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The best watch winders under 250 euro

You love automatic watches but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a watch winder? We understand your point, as a watch winder is an accessory and your watches are the most important. On the other hand you want to have a good watch winder for a reasonable price. Which watch winders under 250,00 euro are the best?

Cheap watch winders

Under 250,00 euro you can find a lot of watch winders. But are these watch winders all good? The answer is no. We see a lot of watch winders which are offered on platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba which are really cheap. These watch winders won’t last for a long time and can even damage your automatic watch as normally they don’t have any overwind protection. Mostly these watch winders have Chinese motors and technique. Cheap yes, but for the long term it’s better that you choose for a real watch winder brand. One of these brands is Benson, based in the Netherlands.

Benson Compact Series watch winders

The new Compact Series from Benson combine all elements you need to safely wind your automatic watches. These watch winders are available for 1 or 2 automatic watches and each rotor can be set individually. Therefore you can select each rotor in terms of direction and TPD (turns per day). The watch holder is suitable for any watch, big or small. The powerful Japanese motors are strong enough to wind even heavy watches. With the LCD panel you can set and control each rotor. The Benson Compact Double watch winders even do have LED light. The Benson Compact Single watch winders do run on mains (adapter) and can function on a set of batteries.

As said there are two models, for 1 or 2 watches, and several colours to choose from. Each Compact watch winder is covered by leather in colours as black, carbon fibre, blue, dark brown and light brown. Benson also introduced a special Holland edition in the Compact single series. Of course you get at least 1 year warranty, adapter and a manual.

Other watch winder brands to consider

You can also look for other brands which could be attractive for you. For example brands as Heisse & Söhne, Paul Design, Spin-R and Designhuette have specific models under 250,00 euro which are good. You can spend you money just once, so compare different models and brands and then decide.

If you have a bit more money to spend the above brands also do offer suitable watch winders. These models often have more functions and a more luxurious design. A good watch winder doesn’t have to expensive, Benson proves this, but cheap watch winders (often white label) with a lot of Chinese technique are not the watch winders we recommend.

18 nov2019


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