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The Benson Black Series single watchwinder

In August we wrote about the new Benson Black Series single watchwinder. This new watchwinder looks very promising and yesterday we were informed that this model will be launched mid November. 

The new Benson Black Series single watchwinder will be available in black, white, carbon fiber and macassar. When we look at the specs it offers a built-in battery, LED light, touchscreen, adjustable rotation direction and TPD (turns per day). Therefore this watchwinder is suitable for any automatic watch, regardless brand or type. 

Interesting is that Benson offers 4 colour versions, which is great for consumers as they can choose the exact colour they prefer. The built-in battery will function for +- 30 days and can be charged by the adapter (included). 

The official retail price is 299,00 euro (incl. 21% VAT). Each watchwinder is supplied with 2 years of warranty, certificate, adapter and manual. 

Our experience with the current Black Series watchwinders (watchwinders for 2, 4, 6 and 8 watches) is great. We were positively surprised about the quality, functions and very reasonable price. We expect this new Benson Black Series single watchwinder will be very popular as well.

You can pre-order this watchwinder already at and 

21 sep2016


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