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Buben & Zörweg watchwinders at Baselworld

There are watchwinder brands which are really special. You can compare them with the status Ferrari and Porsche do have. These brands are unique and only use the best materials, most unique designs and best skilled craftsmen. One of these brands, and for sure market leader in the field of watchwinders, is Buben & Zörweg from Austria. 

Introduction of Buben & Zörweg

In 2015 Buben & Zörweg will celebrate two decades in the luxury watchwinder business. The company was founded in 1995 in Austria. First it focussed on producing high end watchwinders. Then they started to develop quality clocks (like Erwin Sattler) and now they create a combination of all demands a men has. The current products Buben & Zörweg produces are combinations of a watchwinder, a humidor, a safe and wine storage. Of course you can customize your "object of time" (as Buben & Zörweg calls it) according your own preferences. The sky is the limit. 

 Our meeting at Baselworld with Buben & Zörweg

Buben & Zörweg did invite us to visit their booth at Baselworld. An invitation we accepted happily. We were also invited to visit their factory in Germany during Baselworld, but unfortunately we had some other appointments with other watchwinder brands. We hope we get the change to visit the factory in the future, because we heard it's something very special.

We visited the booth of Buben & Zörweg the previous years, so we knew what to expect. The booth is one complete showroom with the top products Buben & Zörweg has to offer. Soon we met Ms. Simone Stocker, the marketing specialist of this Austrian brand. She only worked two weeks for the brand but she informed us very well about all important things. The nice thing was that she didn't had a standard "marketing speach" about how great Buben & Zörweg is. She did comfort us and told in her own style about the history, the innovations and materials of the "objects of time". 

Soon we discovered the high end pieces Buben & Zörweg produces. We were allowed to test, touch and try all models which were present at the booth. Ms. Stocker did show us all functions and secret buttons some models do have. For example there are secret buttons which present a complete new board of turntables or a new storage room. All Buben & Zörweg watchwinders which do have a safe do have the VDS predicate, which means they are incredible well build to avoid theft. This is quite important when you store your expensive watches inside. 

 Unique luxury for the happy few

A Buben & Zörweg watchwinder is not for anyone, they do cost a lot of money. For example the model build in cooperation with the famous car brand Aston Martin has a price of 200.000 euro. On the other hand you get a high end "object of time" which meets the highest standards and is build with the best materials and by skilled craftsmen. 

Thereby if you have a high value watch collection with brands as Rolex, Breguet, Patek and IWC it's also important to store it safe, in style and easily. If you have the money, why not use a great watchwinder of Buben & Zörweg? It's not only a watchwinder, it's a piece of furniture in your office, living room or bedroom. 

Visit here Buben & Zörweg to see their beautiful "objects of time". 

6 apr2014


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