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Scatola del Tempo watchwinders losing ground

The Italian watchwinder brand Scatola del Tempo is one of the few brands that's still producing watchwinders in an old style. While almost all watchwinder brands innovate and produce more modern and stylish watchwinders, Scatola del Tempo chooses to produce old-fashioned watchwinders with a lack of interesting functions.

In these times that consumers do demand more, and successful brands do listen very well to them, it's a no brainer to meet the consumer demands. Nevertheless the Scatola del Tempo watchwinders are still looking the same for the last 10 years, and don't have exciting options which makes a watchwinder more sexy and attractive for a watch collector. Some say "never change a winning team", but we hear more and more that Scatola del Tempo is selling less watchwinders. Maybe it are rumours, but even in a rumour can be truth. We noticed several dealers stopped selling this Italian brand. 

Good examples of high end brands which understand the consumers demands are Buben & Zörweg, Stockinger but also Orbita. These brands do innovate in design and functionality. These brands also invest in good social media campaigns to keep contact with the consumers. The facebook page of Scatola del Tempo is only updated once per several months, and only has 84 likes. For example, Buben & Zörweg has almost 38k likes, Stockinger 500....

Come on Scatola del Tempo, we expect more from Italians.

19 oct2015


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