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Relatively unknown, Avante watchwinders

 Next to many famous watchwinder brands there are also many relatively unknown brands which produce very nice watchwinders. One of these brands is Avante from Hong Kong. This brand tries to join the high end brands with beautiful watchwinders. Thereby, the Avante watchwinders do have all kind of functions to wind-up an automatic watch very easily. 

Avante watchwinders try to combine avant-garde design with innovative technique. Their flagship watchwinder model "Virtuoso" features the world's most compact auto elevated watch winding system, which is even patented. The secure locking system ensure absolute safety of the watch collection. Of course it will stop automatically if it detects hands to protect injury or damage.

 That Avante watchwinders are innovative is also because of the smart-card system. The watchwinder operates using the smart-card. There is always a "master key" to reset the watchwinder. The luxury Avante watchwinder models do have a warning alarm which is activated in case of vibration or movement. The silent operation and dual battery packs make sure every watchwinder from this Hong Kong brand is well prepared to wind-up all kind of automatic watches.

The last months there was not too much news from Avante, but we hope that they will keep innovating and producing very nice watchwinders. 

12 may2014


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