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What differences are there between watch holders?

When you have a great watch collection with beautiful automatic watches you want the watches to be safe inside the watchwinder. One of the most important parts of the watchwinder is the watch holder. The watch holder is important because it's the direct connection between the watch and the watchwinder itself. There are several systems available and the exact system depends on the brand. 


Many watchwinders have a pillow system which is easy to use and suitable for many watches as the size and form of the pillow can be adjusted by pressing it. Nevertheless pillow do wear easily as they are made of common fabric. There are also foam pillows available which are better in use and more durable. 

In our opinion pillows are not the best watch holding system as they cannot be fixed in the watchwinder. In other words, they can fall out easily when not put in carefully. If you put in the pillow with care they won't fall out, especially when the watchwinder has turntables in a more horizontal direction. But in a watchwinder with vertical turntables the question is if you're willing to take the risk with your watches. 

 Plug watch holder

A watch holder which you can plug into the watchwinder is our favorite. This system is mostly a plastic holder with velvet which has a spring to adjust the exact wrist size. Thereby it has a click system to fix the watch holder inside the watchwinder. When the watch holder including the watch is placed inside the watchwinder it cannot fall out. Especially for watchwinders with vertical turntables this is the best option. 

When you're interested to buy a watchwinder we advise you to buy a watchwinder with a plug watch holder which can be fixed. It's more safe for your watches and easy to work with. 

11 nov2014


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