

One client has recently kept Buben & Zörweg busy with demands for a high security fence outside his villa plus two high-security, double-lock doors leading up to the room where his three safes are located.

Another client, with a residence in London’s One Hyde Park apartment block, a building popular with international billionaires, wanted reassurance that the entire team installing his safe would never have any way of finding out the floor or number of his apartment. A top secret installation saw every last inch of the lift at One Hyde Park covered up with cardboard throughout the installation process. 

The really wealthy people do everything to keep their valuables safe. Their automatic watch collection is safe with Buben & Zörweg, as they combine state of the art German engineering technology, perfect hand craftsmanship, forward-thinking design and security systems originally masterminded for Swiss bank vaults to conceive and manufacture their world-class luxury safes and private museums.

18 aug2015


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