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Touch of Modern not paying their suppliers?

Recently we have been informed that Touch of Modern, a discount online platform based in the US, is not paying their suppliers. In the world of watches rumours spread quickly. We have seen the documentation and e-mail communication from Touch of Modern with their suppliers. Based on this we could easily check if what is said is correct. Unfortunately it’s correct, Touch of Modern doesn’t pay for the goods which they received and already sold to consumers. In their communication Touch of Modern confirms there is no obvious reason that payment is late and confirms that payment is not made for more than 7 weeks already.

Touch of Modern not paying their suppliers

The suppliers don’t feel taken seriously and sent many e-mails to confront Touch of Modern. Touch of Modern didn’t respond at all.

Multiple suppliers are waiting for there payment for a long time. The question is why Touch of Modern doesn’t pay it’s suppliers, but meanwhile sells the goods to consumers and earn their payments. Do they have financial problems? 

We will keep you posted about this situation.

7 dec2021

The best watch winder brands of 2020

The last 5 years we wrote many articles and blogs about watch winders. Especially about their quality, design and functions. Our intention is to give more information about watch winder brands, their technique, functionality and price/quality ratio. Thereby we like to share news about innovations, fairs and new watch winder models.

The question we often receive is which watch winder brand is the best. The answer is not easy to give. Simply because there are a lot of good brands in different price segments. On the other hand there are also many brands in different price segments which offer not the best quality. To answer the question as good as we can we have listed our most favorite watch winder brands per price segment in this blog article: the best watch winder brands 2020. Hopefully we make your search for a good watch winder a little bit more easy.

Up to 250 euro

This price category has only a few brands which produce really good watch winders. Most watch winders under 250,00 euro are not that good and are sold by Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress. Nevertheless we know there are a few watch winder brands, with also more expensive watch winders in their collection, that produce good quality watch winders for a fair price. Two brands we want to mention are Benson (Netherlands) and Boda (Hong Kong). These both brands are well known as watch winder brand and we tested several watch winders of them several times. The outcode of our tests is that these watch winders offer a great price/quality ratio.

250-1000 euro

This price segment is probably the most important segment as most watch adepts are able and willing to spend an amount between 250,00 and 1000,00 euro. In this price segment there are many good watch winder brands. We already discussed Benson and Boda Concept, and both these brands offer great watch winders in this price segment also. But we also want to mention Swiss Kubik (Switzerland), RDI (Switzerland), Paul Design (Hong Kong) and Heisse & Söhne (Germany). These brands are quite popular and offer many watch winder models, for example for 2, 4, 6 and 8 automatic watches. These brands all offer durable motors, solid technique and all functions you need to wind any automatic watch.

1000-5000 euro

When you have a nice amount to spend on a watch winder you can choose for absolute quality and great designs. We would like to mention Bernard Favre with their Planet watch winders which offer a unique and special way of winding automatic watches. But also Kunstwinder from the US offers watch winders of a very special kind. They use the best materials and did create beautiful designs which don’t even look as a regular watch winder. They wind all automatic watches in the most unique and spectacular way. Don’t forget Orbita, also based in the US. The Orbita watch winders are very popular in the US and are now getting more and more popular in the rest of the world. With their patented technique (Rotorwind) Orbita offers great value for money. Especially when you look at their beautiful watch winders built-in wooden cabinets.

5000+ euro

There are also watch winder brands which offer watch winders with prices above 5000,00 euro. These brands offer watch winders in very special designs and made of beautiful materials. Mostly these watch winders are hand crafted and have Swiss motors. Orbita watch winders offers several watch winder models above 5000,00 euro, but mostly with a big capacity. For example when you want to wind 24 watches an Orbita watch winder is a great choice as you get a beautiful cabinet to wind all automatic watches together in a great furniture piece.

King of all watch winder brands is Buben & Zörweg from Austria. They have a range of standard watch winders but mostly produce on request of clients with special demands. For example with a built-in safe, gun storage or hidden compartment. They can make everything you like. With all kinds of materials you prefer. Are this common watch winders? No…these watch winders are very special and therefore very expensive. Most watch adepts rather spend their money on a great watch than such a beautiful watch winder.

12 jan2020

The best Swiss Kubik watch winders

Swiss Kubik watch winders are not only famous for their quality and compact design, they also are famous because of their great functionality. Swiss Kubik is a Swiss watch winder brand which produces all models in Switzerland. Therefore every Swiss Kubik watch winder is Swiss made, just like watch brands such as Breitling, Rolex, Oris, Tag Heuer etc etc. Of course it’s nice to have a Swiss made watch winder for your Swiss made automatic watches.

Why do we like Swiss Kubik watch winders? First of all because of their compact designs which makes them handy to use. Even in a safe because they work a long time on a set of batteries. Secondly we like the simple and easy way to use the watch winders. They are suitable for any watch, and because of the availability of larger and smaller watch holders the Swiss Kubik watch winders are suitable for big and small watches.

Swiss Kubik Triple watch winder

The price is important as well. The Swiss Kubik watch winders are not cheap. That’s logical as they are fully made in Switzerland. Thereby they have a Swiss motor which offers a low sound level. The retail prices are fair considering the quality and functionality. Also note that each Swiss Kubik watch winder comes with 3 years of warranty, where other brands mostly provide 2 years.

We have tested many watch winders, but Swiss Kubik is one of our favorites. We have never experienced any defect in all tests we did. They are easy to use and can be placed anywhere in house or in your office. We placed them on our desk for example. We also experienced that the Swiss Kubik service is very good and they have a wide spread dealer network. For example does also sell Swiss Kubik as official dealer. This webshop offers the best Swiss Kubik watch winders, a big collection and quick delivery.

If you want to have a good watch winder for your automatic watches then a Swiss Kubik watch winder is a very good choice. Always buy from an official dealer to have certainty regarding origin, best price and good (after sales) service.

12 dec2019

The best watch winders under 250 euro

You love automatic watches but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a watch winder? We understand your point, as a watch winder is an accessory and your watches are the most important. On the other hand you want to have a good watch winder for a reasonable price. Which watch winders under 250,00 euro are the best?

Cheap watch winders

Under 250,00 euro you can find a lot of watch winders. But are these watch winders all good? The answer is no. We see a lot of watch winders which are offered on platforms such as Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba which are really cheap. These watch winders won’t last for a long time and can even damage your automatic watch as normally they don’t have any overwind protection. Mostly these watch winders have Chinese motors and technique. Cheap yes, but for the long term it’s better that you choose for a real watch winder brand. One of these brands is Benson, based in the Netherlands.

Benson Compact Series watch winders

The new Compact Series from Benson combine all elements you need to safely wind your automatic watches. These watch winders are available for 1 or 2 automatic watches and each rotor can be set individually. Therefore you can select each rotor in terms of direction and TPD (turns per day). The watch holder is suitable for any watch, big or small. The powerful Japanese motors are strong enough to wind even heavy watches. With the LCD panel you can set and control each rotor. The Benson Compact Double watch winders even do have LED light. The Benson Compact Single watch winders do run on mains (adapter) and can function on a set of batteries.

As said there are two models, for 1 or 2 watches, and several colours to choose from. Each Compact watch winder is covered by leather in colours as black, carbon fibre, blue, dark brown and light brown. Benson also introduced a special Holland edition in the Compact single series. Of course you get at least 1 year warranty, adapter and a manual.

Other watch winder brands to consider

You can also look for other brands which could be attractive for you. For example brands as Heisse & Söhne, Paul Design, Spin-R and Designhuette have specific models under 250,00 euro which are good. You can spend you money just once, so compare different models and brands and then decide.

If you have a bit more money to spend the above brands also do offer suitable watch winders. These models often have more functions and a more luxurious design. A good watch winder doesn’t have to expensive, Benson proves this, but cheap watch winders (often white label) with a lot of Chinese technique are not the watch winders we recommend.

18 nov2019

Bernard Favre Planet double-axis watch winder

There are several Swiss watch winder brands, and one of the best is Bernard Favre. This brand creates high end watch winders made of beautiful materials. But even more special is the way how they wind an automatic watch.

Bernard Favre Planet watch winder

Bernard Favre’s double-axis Planet watch winders keep your automatic watches wound at an optimal level so that they are ready to wear at a moment’s notice. They look fantastic and are mesmerizing to watch in operation. They are a piece of art.

Unlike many watch winders on the market, the double-axis Bernard Favre Planet does not overwind watches thanks to the nine program options, ensuring an optimal winding setting for any automatic watch. There is even an eye-catching exhibition program if drawing attention to a featured watch is the aim. A concealed switch in base selects programs, while a slot for a USB key allows for loading custom winding programs adapted to your watch’s calibre. This makes the Bernard Favre watch winder a perfect watch winder for those watch collectors with watches from Breitling, Omega, IWC, Patek, Tag Heuer etc etc.

The Bernard Favre Planet double-axis watch winder is made to the highest Swiss standards and features a black sandblasted base with leather option, and with polished, black or gilded stainless steel rotation rings. The quiet, high-efficiency Swiss made motor runs for three months on a single charge on the standard program and is ultra-silent thanks to acous-tically-sealing O-rings in the base. The battery is quickly charged by a simple USB cable and can be left permanently connected. An elegant glass dome both protects the watch from dust and curious hands as well as adding to the mystery of the kinetic ballet within.

Each Bernard Favre watch winder comes with 2 years warranty, manual and adapter. The watch winder is very easy to use, gives a beautiful view on the watch and is made of the best materials. As a real watch collector what do you need more?

You can find the complete Bernard Favre watch winder collection at

31 oct2019

Buben & Zorweg Illusion watch winder

Buben & Zorweg calls it a Masterpiece, a word that perfectly echoes what the Illusion is all about. Within the impressive facade of its towering silhouette, one discovers a fascinating and unusual design that blends cutting edge innovative technology with a fine selection of highest-quality materials. Considered by many as a sculptural piece of modern design in its own right, the Illusion has a hidden purpose that most observers cannot immediately discern. A purpose that might seem like an unexpected illusion capable of playing with one‘s senses!

As is often the case in daily life, there are occasions when one wants to protect certain valuables - watches, jewellery, accessories, or perhaps documents or cash, without the effort of going to a safe. Place it on a desk, in a dressing room or use it as an eye-catcher in the living room just for the pleasure of its owner. It blends in perfectly.  That is, until the hidden safe is unlocked by way of a fingerprint or a transponder chip and the contents rise elegantly upwards as if touched by magic.

With the Illusion, Buben & Zorweg's passion for innovative design finds clear expression in many details, such as the drawers that pivot outwards to one side to present you with their contents. And if one would like to swap a favourite watch during the day? No problem; two or, if prefered, four watch winders in the table safe make it easy to store and select the right choice.

Since its launch, the Illusion has held a presence in the most prestigious and exclusive exhibitions around the world. This illustrious World Tour will now see the Masterpiece exhibited in the esteemed SIAR, the „Salon Internacional de Alta Relojeria“ in Mexico City between the 15th and the 17th of October. From this first-class reference point for Haute Horlogerie events in America, the ILLUSION will then travel to Dusseldorf, Germany, where the newly created Watchtime Dusseldorf exhibition will take place from the 25th to the 27th of October.

26 sep2019

The new Benson Black Series Pro watch winders

One of the best watch winder brands that offer a very good price/quality ratio is Benson. This Dutch brand is one of the most promising brands in the field of watch winders. The brand combines quality with sustainability and functionality.

This Dutch watch winder brand recently presented its latest models in the Black Series Pro collection. This collection contains watch winders with an extra large capacity for winding automatic watches. The Pro 12.19 and 16.19 models are suitable to wind 12 or 16 watches. The news is that Benson will soon be presenting two new models that are suitable for winding up 20 and 24 automatic watches. These new models have the same design and technology as the current Benson Black Series Pro models. 

The Benson Black Series Pro watch winders are characterized by a sleek and modern design, state-of-the-art technology, touch screens, LED lighting and individual control for each winder. This allows you to wind each watch individually according to the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day. The watch holder is adjustable so that it is suitable for every type of watch. You can wind watches from Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Patek, IWC etc etc. These watch winders from Benson will wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. 

The strong glass door of the Benson Black Series Pro watch winders offers a perfect view of the rotating watches and is also lockable by a key. On the inside of the watch winder you will find two touch screens to adjust each rotor individually and a drawer in which extra watches or other jewelry can be stored.

Benson Black Series Pro watch winder

For the true watch enthusiast, a watch winder is a must have. However, for the real collector, a large watch winder with space for many automatic watches is a requirement. With the Benson Black Series Pro watch winders you have all watches directly available, safely stored and always ready to wear immediately, without having to wind the watch manually first. This not only saves a lot of time, but also improves the durability of the watch. After all, for manual winding and setting the time correctly you have to open the crown. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch and you prefer to open and close as little as possible.

The Benson Black Series Pro watch winders are currently available for 12 and 16 watches, in the exterior colors black and carbon fiber. The new models that are suitable for 20 and 24 automatic watches and will be available soon. We already tested the version for 16 watches, and when the new models are as good they will be hard to resist for the watch collector who wants the best for his or her watches. 

19 sep2019

#1 watch winder shop

At our office we have many watch winders which we test and write about in our blogs. Brands provide us their watch winders and we give our feedback. Therefore we see many  watch winders from different brands. We have to say that in general the quality is very good and that many brands spend a lot of time and effort on design, choosing the best materials and the finishing touch. The production of a good watch winder isn't very easy. The combination between electronics, mechanical parts such as motors and gearboxes and on the other hand the design is paramount. When one of these elements doesn't match with the rest, there isn't a balance. We test the watch winders with different methods and write a report, also to compare with watch winders which we tested before or will test in the future. We try to share this info in our blogs with you as reader of our watch winder blog. But where can you buy a good watch winder? 

This question is very important as there are many cowboys at the market. We have written several blog articles about these "brands" and "shops". The best way to buy a good watch winder is simply compare different shops and read articles or blogs. When you choose a shop please check if they sell well known watch winder brands, and if they are official dealer of those brands. These shops can be trusted and they offer various payment methods, solid warranty and they ship worldwide. We don't recommend watch winder shops which only sell one or two brands, or not well known brands. Mostly they buy their watch winders in China, put  their logo on an existing model and sell them for too much money in Europe or the US (see our articles about Aevitas and Barrington). These are no real brands such as Swiss Kubik, Buben & Zorweg, Benson or Bernard Favre. 

There are several good webshops where you can buy a great watch winder. One of the best shops is (and This watch winder shop is specialized in watch winders, has more than 15 years of experience, is official reseller of 15 well known brands, offers various payment options and ships worldwide. You can also take a look at Designhuette in Germany, which is interesting for people who live in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. 

And you can always contact a shop to receive more information or get advice. And in case you need more info from us, just contact us at We are happy to help you. 

8 sep2019

Swiss Kubik watch winders

In the field of watch winders there are a few watch winder brands which are really famous. Next to Buben & Zörweg, Orbita and Bernard Favre we can also count Swiss Kubik to this group. Swiss Kubik is a Swiss company which is specialized in producing high quality watch winders with a compact design and long battery life. Especially this last aspect is of great important, the most for watch collectors who want to store their watches in a safe. With the compact Swiss Kubik watch winders this is possible.

Swiss Kubik ABS black watch winder

Swiss Kubik produces Swiss made watch winders. Their suppliers are all within a distance of 50km from the factory. The motors inside the watch winders do come from a Swiss motor manufacturer which has a long experience in producing motors for watch winder brands. Therefore the Swiss Kubik watch winders have a reliable motor, with great performance and durability. This is very important, as the motor is one of the most important parts of a watch winder.

What makes the Swiss Kubik watch winders popular is the fact that they are Swiss made and very compact. They don’t have a fancy design, but are very functional. You can take them with you during a trip or place them into a safe. Then the watches are safe, but also wound to wear them any moment you like.

Swiss Kubik watch winders are not cheap, but fairly priced. For a Swiss made product it’s a good price, especially for the single watch winders. Optional is the plexiglass front to protect your automatic watch. These watch winders can wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. When you want a Swiss made watch winder for your Swiss made watch, then Swiss Kubik is a great choice.

Always buy a Swiss Kubik watch winder at an official reseller. A good example of a premium Swiss Kubik reseller is This shop has stock, ships internationally and you can pay by creditcard or Paypal. Thereby they have more than 15 years of experience and a great reputation in the field of watch winders.

25 aug2019

Paul Design watch winders

One of the most interesting new watch winder brands is Paul Design. This brand from the UK is a great addition to the current market of watch winders. Why? Because Paul Design does understand what a watch lover wants. Producing a good watch winder is not easy. There are so many important factors which make or break a watch winder. We have seen other brands such as Barrington and Aevitas, which simply copied designs from other brands. In fact they only place their own brand name on a watch winder produced by another factory or brand. In our opinion it's not what a professional watch winder brand should do. We are lucky that there are several other watch winder brands which take producing high quality watch winders very serious. Such a brand is Paul Design watch winders. 

Paul Design 4+6 Gentleman

Paul Design watch winders can be characterized as functional, beautiful and stylisch. The brand does invest a lot in innovations, technique and development. We visited the Paul Design watch winder factory and were surprised about the professional attitude and way of working. The brand is relatively new but the last years expanded very quickly. Paul Design is well known in Asia, Europe and the US. With premium online resellers as and the brand is available worldwide. 

When you're looking for a watch winder the most important is that its functional, but of course you also want to have a nice looking watch winder. You want the best of both worlds. Paul Design offers this. Thereby the pricing is very attractive. Especially for the bigger watch winders which can wind up 8+ watches Paul Design offers great prices which are often lower than other respectable brands. 

In our opinion we need more brands as Paul Design. Choosing a good watch winder is not easy and if there are more brands which spend the same energy in producing this accessory for automatic watches it would be great! 

25 aug2019

Why do you want a watch winder?

Do you recognize the feeling in the morning when you take your favorite automatic watch and then see it does stand still? You have to wind it, set the time and date and then you're ready to go. The thing is that you have to open the crown every time to adjust the time, date and other functions. The crown is one of the most weak parts of an automatic watch which can easily get loose or even break off. The repair costs are not low and you will be missing your watch for a time. The better that there is a solution; a watch winder.

A watch winder is an accessory which winds up your automatic watch, or even more automatic watches if you have. The watch winder does simulate the movement of the wrist and is therefore a very safe and good watch accessory to make sure your automatic watch never stands still. When you wake up you just take your watch out of the watch winder and start wearing it. There is no need to wind the movement and adjust the time, date or any other function. You're good to go. 

Boda Concept watch winder

A watch winders doesn't only safe time and makes sure you don't have to pull out the crown all the time. It's also very handy to prevent wear. Because of the winding it keeps all parts inside the movement of the watch in good condition. You can compare it with a car. If you place the car in a garage and you never drive it you will experience many (costly) repairs. When you drive it regularly and you maintain it well you can enjoy it for many years. It's the same with a watch, which has many parts. 

When you decide to buy a watch winder it's important that you know which brands are good, what your budget is and how many watches you want to wind. There are several good watch winder shops, a good example is This shop has more than 15 years experience, ships world wide, is official dealer of many brands and you can pay with different payment methods. 

3 aug2019

Benson Black Series watch winders still going strong

Watch winders are available from different brands, in different styles, capacities and designs. A good watch winder is reliable, almost silent and winds all types of automatic watches. A good example of a brand which combines all elements you need is Benson. This brand from The Netherlands has grown seriously the last years with a network of more than 250 positions of sales. Mostly high end jewellers with a passion for automatic watches, for example from IWC, Breguet, Panarai, Omega, Breitling, Rolex etc etc. Owners of these watches often use a watch winder to wind their watch collection. It's not only a handy accessory, it also looks very good and ensures the durablity of the watches. 

Benson Black Series 8.16.CF watch winder

The most important and popular series from Benson is the Black Series. This series of watch winders can be described as modern, high end and affordable. This great combination explains the success of Benson worldwide. The Benson Black Series watch winders are suitable to wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. Each watch winder offers the function to set the exact rotor to wind an individual watch. You can choose the winding direction and number of turns per day (TPD). Also you can select the power winding modus or turn on/off the LED light. Watching the watches rotate in this light is a beautiful sight. 

Compared to other watch winder brands the Benson Black Series watch winders offer an unique price/quality ratio. The reliable technique, adjustable watch holders and extra storage compartment are important extra's which make the Benson watch winders so appreciated by watch collectors. As Benson also produces for some Swiss and German watch brands they exactly know what an automatic watch needs to wind if safely. A new aspect of Benson is that they also offer the watch winder modules which can be built-in a safe, cabinet or drawer. This allows the watch collector to create its own design with the Benson watch winders. 

When you say Benson Black Series you say quality. Quality is next to functionality the most important aspect at Benson. All Benson Black Series watch winders come with a 2 year warranty. Thereby there are all over the world distributors and repair centres to perform after sales. 

Are you looking for a high end watch winder which winds your automatic watches? Then you certainly must take a look at the Benson watch winders and their Black Series in particular. You won't be disappointed! 

3 jul2019

What makes or brakes a watch winder? Part 2

There are watch winders in all kind of sizes, styles and price categories. But buying the right watch winder is not easy. Till now. In this blog article we inform you about what characteristics of a watch winder are important. Because we all want to have a watch winder which winds any automatic watch perfectly, is easy to use, looks good and is affordable.

Bernard Favre Planet watch winder

Motor and gearbox

The most important parts of a watch winder are the motor and the gearbox. The motor and gearbox work together and makes sure the rotation of the cup with watch holder is smooth and the most silent as possible. It’s important to buy a watch winder with a good motor and gearbox. With a low quality motor and gearbox you can experience defects and an increase of the sound level. A durable motor and gearbox will last for years and make sure any automatic watch is wound. Good motors are made in Japan, Germany and Switzerland.

Materials and parts

Next to the motor and gearbox the use of materials and parts is important. The parts must be durable, strong and suitable to use every day. For example the watch holder and control panel must be reliable as you use both it a lot. The better the materials, the better the parts. We prefer watch winders with stainless steel, wooden exterior and glass. Wood absorps the sound and is durable. Glass is stronger than plastic and looks much better, and gives the watch winder a more luxe appearance. We see a lot of watch winder brands still using cheap materials. It all looks nice, but when you start using it you will notice the lack of quality and often these parts go defective. Sometimes these parts cannot be replaced or fixed. When there is no warranty left after 1 or 2 years…what can you do? It’s better to spend a little more money and make sure the watch winder is made of proper materials and durable parts.


A watch winder is a device with a motor, gearbox and electronics. The exterior is made of wood, glass, metal or aluminium. All these parts and materials together must be a harmony to give years of pleasure of the watch winder. Therefore we advise to choose a good brand, durable motor and gearbox combination and of course a reliable seller which sells well know brands. Pricing is of course very important. The price of a watch winder depends on the motor and gearbox, materials and origin of the device. For example Swiss watch winders are mostly more expensive than watch winders made in Germany, Italy, US or China. Because of the Swiss made label. Are these Swiss watch winders better than watch winders made in these other countries? Not always. Also in these other countries they produce very good watch winders, even in China.

Please note that cheap watch winders mostly don’t give the pleasure you expect. Spending a bit more money is wise. We always say that you can buy a fine watch winder from 150 euro (single watch winder). When you want a watch winder with a bigger capacity then the price will automatically rise. Also when you prefer a watch winder made of very nice materials, which has a special design or is made by hand, the price will raise. Always ask the question; is my watch winder ment just for winding my watch(es) or do I need the watch winder also to be an eye catcher? An watch winder as eye catcher will always cost more….

One last advise; always buy at a watch winder specialist

24 jun2019

Buben & Zorweg wins the German Brand Award!

For the third consecutive time, Buben & Zorweg has been awarded the prestigious German Brand Award, a competition organised by the German Brand Institute, a foundation that aims to strengthen the importance of German brands in the highly-competitive national and international markets.

This year's participation and remarkable prize attribution followed an extraordinary 2017 and 2018 when Buben & Zorweg also won the top award in the Luxury category for "Industry Excellence in Branding".

The continuous pursuit of excellence in design, craftsmanship, and cutting edge technological know-how was, thus, again recognised by the panel of 45 experts in brand management and brand science, who take it upon themselves every year to handle the difficult task of selecting the very best among the elite of global German brands.

Additionally, one must bear in mind that as well as last year, but this time in Munich, Buben & Zorweg was ranked 27th by Ernst & Young among the "Best 30 German Luxury Brands". A recognition that placed Buben & Zorweg alongside such world-renowned German brands as Montblanc, Porsche, BMW, Leica, A. Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original, Bulthaup, and Wempe.

So, will 2019 be another exceptional year of acknowledgement regarding the world leader and creator of inbuilt, multifunctional luxury safes and watch winders? The prize received this last 6th of June by the Head of International Marketing Michael Arnsteiner, and Florian vom Bruch, CEO of Buben & Zorweg, at the Berlin Telekom Hauptstadtrepräsentanz, is unequivocally a good omen!

14 jun2019

Advanced watch winder technology from Orbita

Orbita is one of the watch winder brands we like a lot. They have passion for what they create and do. The brand has a positive reputation and many watch adepts love their Orbita watch winder

Founded by Chuck Agnoff in 1996 in Wilmington, North Carolina, Orbita is the leading producer and provider of premium watch winders in the world. While Orbita did not invent the mechanical exercising of watches, we did introduce a new, unprecedented level of quality. They began their endeavor by learning everything they could about mechanical watches, and then researched the gentlest way to wind them. From inception, the company philosophy has been to create products of lasting value and exceptional attention to detail, as well as products that people enjoy using. Important key values if you ask us.

Orbita Sparta watch winder

When you travel a lot the Orbita Voyager watch winder is a great chouce. Orbita is the only watch winder company offering a winder of this kind. The Voyager uses the same unique mounting system employed on the Orbita Futura winders, and sets up easily wherever you are.

Automatic watches are designed to be worn, not stored and placed in a drawer. The lubricants used for these complex watch mechanisms tend to move away from critical surfaces when the watch is not “exercised”, causing wear when the watch is finally worn, which results in a loss of accuracy. A well-designed watch winder keeps unworn watches properly lubricated and ready to wear for any occasion. Needless to say, it also provides the owner with the convenience of not having to reset or adjust his or her watch after not being used for an extended period of time.

At Orbita they carefully select only the finest, timeless materials for their products, including handcrafted and detailed marquetry, the best grades of leather, sophisticated multi-layered lacquering, and the most modern carbon fibers. Orbita watch winders offer a lot of value for their money and therefore they are very popular.

8 may2019

Benson Black Series watch winders 2019

In 2016 the Dutch watch winder brand Benson did launch their Black Series watch winders. This line of watch winders immediately became very popular and successful. With more than 250 resellers worldwide you can buy a Benson Black Series watch winder at high end jewellers and the better online watch winder shops. What makes the Benson Black Series watch winders so popular? This question is easy to answer for we tested these watch winders for many months with several watches, from Tag Heuer, Seiko to Breitling. 

When we take a look at the Benson Black Series watch winders we see a very modern and stylish design. The materials are solid, functional and have a nice finish. The watch winders have a luxurious look and feel. When we take a look at the functions these watch winders are suitable to wind any automatic watch. The direction of rotation (right, left and alternate) can be set and also the number of revolutions per day (turns per day: TPD). This for each rotor individually, which allows you to set each winder exactly like the automatic watch demands. 

Benson Black Series watch winder

With the LED light you can create a perfect atmosphere to see the watches rotating. It's functional but mostly a feature which gives a nice look. The velvet inside the watch winders makes sure the watches cannot be scratched, they are perfectly safe inside. With the extra storage compartment you can store extra watches or even jewellery. 

The Benson Black Series watch winders are available for 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 automatic watches, and a few months ago Benson launched its Black Series Pro watch winders which are suitable to wind 12 and 16 watches. The nice thing is that these watch winders are available in different colours; black, white, macassar and carbon fibre. There are also two Limited Editions available, in brown and red colour (with padded leather on the outside). These last models are real eye catchers and limited at 250pc per model. 

All Benson Black Series watch winders are delivered with an universal adapter so you can use the watch winder worldwide. Thereby each watch winder comes with a manual, certificate and 2 years warranty. The prices are very acceptable and lower than any other watch winder brands offering the same quality. This makes the Benson Black Series watch winders a great choice. 

We enjoy our Benson Black Series watch winder everyday. It winds our automatic watches perfectly and the watch winder itself just looks great. In this price category it's the best watch winder available and we are looking forward to many new Benson watch winders to come. In our opinion Benson did a great job by producing high quality watch winders for a very reasonable price. Many consumers and retailers already know this as well, looking at the succes of the Benson Black Series watch winders. 

4 may2019

Paul Design watch winders | Top quality!

The watch winder brand Paul Design from the UK is one of the raising stars in the field of watch winders. The brand is original, produces good quality watch winders and has reasonable retail prices. Next to this the watch winders have a great functionality which makes it very easy to set each watch winder in combination with the automatic watches. All these aspects are important these days for a consumer. 

What we like most about Paul Design is that this UK based company produces high quality watch winders with a passion. This passion is to make it watch lovers more easy and offer a great product to wind and store his/her automatic watches. There are still brands which produce watch winders which are very expensive but offer low end technique, bad finish and noisy motors. The watch winders from Paul Design are the opposite, which makes them very popular. 

Paul Design Gentleman 4+6 watch winder

The Paul Design watch winders are sold by respectable shops and jewellers. Therefore warranty and good service is always offered. When you have several automatic watches but you don't want to shop in the price category of Buben & Zorweg, Stockinger or Kunstwinder then a Paul Design watch winder is a great choice. These watch winders do wind any automatic watch. The design and finish of these watch winders are very interesting, as it's a reflection of the passion of the brand. They don't want to offer just a watch winder, they want to offer a watch winder that the consumer enjoys and is a nice addition to the watches of the user. 

When you're looking for a well priced watch winder which offers great quality and functionality, then a Paul Design watch winder is the what you want to buy! 

1 may2019

Taurus - The new star from Buben & Zorweg

The 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile, Milano, has just ended on a high note with a record attendance of visitors, many of whom were able to discover a surprising new world: the one exhibited by Buben & Zorweg, a name that is fast becoming synonymous with luxury watch winders.

Unveiled within the sophisticated ambience of its novel 140 square meter booth of the Salone del Mobile, Milano, Buben & Zorweg debuted the new Taurus, a safe with an outstanding design that catches the eye in any luxurious ambience, just like Orion and Galaxy do.

But the newest member of the Buben & Zorweg watch winder safe collection does not rely exclusively on its good looks to make a mark. With regard to security, it premieres an amazing Buben & Zorweg patented armouring material! An essential technical revolution in the field of safes and safety.

Buben & Zorweg Taurus Safe

Known as protect pro, it is a composite of resin and stone, combined into a special material used in the body of the safe. Featuring a double argument, if on the one hand, the protect pro walls of the Taurus can withstand sophisticated attacks, on the other, they can reduce the weight of the safe by 30 per cent when compared to conventional safes. An outstanding technical performance while being attributed to a VdS security certification!

Internationally known as the Milan Furniture Fair, the Salone del Mobile, Milano is far more than a fair or a large-size exhibition. It is a reference point for professionals in the design and furniture sector to create top-quality products. This year, more than four hundred thousand people, including designers, architects, journalists, collectors and design enthusiasts, from over 160 countries, attended the Milan Design Week.

After all, the Salone del Mobile has the right creative environment for a brand like Buben & Zorweg to excel among the most recognised names in the world and to further establish a presence that, in the last few years, has become part of the exhibition itself.

16 apr2019

What is the best place for your watch winder?

Watch winders come in all kind of designs, shapes and sizes. Choosing the best watch winder for your personal watch collection is quite easy. Most important is to think about what style you prefer, what your budget is and how many automatic watches you want to wind inside the watch winder. Another question, but important as well, is where you want to place the watch winder. Or maybe you prefer a watch winder you can take with you easily as you're travelling a lot? 

Most watch lovers have their automatic watches in or nearby their bedroom. When you wake up and get dressed it's very handy to quickly select the watch you want to wear that day. When the watch winder is nearby, for example in your bedroom or in a cabinet or walk-in closet, it will only take a moment and you're ready for the day. But placing a watch winder nearby your bed can also result in a little bit of sound, because the watch winder has mechanical parts inside (motor and gearbox). Some people sleep very light and cannot sleep with the sound of a watch winder nearby. For those it's better to place the watch winder a little bit away from the bed. Normally a good watch winder, for example from Buben & Zörweg, Benson or Paul Design, can be placed next to the bed because of their low sound level. 

Other watch lovers place their watch winder in their living room, as they love to see their automatic watches rotating. And we have to admit, that's a beautiful sight, especially in the dark when the LED lights enlight the watches. Placing the watch winder in the living room also means that you share your watch collection with other people, for example friends or family. But of course also with people you prefer not seeing your watch collection. We always advise, when you want to place the watch winder in your living room, to place it a little bit out of sight, especially that it cannot be seen from outside. You don't want to attract the wrong attention. 

Paul Design watch winder

From experience we know that a watch winder can be placed very well inside an office. It looks very nice and therefore catches the eyes of clients and collegues. Thereby placing the watch winder at the office is convenient, as you can switch your watch whenever you like at different occasions. And when your work is done, what is more relaxing then to look at a rotating watch? 

Of course we also have the watch adepts who like to have a watch winder with them during their travels, business trips and holidays. Then the watch winder must be compact, easy to take with you and not very fragile. These watch winders are mostly ment for one automatic watch and work on batteries as well. A good example of a brand which is specialized in this type of watch winders is Swiss Kubik. The Swiss Kubik watch winders are compact, nice and do their job perfectly. 

A watch winder can be placed anywhere. You just have to think about what spot you prefer and where the watch winder, and therefore your watches, is safe. Of course it's also important  when the watch winder fits into the environment. It simply looks better! 

Swiss Kubik Triple watch winder

5 apr2019

The new Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders

Most people who have automatic watches also want to have a watch winder to maintain their watches and keep them running so that they can wear the watch, without the need to adjust it, anytime. A watch winder is not only very handy but also good for your autmatic watches. The watch winder is a safe place to store watches all together, well protected against moisture and dust. But most important is to keep the watches running which ensures a good oil allocation within the movement. In short, a watch winder has different advantages! 

Watch winders are available in all kind of designs, capacities and materials. Of course price is an important factor. There are some watch winder brands which offer a great price/quality ratio. One of these brands is Benson, based in the Netherlands and for several years one of the most popular watch winder brands in Europe. Since the launch of their Smart-Tech series in 2011 many watch adepts use a Benson watch winder. The Smart-Tech series is known for its quality and very affordable price. The nice thing about these watch winders is that they offer all functions you need to successfully wind your automatic watch. You can select the direction of rotation, turns per day and even control the LED light. Therefore the Benson Smart-Tech watch winders are suitable to wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or watch model. Good to know is that each rotor can be set individually, so you can place your entire watch collection in it to wind the automatic movements. 

In the middle of 2018 Benson watch winders launched the Smart-Tech II series. This new series is based on the Smart-Tech series from 2011, but has a more modern design and better technique. With a complete glass door the watch winders offer a great view on the rotating automatic watches. The drawer behind the glass door allows you to store extra watches or jewellery. The watch holders are suitable for all sizes of watches, big or small. 

Benson Smart-Tech II 4.18.B watch winder

The best thing about the new Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders is the unique price/quality ratio. We tested the Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders for several months and are still surprised about the quality offered for this price. Each watch winder comes with 2 years of international warranty, strong packaging and manual. Of course an adapter to use in the US, EU, UK or Asia is supplied as well. 

Are you looking for a great watch winder for an affordable price? Then you really should consider the Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders. You can buy them here

Benson Smart-Tech II 2.18.B watch winder

10 mar2019

The best single watch winders of 2019

Every year new single watch winders are presented by several watch winder brands. Single watch winders are popular because they are compact, affordable and can be used inside a safe or during travel. A good single watch winder is a great accessory to have. We have seen many brands and many watch winders. From cheap to expensive, from really good to really bad. With our experience gained from visiting brands, fairs, factories and distributors we have selected the best single watch winders for 2019. 

A good single watch winder is compact, easy to control, offers great quality, winds any automatic watch and is reliable over a long term. There are several watch winders which checks all boxes, but we selected those we tested for many weeks here at our office, with different automatic watches from Tag Heuer, Breitling, Seiko and Oris. 

Swiss Kubik ABS watch winders

The best single watch winders for 2019 are:

1) Swiss Kubik 

2) Benson Black Series

3) Orbita Sparta

4) RDI Prestige

5) Bernard Favre Planet

Orbita Sparta watch winder

22 feb2019

Chronovision Ambiance watch winders

There are a few watch winder brands located in Germany. One of them is Chronovision, which is based in the beautiful 'Sauerland' area. A region with hills, lakes and nice villages. Chronovision has become famous by their Chronovision One watch winder which is a compact watch winder in a modern design with great functionality. The nice thing about this series is that the settings, for example direction of rotation or the turns per day, can be set by bluetooth. It's modern, functional and affordable which makes the Chronovision One watch winders very popular.

Chronovision Ambiance watch winder

For the real watch lovers Chronovision recently presented its Ambiance watch winders. Watch winders which combine the finest materials with luxury details and a great functionality. Thereby the craftsmen who build these watch winders have a great eye for detail. The Chronovision Ambiance watch winders are extreme luxury and have a modern look. Most important is that they are functional as well. The German made motors are almost silent and very durable. You can set each watch winder exactly as you prefer. For example you can choose the direction of rotation, number of turns per day, activate the speed winding or sleep mode and you can control the led lightning. You can set these settings by bluetooth but also via your PC with a USB cable. 

The Chronovision Ambiance watch winders are available for 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 15 automatic watches. Thereby there are several styles. You can choose for a watch winder with carbon, aluminium, macassar or even rosé gold material. The front is always a nice glass panel with perfect view on the watches. 

Chronovision Ambiance watch winder

Only the best jewellers and online stores (for example: do sell the Chronovision Ambiance watch winders. All the watch winders come with a 3 year international warranty. Of course a manual is included so that you can set the watch winder exactly according the demands of your automatic watches. 

19 jan2019

Exquisite design at Buben and Zorweg

Usually, this popular statement is associated with negative connotations, but the rule at Buben & Zorweg is that it's precisely the other way around! The luxury safes collection from the German watch winder specialist, like the remaining product range of this award-winning luxury brand, is unique in every way. At first, your senses will confirm that you are in the presence of an exquisitely designed and perfectly handcrafted watch winders, but then as you move closer, you will discover quality and caring attention to detail that is uncommon in other manufacturers.

Buben and Zorweg safe watch winder

When you pull the handle, the ultimate surprise will be revealed: it's a safe! But not just an ordinary safe. In this case, a safe that does not look like a common strongbox was 100% made in Germany by the most competent craftsmen and it fullfils all the latest and most demanding security standards under the VdS certification procedures. The competence and know-how provided by Buben & Zorweg in manufacturing of luxury safes has created an entirely new product category that did not exist before.

Buben & Zorweg watch winders

A large variety of precious woods and finest Italian nappa leather, elegantly stitched and featuring decorative seams, created the luxury safes from Buben & Zorweg. Including state-of-the-art security technology, these safes can integrate features like the Buben & Zorweg alarm system and even a built-in GPS tracking system for extra protection. The interior of every safe can be customised depending on its purpose. Between a choice of Time Mover watch winders, for the discerning watch collector or drawers for the most glittering jewellery lover, everything is possible!

7 jan2019 the specialist in watch winders

When you’re interested in buying a watch winder for your automatic watches you probably check online stores or visit your local jeweller. Most jewellers don’t have a big collection of watch winders available and sometimes there is a lack of knowledge about watch winders. Then it’s hard to get good advice which watch winder suits your automatic watches the best. That’s a problem as you want the best for your beloved automatic watches. specialist in watch winders

When you check the internet there are some shops which sell watch winders. Most of them do sell unknown brands (China brands) for very low prices. These watch winders won’t last long and at the end are more expensive (in terms of shipping, repair, replacement etc etc) than a good watch winder which cost a little more. Thereby, most online watch winder stores have a lack of knowledge and experience in the field of watch winders which is a good reason to choose for a respectable online store., based in the Netherlands, is such a respectable and professional online store. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of watch winders they know where they talk about. This company is specialized in watch winders and official reseller of famous brands as Bernard Favre, Swiss Kubik, Benson, RDI, Orbita etc etc. Every year they visit their partners in factories, on fairs or meet at their office. To talk about the latest collections, technique and innovations.

When you buy a watch winder it’s good to buy it from a respectable company with experience. They will advise you in the best way. has a good website with more than 15 watch winder brands and more than 420 watch winders in different capacities, colours and styles to choose from. As they are official reseller of famous watch winder brands they offer the best service, warranty and after-sales.

Another advantage from is that they deliver worldwide with DPD or Fedex, and that you can pay by credit card, Paypal, iDeal or bank transfer. When you create an account you get  a nice discount on your future orders. Outside the EU they supply VAT/TAX free which result in a deduction of 21% in the price.

Do you have a question or remark, will reply you within 24 hours by e-mail or telephone. Just take a look at their website and check out the watch winder brands!

29 dec2018

Watch winders | How to set the number of turns per day?

Winding your watch is more and more important nowadays. When you want to wind your automatic watch with a watch winder it's important to know the exact needed TPD (turns per day) and direction of rotation the watch needs to get wound. This depends on the exact movement inside the watch. There are many watch brands and many watch models, and therefore many different types of automatic movements. There are automatic movements from ETA, Sellita, Miyota but also from many others. When you select the wrong settings at the watch winder your automatic watch won't get energy at all and a stand still is the result. 

Benson Black Series 6.16.W watch winder

On the internet are several databases available where you can select the specific watch with its needed TPD and direction of rotation (clockwise, counter clockwise and alternate). The main rule is that most automatic watches (90-95%) are wound at 900 TPD in a clockwise direction. But it's always good to check before you buy a watch winder. It's even better to buy a watch winder which offers selectable TPD and direction of rotation, so you're always safe and you can wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. Such a watch winder covers all (regular) TPD and directions. Most cheap watch winders have a pre-set number of TPD and only rotate clockwise.....If it's okay for your specific watch it's good, but we always recommend to buy a watch winder which offers more flexibility. It's simply better for the future, when you might change your watch or buy new watches which you also want to wind in the watch winder. 

Bernard Favre Planet Black Brown watch winder

All good watch winders offer the functions that you can set each rotor individually in terms of rotation direction and TPD. Mostly you can set it with knobs or buttons. More luxury watch winders do offer a touchscreen where you can select all functions, a bit the same as on a mobile phone. 

Watch winder brands which offer you all flexibility are for example; Bernard Favre, Orbita, Benson and Paul Design. Any of these brands you choose (as they are priced differently) you always can set the watch winder exactly as you like, to wind your favorite watches without any problem. 

Orbita Sparta Bold 1 watch winder

Always spend a bit more money to make sure you buy a watch winder which offers you the best flexibility which makes it more durable. At the end, it will save you money and you will be a lot more satisfied than buying a cheap watch winder without any flexibility

Please visit the websites of the above mentioned brands, you will see the great watch winders they offer which are perfect to wind any automatic watch. 

Paul Design 8 watch winder

21 dec2018

Orbita watch winders wind any automatic watch

Here in Europe we can buy any watch winder we like. There are so many brands on the market and normally you get a good watch winder for a reasonable price. Some prefer a modern style others are more classical style. When you prefer a more classical style an Orbita watch winder is a great choice. This US brand produces high quality watch winders with a very stylish and traditional design. Orbita watch winders wind any automatic watch regardless brand or model. You can also check the exact settings, related to your specific automatic watch, how to set the watch winder on the website of Orbita. This is a big advantage and very smart of Orbita. 

Orbita Sparta Bold watch winder

What we like about Orbita is the craftmanship and passion to create real nice watch winders which you can use for many years. The details are beautiful and the used materials of a very high level. We have seen many Orbita watch winders and everytime they do the job perfectly. There is nothing worse than a bad watch winder, we wrote about several brands which you can better not consider to buy, which doesn't provide energy to your watches. There is no such thing as a very cheap watch winder which gives you years of joy. Always compare different brands and watch winder models, ask advise and check the specific functions the watch winder offers. 

Orbita watch winder

An Orbita watch winder is always a good choice. Many watch adepts have an Orbita watch winder and after years they still love it. Why? Because of the attention to detail, passion for watch winder making and reliable service. 

7 dec2018

The perfection of Bernard Favre watch winders

We often question ourselves what the best watch winder is we have ever seen. To answer this question is very difficult as we have seen so many beautiful watch winders in the last 15 years. But there are certain brands which are creating amazing watch winders which are of a higher level than other watch winder brands. This is also a matter of pricing of course, but when we strictly look at quality, finish and functionality brands as Buben & Zorweg and Bernard Favre are at the top.

Bernard Favre Planet watch winders

Bernard Favre watch winders are made in Switzerland. This relatively young brand is created by Mr. Bernard Favre a enthousiastic man with a passion for perfectionism. The result is a great watch winder brand with probably the most unique way of winding an automatic watch. The Bernard Favre Planet watch winders wind automatic watches in a kind of planetary system with a very nice 3D effect. You can look for hours at the rotation which perfectly winds any automatic watch.

The best things about a Bernard Favre Planet watch winders are the Swiss made motor, unique motion to wind a watch and the great functionality. You can set the watch winder in terms of direction and TPD (turns per day) to make to make sure the watch is wound.

You can buy a Bernard Favre Planet watch winder in different colours and materials. There are several models available; black, gold and silver. You even can choose the exact colour (and material) of the base. Therefore you can create a beautiful combination. The level of perfection is also shown in the way how these watch winders are packed. Each watch winder of Bernard Favre comes in a luxury leather casing with manual and certificate.  

The Bernard Favre watch winders are only sold at the better jewellery stores and online watch winder stores. You can find a reseller on the official Bernard Favre website.

21 nov2018

Interesting: the new Benson Black Series Pro watch winders

In september the Dutch watch winder brand Benson presented its newest watch winder series; the Black Series Pro watch winders. This new series is characterized by a capacity of 12 and 16 watches, modern design, high-end technique and a perfect view on the rotating automatic watches.

Since 2016 the Benson Black Series watch winders are very popular. The watch winders of this brand are world wide sold by +- 200 high end resellers, which are mostly in the higher price segment as they sell watch brands as Rolex, IWC, Patek, Panarai, Breitling etc etc. The Benson watch winders are now sold in more than 20 countries, such as the US, Canada, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, United Kingdom, Norway etc etc.

Benson Black Series Pro watch winder

The modern design, perfect quality, very interesting price level and good after-service are the reasons watch adapts choose for a Benson watch winder. Thereby the price level of the Benson watch winders is very stable, which results in a watch winder which keeps value. This is very important as there are brands which offer their watch winders on different platforms where prices change everyday so that one day you buy a watch winder and the next day it’s offered for 30% less.   

Meanwhile the pre-order of the Benson Black Series Pro is a big success. Almost 80% of the complete production is already sold. This means that when you want to buy a Benson Black Series Pro watch winder you have to be quick. An advantage is that when you purchase this watch winder in the pre-order you will receive 3 years of international warranty instead of 2. The pre-order is open till 31th december (or when 100% is pre-sold).

When you’re looking for a great watch winder for your automatic watches, then a Benson Black Series watch winder is really a watch winder to consider, especially when you have multiple watches and your collection is growing. Benson watch winders will certainly have a watch winder which meets your demands.

19 nov2018

Paul Design watch winders in Europe

Paul Design is a UK based company with in-house R&D team. Paul Design is more than a decade old company which specializes in designing and manufacturing watch winders.

For many years this company is dedicated in innovating and perfecting the technology of watch winding. They adopt the latest technology and highest quality material in their products.

Paul Design watch winder

Paul Design is one of the very few companies that specialized in the manufacturing of watch winders. Words as“professionalism” and “dedication” are the keywords that distinguish Paul Design from other suppliers of similar products. In the past 10 years, the company has been ceaselessly seeking to enhance the techniques that can make their watch winders even better. Paul Design watch winders deliver exceptional performance, style, and reliability. The perfect accessory with features suited for the luxury watch aficionados.

Why do you need a watch winder

A watch winder makes sure your watches are being kept on the go. It takes care of the continual operation of watch complicated functions like moon phase, perpetual calendar, time zones and allows you to wear them anytime for any occasion (without the inconvenience of resetting such functions). In addition, your timepieces are beautifully presented in an organized manner for the luxury watch aficionados, enhancing the ambience of the room you display them in.

Paul Design watch winders will definitely let you enjoy more of your collection.

Paul Design watch winder

Why invest in a Paul Design watch winder?

Paul Design watch winders are made to maintain watches and avoid unnecessary damage due to tension from over winding. No matter what brand your watch belongs to, our winders allow you to have an option to select each individual module to suit the winding of your automatic watch and adjust it to the best operating mode.

Functions are simple during setup. You are able to use its LCD control panel to personalize a setting suitable for your lifestyle.

Paul Design watch winder

Finest quality

Luxury watch owners appreciate an exceptional, high quality product that delivers unmatched style, performance and reliability. Unlike most competitor brands who source ready made parts and assembling them together, we believe in painstakingly carefully selecting the best materials from manufacturing to assembly to produce the finished product. Do you know it takes at least 70 procedures to produce a finished watch winder in our workshop?

Advanced functionality

Latest technological innovations and materials that maintain your investment by avoiding damage from over-winding.

Paul Design watch winder

Easy-to-use control panel

Allows watch winding to be individually controlled with a variety of modes to keep your watches in optimal operating conditions. Ability to use its LCD control panel to personalize a setting that suits your lifestyle.


Most reasonably priced product with highest quality and reliability. Whole process from manufacture to assembly all done in own factory enables quality control while keeping costs low.

Paul Design watch winder

Warranty and service

24-month international warranty from date of purchase. Strong after-sales team for the clients peace of mind.

Visit or for the latest Paul Design watch winder collections. 

1 nov2018

Buben & Zorweg has a passion; showing your passion!

Customized security solutions have always been a part of Buben & Zorweg’s philosophy for the passionate collector. Indeed, interior designers from all over the world use masterpieces from Buben & Zorweg to create ?exible concepts in luxurious surroundings, tailor-made to suit the speci?c requirements of their clients.  From the tailored integration in the interior of a luxury yacht or the protection of a valuable watch collection in a chalet, to the presentation of favourite pieces in the surroundings of a grandiose palace.

Buben & Zorweg watch winder

Private, sometimes even exceptionally private collections of precious collector’s pieces demand to be presented in an ambiance that is on a par with the standards of international museums when it comes to aesthetic appeal and security technology. With high-security glass, bullet-proof and extreme resistant even against mechanical attacks and available either as spy mirror glass or highly transparent glass. Stainless steel housing and biometric ?ngerprint locking systems with integrated laser curtains preventing unauthorized access. Inbuilt alarm systems that are interfaced to the house alarm system and state-of-the-art, adjustable LED lighting technology with fading functions. Interiors in ?nest black velour or Italian nappe leather, all come equipped with watch winder units for precious automatic watches, drawers with customizable inserts for jewels, documents and of course secrets! Talking of which, Buben & Zorweg has the safest safe that only those in the know would recognize.

Buben & Zorweg watch winder

Unveiled at fairs in spring 2018, the Vision fits unobtrusively into the dressing room or wardrobe of its  owner. At first glance it shows a mirrored image of its observer, but further inspection uncovers an  electronic transponder lock preventing any unauthorized opening of the high-resistance security glass.

The perfect design makes the Vision a powerful and elegant eye-catcher – as Vision and Vision inbuilt.  It also offers a Buben & Zorweg SI-safe in which the passionate collector can present the objects of his passion to watches and jewelry - everything in this Vision is possible!

29 oct2018

The Orbita DIY watch winder modules

Orbita, the famous watch winder brand from the US, developed a special module to make it easy for craftsmen to design and build custom watch winders into a cabinet, wall, safe or closet. This makes you more flexible to create that perfect design you always wanted, all watch winders perfectly integrated in your house or office. It doesn't only look fantastic, it also it very practical and functional. 

Orbita DIY watch winder closet

With this DIY (do it yourself) module Orbita watch winders provides something other watch winder brands don't. They offer a great piece of technique to wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. 

Each Orbita DIY watch winder module is supplied fully assembled and ready for installation into a creative custom setup. Of course extended lead wires (red and black) are provided to simplify power connection. Several different power supplies are offered, and therefore can be used worldwide. The Orbita DIY modules are available with the patented rotorwind system or a programmable system. 

Orbita DIY humidor

When you want to have the best watch winder technique customly built in your home or office, this Orbita DIY watch winder module is the best choice. You can buy a single module already for 495 USD, which is a very attractive price! 

Orbita DIY watch winder modules

26 oct2018

Cheap watch winders from China

In this blog article we write about cheap watch winders that are made in China, or other Asian countries, and are not a great investment. When you're looking to buy a watch winder then we advise you not to buy a watch winder which is too cheap and mostly offered on Amazon or Aliexpress. Why? We will explain.

Most cheap watch winders are made in China, Taiwan or Vietnam. The factories who produce them are mostly not specialized in watch winders at all. Mostly they produce watch cases and use very cheap parts in their watch winders. The reason is that they don't have the knowlegde, experience and network in the field of watch winders and automatic watches. Simply said, they don't know how to produce a good quality watch winder. These cheap watch winders are often sold by small companies which are active on Amazon and Aliexpress. You can buy them for 50-150 USD already. 

Our experience, and we visited many watch winder factories in Asia and Europe, is that these factories produce bad quality products and are not interested in winding an automatic watch in a good way. These cheap watch winders often produce a lot of sound, and after some time can make noise as well. The motors are of Chinese origin and cannot compete with Japanese, German of Swiss motors. The quality aspect of these Chinese motors is an important factor.

The materials used are often cheap and easily brake down. The level of finishing is not good as there is no time during the production to deliver good work with eye for detail. Another point is that the watch holders/cushions are often not handy to use. They are not adjustable or have hard plastic parts which can damage a watch. Cheap Chinese watch winders often offer a lack of functionality. Options as selectable direction of rotation and selectable TPD (turns per day) are not available; one specific program is set. This is a real problem, as different watches demand different settings. Simply said, if the watch winder cannot be set correctly the watch won't gain energy and will stand still. 

When you buy a watch winder on a platform as written and you experience a defect you have to return the unit back to the supplier or factory. Often this is quite expensive as shipping rates (and TAX/VAT and import/export charges) are not cheap. Our advise is to buy a good watch winder always from a specialist; a high end jeweller or online shop with proven experience in the field of watch winders. A cheap watch winder often results in disapointment and high costs. A waste of time, effort and money....and be honest; do you want to put your precious automatic watches in a doubtful watch winder? 

19 oct2018

The three big advantages of using a watch winder

Swiss Kubik watch winder

Most watch collectors have one, a watch winder. It the best accessory for an automatic watch. Not only because it looks stunning to see your watches rotating in a beautiful watch winder. The use of a watch winder has also two very important advantages. 

The first is that your watches do not stop because lack of energy. The watch winder will provide energy to your watches so that all settings (time, date, moonphase, GMT etc etc) are correct and the watch is always ready to wear. It saves a lot of time and effort, especially when you have more automatic watches and/or watches with specific functions. In other words its very convenient to use a watch winder.

The second advantage is that using a watch winders protects the watch. Not only because it's safe inside a cabinet/case, but even more because the oil inside the watch stays fluid. When the movement has a lock of motion the oil can become more thick which can result in the watch having problems. You can compare it with a car. When you start and drive your car only once within 1-2 years you will experience all kinds of problems. It's not good for the car. When you drive it regularly and maintain it well, its the best for the car. 

Bernard Favre Planet watch winder white

The third advantage is quite important as well. The crown of a watch is one of the most fragile and vulnerable parts. When an automatic watch has no energy and you need to wind it manually and open the crown for setting the time (date, GMT, moonphase etc etc) the watch is very vulnerable, and the risk for damage/defects is quite high. Especially when it's morning and you're in a hurry...we all know this time of the day:) With a watch winder there is no need to open the crown many times. 

In general we certainly advise to use a watch winder. But more important is to choose the watch winder which fulfills your needs, a watch winder of good quality and also important a watch winder which offers good functions (all directions and adjustable TPD). The last advise is to buy it from a good watch winder reseller

Buben & Zorweg watch winder

27 sep2018

Benson Black Series Pro watch winders

In 2016 Benson launched its Black Series. With more than 200 resellers (mostly high end jewellers) worldwide an incredible success. Quickly after the launch several new models, as the Tower and Cabinet were presented next to a complete range of watch cases.  

Benson Black Series Pro 12.19.B

Today the Dutch watch winder brand Benson presented its newest series: the new Benson Black Series Pro. This series contains 4 watch winder models; for 12 and 16 watches and in black piano or carbon fibre exterior finish. The design is based on the successful Black Series design. Modern, strong lines and functional. Each Benson Black Series Pro watch winder has Japanese motors, 2 touch screens, LED light, adjustable watch holders and a lock to keep the watches inside safe. 

With the touch screens you can set each rotor individually; the direction of rotation and the turns per day. Thereby you can select the power winding function which is specially to wind up an automatic watch in a very short time.  

Benson Black Series Pro 12.19.CF

The glass door allows you to have a great view on the rotating watches. These Benson Black Series Pro watch winders are not just functional, they are real eye catchers and a must have for the real watch collector. There is no need to store your watches at all kinds of places inside your home, it's much more convenient to have them all in a watch winder. There they are wound, safe and all together so you can quickly decide which one you want to wear that day. 

Benson Black Series Pro 16.19.B

The new Benson Black Series Pro watch winders are in production now and will be available early 2019, in january. You can place a pre-order already at different resellers. The advantage of this is that you are guaranteed of a piece, and you receive one extra year of warranty (3 years instead of 2). But more important is that these watch winders offer all you need to wind your watches and are a beautiful watch accessory for the real watch adept. 

Benson Black Series Pro 16.19.CF

25 sep2018

Benson Black Series Single watch winder

One of the most popular watch winders is a single watch winder. Single watch winders are produced by many brands and all of these single watch winders have their own advantages. Some run on batteries, others have a bluetooth or power winding function. All are having a compact design and are easy to place on a spot you like. Thereby they can be easily used during travel or on a holiday.

Benson Black Series Single watch winder 1.16.B

The Benson Black Series single watch winder is one we like a lot. It’s a compact watch winder but offers all functions you need. This watch winders offers LED light, touch screen control panel, adjustable watch holder and a built-in battery which gains it’s energy by an adapter. You can choose to let the watch winder run on the adapter or on the built-in battery which lasts for several weeks.

A big advantage is that you can choose between several exterior colours; black, white, macassar and carbon fibre. The stainless steel feet, nice push button to open the watch winder and possibility to charge the watch winder via USB are very nice details. In this price class there is not really another watch winder which offers all these functions. An important advantage of this watch winder is the door, it is protecting your watch against dust and moisture.

Benson Black Series Single watch winder 1.16.W

The Benson Black Series single watch winders are a perfect choice for a small watch collection. They can wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. The price is very acceptable and the design and finish of a high level.

Are you looking for a watch winder? Please visit and check out several brands and models in different price classes. 

12 sep2018

Buben & Zorweg ranks among the finest German luxury bran

Buben & Zogweg

Ernst & Young ranked Buben & Zorweg, the creators of luxury safes, watch winders and private museums for the world‘s most passionate collectors, 27th in the top best 30 German global luxury brands. They now stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names in global luxury branding, including Montblanc, Porsche, BMW, Leica, A. Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original, Bulthaup and Wempe.

German brands are known throughout the world for their quality, craftsmanship, precision, innovation and excellence. To judge just how good these products are and where they should rank, a board of 150 experts, assembled by Ernst & Young scrutinized a total of 250 German brands before reaching their decision.

Buben & Zorweg ranked 9th in future viability, for creations where visionary design go hand in hand with the best craftsmanship, architectural influences and technically appealing elements.

7th in innovation for Buben & Zorweg's multi-functional collections of its masterful combination of German design, German craftsmanship and the latest in what technical innovation has to offer.

Buben & Zorweg

3rd in customer satisfaction for designs that can hold a vast collection of automatic watches, in an array of fine materials like stainless steel, precious wood, finest leather or bullet-proof glass. And because spending time with unique values is a rare pleasure, a humidor, bar module and integrated Hi-Fi system all serve to enhance the enjoyment of refined treasures – be it alone or in pleasant company

27th in overall ranking because Objects of Time® by Buben & Zorweg have that exceedingly rare capability of being a common denominator of a curated lifestyle that exponentially increases the pleasure of owning rare and precious objects.

This award is another in a series of prizes won this year by the company. In addition to achieving this prestigious status, Buben & Zorweg also won the luxury category in the German Brand Award for “Industry Excellence in Branding” in Berlin.

31 aug2018

Buben & Zorweg opens InShop boutique in Hong Kong

The recent, exclusive opening of the Buben & Zorweg InShop boutique at Lane Crawford, Harbour City, the top luxury department store in Asia and one of the busiest hotspots for luxury shopping worldwide, saw not only champagne flowing but mouths watering when Mr. Zorweg, one of the CEO’s of the company unveiled just some of Buben & Zorweg's masterpieces.  At the grand opening, the German luxury safe creator revealed such treasures as the Grande Infinity – not only a fine timepiece in its own right but an inbuilt safe and watch winder. The Mirage and the Orion safe prove that a safe does not necessarily have to look like a strongbox.

Buben & Zorweg watch winders Hong Kong

Mr. Zorweg, proudly showed his creations one by one and explained the brand DNA, and reasons why customers from all over the world purchase the state of the art safes.  The selected VIP customers appreciated the German engineering and craftsmanship at Buben & Zorweg.

Buben & Zorweg have been working with Lane Crawford for over a decade and so the opening of an Instore boutique is a natural process not only for the store but also for Harbour City at Tsim Sha Tsui, a vast retail destination featuring more than 700 stores and an array of flagship stores concentrated at Canton Road. Here there's something for everyone, from international designer brands to fine jewellery and watches and chic boutiques and now thanks to Buben & Zorweg a safe and luxurious place to savour those treasures.

Mr. Zorweg said, “The uniqueness of our work is very important to Lane Crawford therefore the Grande Infinity is one of Buben & Zorweg most important masterpieces for them. This fine timepiece is so much more than a clock. It is innovative in design and technology and may I say perfection!”

10 aug2018

The best watch winders under 500 euro

Buying a good watch winder becomes very easy now. We tested several brands and models and share our opinion with you, so you can choose the best watch winder.

We selected the 5 best watch winders you can buy for a retailprice lower than 500 euro. The selection criteria are quality, functionality and design. Of course we also did select only watch winders from well respected brands.

1th postion: Swiss Kubik ABS watch winders

The Swiss Kubik watch winders from Switzerland are famous. They are compact, have a Swiss designed motor and do look great as well. They wind any automatic watch and the watch holder is suitable for almost all watches.

Swiss Kubik watch winders

2th position: Benson Black Series Single watch winders

The Benson Black Series watch winders do offer all you need for winding your automatic watches. They have a modern look, are hand built and have state of the art technique. The price quality ratio is unique.

Benson Black Series Single watch winder

3th position: Boda Concept A2 watch winders

When you’re looking for a stylish watch winder made of beautiful materials than a Boda Concept A2 watch winder is a great choice. With reliable motors and a good functionality this is one of our favorites.

Boda Concept A2 watch winder

4th position: Orbita Sparta watch winders

From the USA we selected Orbita. This brand produces high quality watch winders and especially the Sparta series is very interesting. The watch winders do look very clean and simple, but don’t underestimate them…they wind perfectly.

5th position: RDI Horizon watch winders

Made in Switzerland and therefore perfectly built. The Swiss technique is reliable and the finish of the watch winder case is beautiful. A perfect match for your Swiss made automatic watches. To be honest, these watch winders are a little bit more expensive than 500 euro, but their are definitely worth considering it. 

10 aug2018

The Benson Black Series Tower watch winders

In 2017 Benson Watchwinders presented the Black Series Tower watch winder collection. This collection contains 3 models, for 6, 8 and 12 watches, in different colours as black, white, carbon fibre and macassar.

The design and functionality of the Benson Black Series Tower collection is unique as it’s a combination of a complete watch winder with a big storage compartment. The glass door gives a perfect view on the rotating watches. All rotors can be controlled by a touchscreen where you can set the rotation direction, TPD (turns per day), LED light and speed winding function. This makes it very easy to set each rotor to the exact requirements of any automatic watch.

Benson Black Series Tower watch winder

The bad news is that several models are already sold out and won’t be produced anymore. When Benson launches a new Tower series it’s likely that the retail prices will go up big time.

At this moment some resellers still have some Benson Black Series Tower watch winders available in stock. If you like a stunning design, perfect quality and handy functionality then don’t wait too long, we expect they are sold out soon.

1 aug2018

The debut of the Orbita Gerstner watch winder

Orbita Corporation, the world’s leader in quality watch winders, has announced the debut of the Gerstner watch winder. Like Orbita watch winders, Gerstner tool chests have maintained the reputation of unmatched excellence, in terms of quality, performance, materials, and workmanship for generations. 

Orbita Gerstner watch winder

Now, the extraordinary chests can be purchased equipped with Orbita’s critically acclaimed automatic patented watch winding systems. Available as a double or triple watch winder, the unit will also be available with a storage drawer for additional watches. Made in the USA.

For more details please visit

12 jul2018

Now available: Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders

The Dutch watch winder brand Benson watchwinders is nowadays a well known and popular player on the watch winder market. Their watch winders do perform very well and their price/quality ratio is hard to beat. The most popular series are the Smart-Tech and Black Series, which are sold worldwide by more than 200 (high-end) jewellers. 

Benson Smart-Tech II 6.18.B

Recently Benson Watchwinders introduced several new models within their Compact series, which are more entry-level watch winders. This week Benson did present its newest series; the new Smart-Tech II series. This line of watch winders does succeed the current Smart-Tech series which was launched in 2011. With more innovations, optimized motors, gearboxes and a higher level of detail these Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders will be a success for sure. The new touchscreen which is also used in the more premium Black Series watch winders of Benson in combination with power winding and clear LED light result in an impressive watch winder suitable to wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. 

Prices of the new Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders start at 329,00 euro for a double watch winder. All watch winders in this series are supplied with an adapter which can be used in the EU, UK, US and Asia. 

Benson Smart-Tech II 4.18.B watch winder

We are happy to test the new Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders within a few weeks. Then we will write more about our opinion regarding winding, materials, functionality etc etc. 

Benson Smart-Tech II 2.18.B watch winder

8 jun2018

Interview with Mark Lampkin from Orbita

Recently we had the chance to interview mr. Mark Lampkin who is the president of Orbita watch winders. Of course we were very curious about his point of view regarding the watch winders Orbita produces, future plans and vision.

Mark Lampkin Orbita

Could you please introduce yourself and function at ORBITA?

My name is Mark Lampkin, and I am the president of Orbita Corporation. Orbita is based in Wilmington, North Carolina and was founded by my father-in-law, Chuck Agnoff, in 1996.  His wife, Evelyn, had given him a Rolex wristwatch as a retirement gift, and not wearing it for a few days caused him to have to reset the watch complications.  He was annoyed by this, hence the invention of his version of the Watchwinder to keep his watch wound.  The winder worked so well he decided to postpone retirement and start a new company of which was Orbita Corporation.  So, as CFO of the company from the start, transitioning to President was easy.

How would you describe the Orbita Company?

From inception, Orbita's Company philosophy has been to create products of lasting value with exceptional attention to detail; products that people enjoy owning because of their ease of operation and aesthetic value.

It has always been our main concern to make sure that we deliver a product that our customers can be assured is built to the highest American standards, as well as backed by a strong warranty, unlike other brands that consider their winders to be disposable. We are able to repair all of the winders we produce, which insures many years of enjoyment.  As a company, we also have been able to assemble a staff that is committed to delivering excellent customer care and are committed to their work, as is shown by our employee’s length of stay at our company.  Many of our employees have been with us since our inception and our newest employee is coming up on their 7th anniversary.

How would you describe the Orbita watch winders? 

We have many different styles and series of watch winders to fit the needs of most all winding requirements, ranging from entry level models to very elite, signature pieces.  In other words, our same, patented winding mechanism can be fitted in an entry level model or incorporated in an exquisite, exotic wood case, ranging in price from $295 up to and beyond $60K (we offer customized cases and winders for anything above our standard lines).  Therefore, we have a winder to meet all budgets which allows us entry into a vast range of markets.

Orbita watch winder

Can you tell us more about the production process? 

At Orbita, we pride ourselves on proprietary developments, creating leading edge winding technology based on fresh ideas, innovative systems, and superior components. Our drives, gears, and controls are meticulously designed and fine tuned for the precise needs of every watch movement produced today. Additionally, we carefully select only the finest, timeless materials for our products, including handcrafted and detailed marquetry, the best grades of leather, sophisticated multi-layered lacquering, and the most modern carbon fibers.

Orbita has two main winding mechanisms to choose from; the fully programmable winder or the rotorwind winder.  The fully programmable winder allows you to program the number of turns per day as well as the winding direction.  The rotorwind winders are self-programming, mimicking human wrist movement.  Therefore, we have a winder for watch aficionados who want the capability to program settings for their particular watch, or we have the rotorwind winder for the collector who just needs to get the job done. 

Also, recently we upgraded our rotorwind power source from alkaline batteries to long-lived lithium batteries, that can provide up to five years battery life.

What are the main markets for Orbita? And can you tell us more about the business structure; do you have distributors, dealers or do you sell directly to consumers?

Our largest market involves our worldwide network of jewelry dealers and distributors.  However, our business partnership with Brown Safe Company and the incorporation of our modules into their safes, has expanded the watch winder markets into not only custom safes, but custom cabinetry and closets by interior designers as well.

Orbita’s strongest representation lies within the USA dealer network, but we also have distributors in Japan, Australia, South America, Canada, and several European countries for as long as we have been in business.  We encourage our customers to purchase our winders from an authorized dealer but consumers can purchase direct from Orbita at the full retail price.

In which way will Orbita develop the coming years? What will be the focus?

Our engineers and product development team are constantly entertaining new ideas and concepts for winders and luxury items.  Although watch winders are our main product, Orbita has had many other high-end, luxury items over the years, such as our LED flashlights, our Ernst Benz Pilot watch series; we partnered with Agresti, the fine jewelry chest producers, and incorporated our winders into their cases, and we also offer our own line of accessories, such as our Italian leather storage cases.  So our goal is to constantly refresh our product line with new products and ideas.

If you would compare Orbita with another brand, which brand is this and why?

There really is no comparison with winders to winders.  I mean, Orbita has its own patented mechanisms that incorporate quality parts and materials, PC Boards and iron core motors; and other brands have their own methods of winding.  The watch winding industry has changed significantly in the last ten years.  We have had a lot of brands enter the marketplace that have tricked consumers into buying sub-grade units that promise to keep their timepieces wound, only to find out that they don’t work, resulting in the end user discarding them because of lack of being serviceable. That’s one of the main reasons we continue to focus on advertising quality and dependability as well as made in America to allow customers to feel secure in ordering a high quality product that not only is built in America but can be serviced.  Our winders make for a good investment.

Orbita watch winder

What new projects can we expect soon?

We have one in the works as we speak, called the “Gerstner”, another fine American company based in Dayton, Ohio.  For four generations Gerstner has enjoyed a reputation for unmatched excellence and craftsmanship. They are recognized simply as "the finest chest maker in America." In terms of quality, performance, materials, and workmanship, a Gerstner is in a class by itself. No other chest maker in the world has the reputation of a Gerstner. (and this is going to cost me a lot of shopping for my wife, Karen, for spilling the beans on this one!).

Why should we buy an Orbita watch winder?
Well, we are simply the best!!  Not only do we offer lasting movements, our customer service is second to none.  Our customer service representatives are longstanding with our company, which makes them familiar and very knowledgeable of the winders; they are able to troubleshoot and assist our clients over the telephone as well as electronically.  I am fortunate to have a very close-knit team that really take time and care of our customers.

Oh, and not to forget, our winders are made in the USA!

Also, we, Orbita, are very committed and supportive of community organizations and auctions for the betterment of our society.  My wife has always been, and still is, infamous for volunteering on boards (which her assistant probably wishes she wouldn’t), haha, but we donate winders and items frequently for these functions.  So not only do we make a great product, our company makes a great reputation in our community.

Basically, our reputation speaks for itself, and I always say, “Buy the Best, Forget the Rest!”

17 may2018

The new Benson Compact watch winders

The watch winder brand Benson watch winders from the Netherlands has the reputation of creating watch winders with an unique price/quality ratio. With the famous Smart-Tech and Black Series models Benson is a well known name in the industry. Today Benson launches its newest Compact series, a series of beautiful watch winders in different exteriour colours as black leather, dark brown leather and light brown leather. The new Benson Compact 2.18 series offers watch winders with Japanese motors, touchscreen, LED light, adjustable TPD and direction of rotation. Basically it's all you need to wind any automatic watch. 

Benson Compact watch winder 2.18 Dark Brown Leather

The big advantage of Benson watch winders is the price. These new Compact series watch winders start at 149 euro for the single watch model, and 199 euro for the double watch unit. We tested one version for 2 watches and must say the finishing, materials and functionality is very good. It's the perfect entry level watch winder for those who don't want to spend too much for a watch winder and also demand good quality. 

Benson Compact watch winder 2.18 Dark Brown Leather.2

We heard that Benson watch winders will also renew their Smart-Tech series soon. We cannot wait to have more photos, details and functions. Once we have it, we will inform you at this Blog. 

15 may2018

New website for Orbita watch winders

Orbita watch winders

Orbita watch winders based in Wilmington, USA, recently presented its new website. The new design, logical structure and visuals are a big improvement. Now it's very easy to check out the newest watch winders from Orbita, but you can also search by collection or capacity. The new website navigates very easy and all functions are working as they should. The big visuals give the website a modern and luxury look and feel. 

Orbita did a good job by creating this new website, which will attract a lot of enthusiasts who are interested in high-end watch winders. 

Check out the new Orbita watch winder website Orbita watch winder

2 may2018

Swiss watch winders ensure perfect winding


Watch winders are made all over the world. In China, Germany, Italy, France, USA and Switzerland. The most exclusive brands do come from Switzerland. Good examples are Bernard Favre, RDI and with more reasonable pricing Swiss Kubik. The Bernard Favre watch winders are famous because their special way of winding. The Planet series is beautiful in terms of design and made of the best materials. The Swiss motor inside ensures silent winding of all automatic watches. In the south of Switzerland we find RDI, between the mountains nearby the lake of Lausanne. RDI is a special brand with a focus on high-end materials. Quality is their passion. The result is a great line of Swiss watch winders which are suitable for any automatic watch. Therefore these both watch winder brands are perfect for any watch from IWC, Breitling, Omega, Rolex, Patek etc etc. 

When you want the best for your automatic watch there are enough options to choose from, but a Swiss made watch winder will certainly make you, and your watch, very happy. 

2 may2018

Concept watch winders from Robin Decollogny

Robin Decollogny watch winder

Last year we received an email from Robin Decollogny from Switzerland who wrote us he was making a concept watch winder. He sent us a description of his ideas, design and use of materials. Now his first prototype is ready and it looks stunning. 

Robins background is in watch making with restoration as focus. He continued his education as watch designer and in 2 years he acquired a good knowlegde of marketing, designing and prototyping. He learned that the focus should be on the details, as details often make or brake a watch winder.

Robin was surprised that many watch collectors store and wind their watches in a cheap watch winder with Chinese motor. Why would you wind your Swiss made watch in such a watch winder? It's a good question. Therefore he started prototyping to create an unique and beautiful watch winder suitable for the best automatic watches. A collectors item. 

Robin Decollogny watch winder cup

The inspiration in this sculpture watch winder comes mainly from watchmaking, car mechanics, as well as various sculptors and other science fiction films. Robin find some details inspired by car rims, motorcycle belt, industrial pulley, watchmaking mechanics. The size of this sculpture is made to voluntarily furnish, animate large rooms as well as highlight a part of its collection of watches.

The watch winder is still a prototype but the model that will be put into production will be very similar to perfect finishing. This watch winder will be available for sale from 2019, but only in very limited series because all the sculptures will be made by Robin himself. Like 6-10 maximum/per year. The price will be between 13.000 and 17.000 CHF. 

Other smaller and more accessible watch winder will be presented within a few months. With the same inspirations but with only 3 watches holder. The price of this smaller model will be around 2.000 CHF. 

We are looking forward to see the final result. Our compliment for what you achieved already. It looks very promising and we keep following you Robin. 

Robin Decollogny watch winder belt

12 apr2018

Watch winders at Baselworld 2018

Bernard Favre

Baselworld 2018 was a good moment to visit several watch winder brands which were present during this largest watch fair in the world. We visit this fair every year to meet the people behind the brands and learn more about their innovations, ideas and vision on the world of watch winders. This year we met with the brands Bernard Favre, Heisse & Söhne, RDI, Swiss Kubik and Chronovision. These brands were the most important brands on the fair. 

Bernard Favre did present us his latest ideas and prototypes. The watch winders of Bernard Favre do stand for absolute quality, design and an unique way of winding an automatic watch. The range of Planet watch winders will be extended with new colours and materials. As every year the watch winders of this Swiss brand do attract a lot of attention of the visitors of the fair. It's nice to see that mr. Bernard Favre is a very intelligent person who wants the best for his watch winders and therefore for the consumer. We are happy to see the new models coming available soon.

The Swiss based company RDI is relatively unknown but a great promise for the watch winder business. This company combines Swiss perfection with interesting designs. We met RDI outside the fair in their new head office in the south of Switzerland between the lakes and mountains. A welcome which couldn't be more impressive. We took a look at the production facility and were impressed by the professionalism, beautiful materials and craftmanschip. RDI is a brand like no other. Perfection is the best term to describe and we are sure we will hear much more about this great brand. 

We all know the idea behind Swiss Kubik; Swiss technique in a compact design. The advantage is the great battery lifetime and the possibility to store the watch winder in a safe. You can also take it with you during a travel. Swiss Kubik did present several new styles and colours at Baselworld 2018, which we will see soon in stores and online shops. 

The German watch winder brand Chronovision (also owner of Heisse & Söhne) had a great looking booth with many of their bigger watch winders, which are not just a watch winder but an unique piece of art. The Chronovision watch winders are also compact and have a 2-3 year battery lifetime which is perfect. They wind any automatic watch regardless brand or type. This year we can expect more and more new Chronovision watch winders which will be perfect looking and a pleasure for your eyes. 

Baselworld 2018 was a success for all watch winder brands. We love to see you again next year. 

1 apr2018

The beautiful watch winders of Bernard Favre

Switzerland is the country specialized in producing high end watches. Therefore it's quite logical that also high end watch winder brands produce their luxury accessory to wind automatic watches in this beautiful country. A few brands are worldwide famous like Swiss Kubik, RDI and Bernard Favre. This last brand offers probably the most exciting way of winding a watch. The first time we saw the Bernard Favre Planet watch winders we were amazed. This Swiss brand manages to combine absolute top quality with a very original method of winding. It's not only a watch winder, it's a piece of art. You can look hours to the beautiful motion, which is also functional as it supplies energy to your watch. With different programs in terms of rotation direction and TPD (turns per day) each Bernard Favre Planet watch winder is suitable to wind any watch, regardless brand or model. 

Bernard Favre Planet watch winders

Soon we will visit Baselworld and check all novelties of Bernard Favre and discuss the bright future that his watch winder brand has. We are looking forward to it and keep you posted. 

Bernard Favre Planet watch winders are available worldwide. Check the official brand homepage or visit 

10 mar2018

Orbita watch winders - still going strong

In the US there are some watch winder brands from which Orbita is the most known and probably the best in terms of quality. Watch adepts all know the Orbita watch winders are reliable devices to wind an automatic watch. The advantage of this brand is that it offers a watch winder in different price ranges. You can buy a very expensive Orbita watch winder but also a version for 400-500 USD. Especially the Rotorwind versions are very popular in the US. These watch winders have a clean design, strong motors and very good functionality. The price/quality ratio is very good and therefore a good choice. 

Orbita Sparta 2 watch winder

In Europe Orbita is less known, but some specialist watch winder shops offer a complete collection. One of our favorite models is the Sparta 2. This model is not fancy looking but does focus on the most important aspect: winding your watch. 

When you have more money to spend Orbita offers many beautiful watch winders completely made out of wood, with a luxury interior and great looking design. A reason why many watch lovers have an Orbita watch winder at home. 

9 mar2018

Special watch winder edition from Benson

Black Series Limited Edition

In the middle price segment there are several watch winder brands which offer the most value for money. One of these brands is Benson from The Netherlands. This Dutch brand combines beautiful designs with solid technique and great functionality. The Benson Black Series watch winders are nowadays available worldwide via more than 200 jewellers. Since the launch of the Black Series in 2016 it has been a big success. A few weeks ago the new limited edition models were presented. These watch winders come in a special red or brown paint with leather finish and are available in three sizes: for 2, 4 and 6 watches. 

A watch winder is not only ment for winding automatic watches, it's also a piece of furniture or art as some believe. It's nice to look at your collection of watches, in a watch winder which keeps them running. Thereby it keeps the watches safe against dust, moisture and kids. 

Benson Black Series Limited Edition

Benson Watchwinders offers a complete line of watch winders and watch cases. Now are also the new limited edition watch winders available. If you like to wind your watches in a luxury way, these Dutch watch winders are really worth considering. 

16 jan2018

New Luwima watch winders

Some brands make a real effort to wind automatic watches. One of these brands is Luwima from Germany. This watch winder brand is specialized in creating unique objects which wind watches in a very special way.Luwima Pi6 watch winder

As the Luwima watch winders are 100% hand made and the best materials are used they combine luxury with durability. Their motto "form follows function" is reflected in the design and details. Each watch winder can be individually configurated. The Luwima Pi6 watch winders are not only beautiful but also very practical and real eye catchers. Of course it comes with a price. The collection starts with prices around 3900 euro. 

Luwima Pi6 watch winder close-up

If you consider to buy an unique watch winder, which is made by hand in Germany, you really should take a look at Luwima watch winders. Their newest collection is now also available at

Luwima Pi6 watch winder box

8 nov2017

The beautiful RDI Horizon watch winders

Horizon, the featherweight of RDI-Charles Kaeser watch winder range, fully draped in black leather.

First price of RDI-Charles Kaeser luxury winding line, Horizon combines aesthetics, elegance and design. Entirely draped in black leather, glass door, on battery or on mains, 2 bracelets support (M and L), this winding has a unique program displaying 1000 revolutions in 24 hours, with a left right rotation. Fully hand-crafted, it has the quietest engine on the market.

RDI Horizon red watch winder

As it does not take a lot of space, it finds its place in your safe or cabinet without any problem. Because of its light weight, it is the ideal companion for people looking for a watch winder, to take everywhere and every time. Thanks to its small size, and its batterie power, its slips perfectly into a travel bag and finds its place even in the smallest spaces. Thus, there is little space left in your safe or cabinet but you want to put your watch: Horizon is there, waiting for you, with its weight less than 1 kg. Chic and sober, it’s also goes very well in your office. Where ever you are, where ever you want to go: The RDI Horizon watch winder can be with you.

Actually, RDI-Charles Kaeser offers you 3 variants with its small rings of different colors depending on the model of your choice: Black, Red and Silver. You want to customize your Horizon, choose your own color of rings, and you will have your Horizon with your personal touch.

10 sep2017

Buben & Zörweg wins industry award!

German brands are known worldwide for many attributes, among them image, quality, craftsmanship, precision, innovation and, last but not least, overall excellence. Reason enough to submit them to the scrutiny of experts to find out which are the best in their fields of expertise.The prestigious "German Brand Award", a competition organised by the German Brand Institute, is just such an entity, capable of selecting the very best among the elite of global German brands. And it takes at least 9 jury members, each one of them an expert when it comes to Trademark Industry and Trademark Science, to decide which brand qualifies for this prestigious award.

Buben & Zörweg price winning brand

In the Luxury category the decision seems to have been unanimous.
Buben & Zörweg just won the top award for Industry Excellence in Branding, a prize that underlines once more the relevance and the quality reflected by every masterpiece produced by the house founded in 1995 by Christian Zorweg and Harald Buben, and one that adds up to a series of prizes won in the recent past by the company. But that is not all...Another prestigious German institution, the German Design Council, is one of the world’s leading competence centres for communication and brand management in the field of design. Its exclusive network of foundation members includes the owners and brand directors of numerous renowned companies in addition to designers and design associations. Known as the German Design Award, its prizes are only awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the prestigious German and international design landscape. With the remarkable Galaxy Safe, BUBEN&ZORWEG has just been elected as a nominee for the 2018 Edition in the category "Excellent Product Design - Luxury Goods". And as the jury this time consisted of no less than 45 expert members, the nomination for this category can already be considered an exceptional achievement.

19 jul2017

What makes or brakes a watch winder?

Paul Design Gentleman 4When you're interested in buying a watch winder it's handy to have a guideline to make the best decision. There are so many brands and types of watch winders available. In our opinion the best watch winder is that unit that does meet your expectations and winds any automatic watch. Of course there are budget brands and more high end brands. Price is an important factor as well. 

A good watch winder offers quality, functionality and durability. Japanese, German or Swiss made motors are very important. Don't choose Chinese motors. Thereby the gearbox is very important as well. Some brands offer Japanese or even German motors in combination with a cheap gearbox which results in defects and a lot of noise. Also functionality is very important, as we think a modern watch winder should wind any automatic watch and therefore can rotate in both directions and offers selectable turns per day (TPD). Budget brands such as Modalo, Aevitas and Barrington mostly offer a reasonable price (Barrington and Aevitas are priced quite high though) but the watch winders are for the short term....the quality and finish is not as good as brands we mention later on in this article. 

When we have to buy a new watch winder, not budget but also not high-end, then we would choose a brand like Swiss Kubik, Rapport, Wolf, Benson Watchwinders, Heisse & Söhne, Chronovision or Paul Design. These brands do offer different models in different styles, and also prices vary, but in the end these brands are seriously in producing watch winders and offer quality and durability.

12 jul2017

The Black Series watch winders from Benson

Early 2016 the Dutch watch winder brand Benson introduced its Black Series. An unique series of watch winders that combines a very high level of quality with perfect functionality to wind any automatic watch. With more than 200 official dealers worldwide the brand is very successful. This year Benson introduced its newest watch case and watch winder tower collections. At this blog we focus on watch winders but we have to say that the Benson Black Series watch cases are very attractive! They have a modern look and are made of beautiful materials as metal, wood and a special velvet.

Benson Black Series watch winder tower

Of course we are even more interested in the watch winder towers. We tested one unit in our office and we can say that we haven't seen another brand producing the same quality in this price range. Thereby the functionality, each rotor can be set individually, makes sure any automatic watch regardless brand or model gets enough energy. 

Last week we spoke with Benson Watchwinders and they told us that at the end of this year a special limited edition watch winder series will be presented. We are very curious and will write more about this new series soon at this blog. 

Please visit the official Benson Watchwinders website to find a dealerlist. Online you can buy this brand at

3 jul2017

The great Paul Design watch winders

In the field of watch winders there are some brands that are really interesting because of the big steps they made in the last 5 years. Brands as Benson, Bernard Favre and Paul Design are good examples. Paul Design from Hong Kong is a brand we follow of a couple of years. We have met the owner, Paul Chen, of the brand at Baselworld last march. We see great passion and the will to create something special for watch adepts. 

Paul Design watch winder cabinet

Recently Paul Design introduced their new Illusion watch winder series. It's a beautiful and affordable series of watch winders which combines great looks with good functionality. The design is modern and the usage of materials with specific colours is very interesting. The Paul Design watch winders offer all functionalities you need to wind any automatic watch. 

One of our favorite models is the big cabinet, including watch winders, storage drawers and a safe. Competitor brands offer this kind of cabinets for 25.000 USD +, but this Paul Design cabinet does cost +- 17.000 USD. It's a big difference! 

There are several online stores where you can buy a Paul Design watch winders, such as BensonTrade and

We do look forward to new Paul Design watch winders and innovations, and keep you posted about them on this blog. 

31 may2017

Unique watch winders from Kunstwinder

Kunstwinder Ferris Wheel

Most watch winders do look the same and offer the same method of winding one or more automatic watches. There are only a few watch winder brands that distinguish itself from other brands. One of these brands is Kunstwinder. This brand located in the US produces high end watch winders which wind any automatic watch in a very special way. It's better to speak about pieces of art than about a watch winder. 

Kunstwinder did become popular with models such as the Oil Baron and Ferris Wheel. Winding your watches in one of these watch winders is a joy for your eyes. The materials and craftmanship are both of a very high level, which makes a Kunstwinder watch winder unique and suitable for many years of use. 

Of course this luxury comes with a price, but when you want an unique watch winder to wind your automatic watches a Kunstwinder is what you need. 

29 may2017

RDI Memoire watch winder

In this blog article we write about "Mémoire", the watch winder from RDI-Charles Kaeser 

RDI watch winder Memoire

Set off on a journey into the furthest reaches of time, and contemplate the memory of our beautiful planet in the fossilized wood that composes each side of this winder. Imagine a story that began 225 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed and the land was covered in dense primal forest. After two cataclysms, a mixture of water, ashes and other sediments has penetrated this tree well preserved. Function of the porosity, these minerals penetrated the trees at depth, using the wood fibers leading the sap.

Speaking from the tree, the trunk or the path taken by the tree: everything is unique. Taking account of this, we find the origin of the colors so different, even from one tree to another, speaking from the same species. To give only some examples: red, orange, yellow, are the witnesses of the presence of iron; black of carbon; blue, purple, of manganese. A very rich outfit of colors, so well expressed in the winder: Mémoire.

The deposits of fossilized wood are rare and very often protected as natural fossil heritage of the country where it is. The rare countries which authorize the extraction and the marketing of the fossilized wood make it in a statutory way. The petrified wood is rare, its extraction is difficult, and all step of the extraction is asking for the highest protection of the tree. We appreciate the technological achievement with this thinly meticulous polished layers of the tree we find in Mémoire. Every watch winder is unique and is a magnificence work of art. Mémoire, the real guard-time which makes you go back in time with this very rich pallet of colors.

We have heard that RDI-Charles Kaeser reserves us some surprises during the year. 

8 may2017

Aevitas watch winders | Doubtful quality

Some time ago we wrote about Aevitas watch winders. We received some questions and remarks from readers of our blog about this brand. One of the questions was about the quality of these watch winders. The answer is simple, the quality is not what you may expect at this price level. The funny thing is that this brand is only sold by a few online shops, all from the same owner. This owner is probably also the owner of Aevitas watch winders. It seems there is no other strategy then to sell over priced watch winders through their own sales channels. 

In our opinion Aevitas is not a real watch winder brand such as Swiss Kubik, Chronovision, Rapport, Buben & Zörweg etc etc. If you really love your automatic watches we don't advise you to buy a Aevitas watch winder. In that price range you can buy several brand which do a lot better, such as Wolf, Rapport, Swiss Kubik, Benson, Paul Design and several more. 

We keep you posted about Aevitas watch winders. 

4 may2017

Buben & Zörweg Baselworld 2017

2017 was the 100th anniversary of the most important show and premium event for the world's watch and jewellery industry. On this important, once in a lifetime anniversary year, Baselworld reaffirmed once more its status as a global trendsetting show where the crème de la crème of global brands like Buben & Zörweg exhibit their new watch winder collections and signal the start of a new trendsetting year.

During this 8-day exhibition the Buben & Zörweg booth remained the focal point of buyers who were again eager to discover in which new and creative ways the German brand was able to materialize passion, precision and perfection. By permanently showcasing innovation through their newest watch winders, Buben & Zörweg masterpieces are increasingly setting the pace of the industry as far as safety, exquisite design and perfect execution is concerned.

Buben & Zörweg watch winder safe

Many serious watch collectors visiting the Buben & Zörweg booth every year, have come to expect the unexpected, and this year it was the new Solitaire Vision that gathered their full attention. Protected by bullet-proof spy glass that allows an insight as soon as the sophisticated led lighting system is activated, the additional integration of 46 Time Movers, a fine timepiece with world time indication and tourbillon escapement, a SI-60 safe, a humidor, a bar module and an integrated hi-fi system contributed to the overall success of this masterpiece among visitors.

During 8 full days, Baselworld was unquestionably the place to experience first-hand the launch of trendsetting innovations and masterpieces. The passion behind the innovative spirit that distinguishes every Buben & Zörweg creation has thus been reaffirmed and will undoubtedly drive the German luxury brand forward with renewed vitality.

26 apr2017

Baselworld 2017 - watch winder brands

Bernard FavreTwo weeks ago we spent several days on Baselworld, the biggest watch fair of the world. And of course several watch winder brands did exhibit and welcomed us for a conversation and presentation of their new watch winders. Thereby we did visit some smaller brands and looked around to see what's new. 

We are happy to see that Buben & Zörweg introduced a few new watch winders and also introduced some new models with a lower retail price. As there is more competition and not all consumers have the money to buy the real expensive watch winders it's a good step from Buben & Zörweg. 

Bernard Favre from Switzerland did suprise us with several new models. Next to the famous Planet watch winders they now present bigger cabinets and a new compact single watch winder. All made of the finest materials and with a perfect finish. 

ChronovisionIn Hall 2.0 we found Chronovision. This German brand did introduce 2 years ago the Chronovision One single watch winder which is available in many different styles and materials. Now Chronovision presents bigger cabinets to wind multiple automatic watches. They even sold a big cabinet to Christiano Ronaldo, the Real Madrid soccer player. 

The Wolf design watch winders were not really different than other years. Their focus is on leather material and different colours. We didn't see many innovations regarding technique or design. Wolf lost distributors and dealers in Europe, and we hope Baselworld was a success for them, so we can see Wolf more on the European market as well. 

RapportWe experienced the same with Rapport watch winder from the UK. The collection isn't different from the last years we visited the Rapport booth. They have a beautiful big booth on a nice spot, but the collections didn't surprise us. Nevertheless Rapport is doing a good job in offering quite classical watch winders to the consumer who prefers a more classic style. 

5 apr2017

Interview with Valentin Balter, CEO of Kunstwinder

Kunstwinder from the USA produces very special watch winders. Their feeling for art and technique is incredible and now we have the chance to learn more about the man behind Kunstwinder, Valentin Balter. 

Could you please introduce yourself and function at Kunstwinder watch winders? 

I’m Valentin Balter, the founder and president of Kunstwinder. I have a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and over 30 years of experience working for leading Silicon Valley companies in the fields of disk drive, semiconductor equipment, biotechnology and medicine, high-precision positioning systems, and robotics.

Valentin Balter KunstwinderHow would you describe the Kunstwinder company?

At Kunstwinder, we combine artistry and functionality to create exceptional watch winders worthy of displaying your most valued timepieces. We don’t compromise function for art, or vice versa, as our methods work together in harmony to produce aesthetically and mechanically exquisite winders. We incorporate references to art, history, mythology, and technology into our designs, making each watch winder a true conversation piece.

How would you describe the Kunstwinder watch winders?

Our style prioritizes craftsmanship and attention to detail. We use top quality materials, such as natural stone like Brazilian Onyx and Sardonyx, in conjunction with state of the art techniques to produce our winders. A new color anodizing process called Anographics, which involves high-resolution printing on an anodized aluminum base, allows for customization of the watch winders; any graphic, photograph, or piece of art can be used. In fact, one of our recent collections features an art piece by Hieronymus Bosch in honor of the 500-year anniversary of his birth. Our emphasis on quality and professional workmanship means that we have a limited series of production and one of a kind pieces, perfect for watch aficionados who want a unique winder to showcase and maintain their own curated collections.

Kunstwinder watch winderCan you tell us more about the production process?

Kunstwinder is located in Silicon Valley, California, the epicenter of innovation, creativity, and superior production. All of the manufacturing and assembly is performed at the Kunstwinder machine shop, where parts are machined on high-precision CNC mills out of Aluminum and stainless steel. Onyx inserts are also machined in house. Swiss gear motors ensure that our watch winders operate noiselessly and reliably, which completes the refined effect that is a hallmark of all Kunstwinder designs.

What are the main markets for Kunstwinder? And can you tell us more about the business structure; do you have distributors, dealers or do you sell directly to consumers?

Due to the level of workmanship and detail that we devote to each watch winder, our market is comprised primarily of aficionados and experts that seek superior quality and artistry. We do have some distributors, such as Stephen Silver,,, and We also sell directly to customers through our website.

Kunstwinder watch windersWith internet upcoming, do you consider to sell online by strong internet dealers?

Yes, we’d like to make our Kunstwinder watch winders more widely available for purchase through strong, and most importantly reputable, Internet dealers.  

In which way will Kunstwinder develop the coming years? What will be the focus?

In the years to come, we will continue to push the creative envelope by exploring the use of new materials and finishes, and we also plan to focus on further customizing our watch winders to cater to niche and demanding markets.

If you would compare Kunstwinder with another brand, which brand is this and why?

I’d compare Kunstwinder to the Döttling brand of watch winders, due to our shared innovative spirit and precision mechanical work.

What new projects can we expect soon?

I’ve always been fascinated by windmills -- the old ones, as well as the new, power-generating ones – so that might be part of a future design or collection.

Kunstwinder USAWhy should we buy a Kunstwinder watch winder? 

We are unique for our combination of imagination and craftsmanship; Kunstwinder is the only brand of watch winder that will beautifully showcase your most precious timepieces while also maintaining them at their optimal levels of functioning. We produce top-quality watch winders to suit every taste and collection, from simple and sophisticated designs to more impactful statement pieces, all of which operate with the seamless mechanical precision that is the mark of a Kunstwinder piece.  

20 mar2017 - online shop for watch winders - new shop

The company behind the largest online shop for watch winders, owner of shops as,, and (both last not live yet) now also presents a new shop for the UK market; (and 

In the most important European markets (Germany, UK, France, Netherlands and Belgium) the company does have online shops now and the future perspectives are looking great. The market for automatic watches is quite big and therefore it's interesting to see the expansion of an online shop with eye for beautiful brands, good collections and formidable service. As official dealer of more than 12 watch winder brands and with more than 2500 watch winders in stock this company is the biggest player on the watch winder market, worldwide. 

The advantage of buying online is that you can choose between many brands and compare individual watch winders. Thereby the prices are interesting. All of these shops do ship worldwide from their warehouse in the Netherlands. Of course you can pay by creditcard, Paypal or wire transfer. 

In the new shop you can find brands as Swiss Kubik, Bernard Favre, Rapport, Wolf, Benson watchwinders, RDI and many more. Curious? Visit their website and check it out.

17 mar2017

Buben & Zörweg present at Baselworld

Buben & Zörweg HagmannLike every year Buben & Zörweg will be present at Baselworld, Switzerland, with their beautiful booth containing the most luxury watch winders available. Baselworld is worlds most important fair related to watches and watch winders. The most important brands are present. We will visit the Buben & Zörweg booth and receive a presentation about all new products and innovations of this great brand. We are looking forward to it:)

The head of design at Buben & Zörweg has been honoured by China’s leading online watch retailer Wbiao, with the Design Art Lifetime Achievement Award. Since its establishment in 2011, Wbiao has sold over 400,000 watches and is now one of China’s most influential authorities in the global watch industry.

Design visionary Eberhard Hagmann, already the recipient of over 40 national and international design awards, has carved out a career in the German watch industry spanning over three decades. At Buben & Zörweg, Hagmann has been responsible for the design of numerous innovations resulting in Buben & Zörweg safes, time-pieces and private museums, which are the pinnacle of form, function and high security. The finest woods, exotic leathers and metals, available in a staggering one million colours, are sourced worldwide to produce Buben & Zörweg masterpieces for royalty, heads of state and stars of sport and screen.

Buben & Zörweg's creations are impeccably engineered to house personal and national treasures, ranging from rare watches to antiquities, guns and gold bars. The company’s safes and bullet proof objects also serve as elaborate display cases, incorporating additional functions, from watch winders, to a humidor, bar, weather station or sound system.

You name it, and Buben & Zörweg can create it. That's what makes this watch winder brand so popular and special. See you in Basel!

6 mar2017

The new Benson Black Series Tower watch winder

 Early 2016 Benson launched its Black Series watch winders and soon these watch winders became incredibely popular. With distributors in the USA, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Belgium and Israel this brand is growing fast. As mentioned at this blog before Benson was working on a new product, the Black Series Tower.

The Benson Black Series Tower will be available at the end of March (directly after Baselworld) and has some very interesting specs. First of all it's very nice to see a different type of watch winder than then regular models available on the market. A tower is not only a watch winder, but also a nice piece of furniture inside a living room, office or bedroom.

The tower watch winder has the same technical  system as the regular Black Series; a touchscreen, adjustable TPD, led light, power winding and individual rotor selection. The advantage of the tower is the design and extra storage for other watches or jewellery. Both compartments can be locked by a key and through the glass you can see the watches rotating. 

Black Series 6 Tower openDetails are very important and therefore Benson developed the hinges and metal feet so that they can be adjusted. Safety is important as well, and therefore the both compartments can be fixed to each other (with two big screws) and as a whole to a wall (with one big screw).

The Benson Black Series Towers are available for 6, 8 and 12 watches, in colors as black, carbon fibre, macassar and white. We like especially the white version, because it has a great contrast with the black interior. All towers are handmade and have 12 layers of paint and therefore are very special.

Now you think this will cost a lot....yes indeed, a tower watch winder is not cheap...but the Benson Black Series Tower watch winder is a lot cheaper than all competition. You can buy a tower watch winder for 6 watches from Benson for 1349,00 euro (21% VAT incl.) = 1114 euro (VAT free) = 1169 USD. And that's the best thing of all; Benson made a tower watch winder affordable for every watch lover!

These watch winders are already available at

Black Series Tower inside

21 feb2017

Kunstwinder watch winders from the USA

We are proud to welcome Kunstwinder as our new partner at Watchwinder Blog. This beautiful and very special brand from the USA did catch our eye some time ago. We love watchwinders which are original, and Kunstwinder certainly is. 

About Valentin Balter, founder of Kunstwinder

An engineer in Silicon Valley, Valentin Balter’s 30 plus years of professional experience with intricate machinery naturally grew to encompass the world of mechanical watches. As his collection expanded, it soon became impossible to wear each watch for the amount of time it deserved. He tried to find an automatic watch winder that would keep his automatic watches in proper working order and also provide a visually appealing display option for his collection. However, he was disappointed by the options available: most were unimaginative, mere functional wooden or metal boxes meant to hide the timepieces rather than properly showcase their artistry.

Realizing there was a niche in the market for a watch winder that would be appreciated by collectors such as himself, he started work on the initial design in 2007. After years of work, the Oil Baron was finally perfected and ready to be released to collectors. But what to call the newly created company? Valentin’s daughter was studying German at the time and so, after much deliberation, the name Kunstwinder—literally, “the Art of Winding”—was born.

Inspired to continue playfully reinterpreting existing mechanical apparatuses, Valentin soon added the Ferris Wheel and Chronos to the Kunstwinder product line. More than 150 units have been sold worldwide and several new prototypes are currently in various stages of development. Each new model is conceived and designed in accordance with the Kunstwinder mission: to combine superior functionality with imagination and artistry in a watch winder worthy of displaying your most valued timepieces.

About Kunstwinder

Kunstwinder is a family-owned, California-based watch winder manufacturer. They are in business since 2009, and they sold more than 150 watch winders since then. Their philosophy is that a watch winder can be a piece of art on is own and not just a mere functional box. The models are patented and limited editions of at most 300 pieces, you know when you are buying one of our watch winders you are acquiring something truly unique. 

4 feb2017

Bernard Favre watchwinders at Baselword Switzerland

The Swiss made watchwinders from Bernard Favre, a Swiss brand, are exceptional. The watchwinders combine quality with design and high-end materials. The original method of winding an automatic watch attracts a lot of watch adepts. With several programs the Bernard Favre Planet watchwinder can wind any automatic watch.

We tested two Planet watchwinders some time ago and they are still running perfectly without any sound.

Soon Bernard Favre will present some new innovations. These innovations and new models will be presented at Baselworld, Switzerland. Baselworld is the biggest watch fair worldwide. We are happy to meet Bernard Favre at Baselworld in march and certainly write about all interesting news related to this brand.

26 jan2017

Döttling Quick n Safe

You know the feeling: you come home and just want to securely store your money, valuable watch, car key, or the jewelry you are wearing in a simple way. A typical case for the latest product of the luxury safe manufactory Döttling based in Sindelfingen – the Quick ’n’ Safe. It is extremely compact and particularly easy to use. But even if the Quick ’n’ Safe does credit to its name, the Swabian safe specialists have not shied away from spending time on its development. This also applies to the manufacturing. This makes the new addition to the lineup a real Döttling in terms of quality and design – through and through.

Fast and secure – this also applies to our new Quick ’n’ Safe when it comes to installation in the existing decor: thanks to its compact size, it can be easily integrated into cabinets, chests, desks, or other pieces of furniture.

The body of the Quick ’n’ Safe is covered in the finest calfskin. As for the doors, calfskin has also been used – here it is quilted – with up to 57 different colors available for the leather and seams. Either harmoniously color-coordinated combinations or exciting contrast variations can be realized. The electronic locking system is centrally positioned on the surface of the door and can be locked and opened in next to no time using a four-digit code. High-quality alcantara has been used inside the Quick ’n’ Safe. There is enough room here for up to six watch winders. Alternatively, weapons can also be safely stored. Upon request, they can also integrate a USB port for charging cell phones or laptops.

The new Quick ’n’ Safe is available at a starting price of EUR 5,000 (net). 

12 dec2016

The new Benson Black Series Tower watchwinder

When Benson launched its Black Series watchwinders early 2016 we were positively surprised by the looks and quality. In fact we did test two Black Series watchwinders and they are still at our desks in our office. The design and functionality are of a high level, which are the reasons we kept them for everyday use. 

Within one year Benson realized a dealer network of more than 150 jewellers worldwide. The distribution in the USA just started and the forecasts are looking good. 

The Benson Black Series collection will be extended with a collection of watch cases for 8, 12 and 16 watches. The exterior colours will be black, carbon fiber, white and macassar. We have seen already some sketches and must say we are looking forward to see them when they become available. Benson expects these watch cases to be ready around february 2017. Soon we will post some pictures. 

As we are a Blog about watchwinders, we are even more curious about the new Benson Black Series Tower watchwinders of the Dutch brand. We already received some information which we are happy to share with you. The new tower watchwinders are based on the current Black Series watchwinder models. They will have the same control panel, LED light and functionality. Thereby they will be available in black, carbon fibre, white and macassar exterior. 

The new Benson Black Series Tower watchwinders do differ from the current Black Series collection as they have a different design/structure; it's a tower. They are bigger and offer a complete compartment to store other things as jewellery, other watches or whatever you like to store inside. 

Retail prices are not known yet, but we can expect very competitive prices from Benson. All watchwinders are supplied with manual and certificate. Benson expects them to be available around february 2017. 

17 nov2016

Customisable safes for passionate watch collectors

 From rare woods and leather to inbuilt sound systems, Buben & Zörweg handcrafted safes are as unique as the collectible treasures they protect and display. Buben & Zörweg, creators of multifunctional luxury safes, watchwinders and clocks for the world’s most passionate watch collectors, now presents their Bespoke Line; an innovative service which reduces the waiting time for customisable safes.

Luxury is in the details. With the Bespoke Line a choice of designs, materials and colours allows collectors to express their personality in the most indulgent of ways. Each Buben & Zörweg bespoke masterpiece can be personalised with a range of 10 distinct shades of fine Italian nappa leather and 10 individual high gloss lacquer finishes. Colours range from arctic white, to diabolo red, havanna brown, graphite and emerald green.

The Buben & Zörweg Bespoke Line enables collectors to create a masterpiece that is unique to them, receiving it in an expedited time frame. At only 12 weeks from order to creation, customers are able to individualise their safe in a stress-free manner and receive it far faster than Buben & Zörweg entirely made-to-order commissions.

Buben & Zörweg offers the Bespoke Line service across 10 of its handcrafted safe collections. and they also offers an installation service, flying specially trained technicians anywhere in the world to install its masterpieces.

Founder Harald Buben said: “Bespoke Line is the only service of its kind in our industry. Each customised masterpiece allows the owner to personally participate in the creation. One customer wanted his safe’s leather and stitching to match his newly ordered Bentley convertible. The safe now stands proudly in his bedroom beneath a photo of him with his two sons in front of his new car. With four in 10 orders at Buben & Zörweg comprising bespoke requests, Bespoke Line makes it easier for passionate collectors to create something unique to them.” 

17 nov2016

New Bernard Favre Planet leather watchwinders

The Swiss watchwinder brand Bernard Favre is one of the most interesting brands available. They produce high end watchwinders which wind every automatic watch in a very special way. When Bernard Favre presented their Planet series we were very enthusiastic.

Bernard Favre Planet leather watchwinders

Now the brand presents new watchwinders based on the Planet series with a genuine leather base finish. The finest leather is used which results in a beautiful combination of materials. These high end materials and production in Switzerland by skilled engineers ensure absolute quality. 

The battery (built-in) life is +- 120 days. The watchwinder has 9 programs which makes the watchwinder suitable to wind any automatic watch. The glass bell protects the watchwinder and watch against external influences. Each Bernard Favre watchwinder comes with an adapter and travel case. 

For the real watch adepts, a Bernard Favre Planet watchwinder is a "must have". 

8 nov2016

Quality and style; Paul Design watchwinders

Christmas is coming and we all worry about what presents to give to our partner, family and friends. You want to buy something nice, long lasting and special. You can buy a watch, but buying a watch for someone else is quite personal. Thereby most watch collectors prefer to choose their own watch, then they are sure it's completely according their wishes. A better idea is to buy a watchwinder. A watchwinder is an accessory that's very handy and stylish. 

Paul Design watchwinders

We all know the most famous brands as B&Z, Stockinger, Döttling etc etc. But for people with an average budget a Paul Design watchwinder would be a great choice. These watchwinders have the style and looks of a very expensive watchwinder, but in fact the retail prices are very reasonable. You can buy a single or double Paul Design watchwinder for 300-450 euro. The bigger versions for six to eight watches are available for 800-1500 euro. The very special A12 suitable for twelve watches, with mirror glass and card lock system is available for 1999 euro. 

We like the Paul Design watchwinders because they have an own style, use very good materials and have a finish of a high level. We see many watchwinder brands which just copy other brands. Therefore we have much respect for those small, and maybe less famous, brands which follow their own heart and create beautiful watchwinders. The Paul Design watchwinders are suitable to wind any automatic watch and are available a worlds largest online watchwinder shops. 

If you're looking for a great gift for a real watch adept the collection of Paul Design watchwinders is certainly worth your attention. 

30 oct2016

RDI presents the new K10-7 watchwinder

 The Swiss watchwinder brand RDI produces high-end watchwinders which are not only beautiful but also very functional. The brand does invest a lot of time and effort in quality, innovation and design. The result is a nice line of watchwinders which does meet the highest standards.

As sponsor of the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève 2015, RDI brand Charles Kaeser entered the circle of recognized brands watchwinders. In 2017 RDI will build a new head office which will be an architectural oasis for his watchwinders. We are looking forward to visit RDI when it’s ready.

Very interesting is the new RDI K10-7 watchwinder with soft black columns, side faces of carbon fiber and leather-clad front.This new model is only available with glass door. The design is very modern and appealing. The materials are beautiful and the finish is of a very high level. The new K10-7 RDI-Charles Kaeser: your high-tech watchwinder with all immaculate finishing from the carbon fiber.

You have a wonderfull automatic watch, you are looking for a watchwinder which fit exactly to your watch: the new RDI K10-7 will be the best of your choice.

7 oct2016

Renovated Buben & Zörweg boutique in Singapore

On the 15th of September 2016, Christian Zorweg, Jimmie Tay (managing director of B&Z Singapore) and Chris Chong (CEO of ION Orchard) cut the ribbon of the new boutique right after the traditional Lion dance performance.

The city is known for its discerning community of high-end watch lovers and collectors, a demanding group of connoisseurs that is only satisfied with the best watchwinders, and for which Buben & Zörweg decided to renovate its boutique at the famous ION shopping center located precisely on the greatest and most luxurious street in all of Asia: Orchard Road. 

With a new open concept that better showcases the range of Buben & Zörweg masterpieces, the renovated boutique justifies its status as one of the most important addresses for the brand in all the world. The new boutique is now an unavoidable destination among lovers of fine timepieces and also for those who want to discover the wonders and delights of the Lion City.

When you go to Singapore take some time to visit the new Buben & Zörweg boutique to see the latest masterpieces of this great Austrian watchwinder brand. 

28 sep2016

The Benson Black Series single watchwinder

In August we wrote about the new Benson Black Series single watchwinder. This new watchwinder looks very promising and yesterday we were informed that this model will be launched mid November. 

The new Benson Black Series single watchwinder will be available in black, white, carbon fiber and macassar. When we look at the specs it offers a built-in battery, LED light, touchscreen, adjustable rotation direction and TPD (turns per day). Therefore this watchwinder is suitable for any automatic watch, regardless brand or type. 

Interesting is that Benson offers 4 colour versions, which is great for consumers as they can choose the exact colour they prefer. The built-in battery will function for +- 30 days and can be charged by the adapter (included). 

The official retail price is 299,00 euro (incl. 21% VAT). Each watchwinder is supplied with 2 years of warranty, certificate, adapter and manual. 

Our experience with the current Black Series watchwinders (watchwinders for 2, 4, 6 and 8 watches) is great. We were positively surprised about the quality, functions and very reasonable price. We expect this new Benson Black Series single watchwinder will be very popular as well.

You can pre-order this watchwinder already at and 

21 sep2016

Change of command at Stockinger bespoke safes

One of the leading brands in terms of watchwinders and watchwinder safes is Stockinger from Germany. With a focus on security, craftmanship and luxury Stockinger belongs to the best brands worldwide. Recently Stockinger launched their new website which is more modern and user friendly.

This is the result of a change of command in the company. The new owners did decide to change several things; new website and also they let go some personnel. We are curious which effects these changes will have, as Stockinger was losing ground in terms of sales. Simply said, the competition was too fierce for this German brand, which made changes inevitable. 

Hopefully we can expect some new masterpieces from Stockinger. It seems like they focus more and more on individual projects. This results in less standard models available for regular consumers. That's a pity, as we think Stockinger can be very popular when they launch a line of watchwinders for a reasonable price.

We are curious about the new steps Stockinger will take, as a result of the change of command.

16 sep2016

Presented; the new Kairos watchwinder safe

Casoro Jewelry Safes introduces their new line of ultra-modern luxury safes. The Kairos Collection incorporates cutting edge security with high tech materials such as watchwinders, carbon fiber and brushed aluminum. Kairos bespoke safes are a fusion of elegance and security to protect hard earned valuables.

Carbon fiber and brushed aluminum contrast with beautiful polished handles and accents in the customer’s choice of finish. With commercial grade security and fire options, Kairos is a secure display piece with watch winders, LED downlights and soft close drawers with custom interiors.

From watch aficionados to gun enthusiasts, they hand craft every safe with optional built-in watchwinders to our customer’s needs in their Southern California facility.

Features and Pricing

100% made in the USA
Up to 3 ¼” steel and composite laminate walls for resistance to attacks and fire
protection up to 1850 °F for 2 hours with commercial and residential grade ratings
Exotic materials with custom finishes and colors
Electronic push button or biometric fingerprint lock
Customizable configurations
Orbita watch winders
Worldwide white glove delivery and installation

Starting just under $8K USD with configurations $20,000+ - 12 week lead time.

25 aug2016

Kunstwinder watchwinder masterpieces

Recently Kunstwinder from the USA contacted us. Soon we received more information and photos about this interesting brand. The watchwinders do have a very specific design and look, and are certainly different than the ordinary watchwinder. The retail prices are between 4,600 and 4,800 USD. What do you get for this price? The answer is simple; a beautiful watchwinder with Swiss made motor  and very original design. Thereby it winds any automatic watch in a very special way, which always attracts the eyes of your family and friends. 

 Kunstwinder is a family-owned company that strives to deliver the ultimate line of watchwinders to showcase the most treasured timepieces. The idea for the company emerged when Valentin Balter (photo), a mechanical engineer by trade, began his search for a personal watchwinder. Disappointed by the merely functional, unimaginative boxes available to house his mechanical watches, Valentin started initial designs and prototypes of his own watchwinder.

Each of the Kunstwinder watchwinders is designed in accordance with the Kunstwinder mission statement: construct a functional, high quality watchwinder, replicate a known mechanical apparatus, and create an attractive display for valuable timepieces. Put quite simply, Kunstwinder combines the beauty of precision mechanics with the whimsical charm of a collectable masterpiece. 

19 aug2016

The importance of a good watch holder

We all know the following problem, you have a nice looking watchwinder but your watches don't fit that great on the watch holder. The watch holder is too small or too big, or is not flexible enough. This makes the watchwinder less fun to use as you want the best for your automatic watches, and more important, that they are safe within the watchwinder.

More and more watchwinder brands do offer their watchwinders with adjustable watch holders. There are all kind of systems. Those who can be adjusted by a spring and watch holders which can be adjusted by removing/adding an extra part. There are also brands which use pillows as watch holder in their watchwinders. Is the one system better than the other? It really depends on the exact watch holder and its quality. In our experience a pillow is not that great as there is no security protection. The watch holder can fall out the watchwinder more easy than a watch holder with "click-system". 

When you buy a watchwinder, please check the exact watch holder. It makes a difference. 

16 aug2016

New Benson Black Series watchwinders!

The Dutch watchwinder brand Benson is one of the revelations of the last years. The brand presented the Black Series watchwinders early this year and became incredible popular. With distributors all over the world and cooperations with high end Swiss and German watch brands this relatively new brand is very successful. 

We wrote at this blog already about the Benson Black Series watchwinders and tested two different models. Our conclusion was that these watchwinders offer a lot value for money. Therefore we are curious about the new models which Benson told us about one month ago.

Today we have good news. Benson watchwinders will present several new Black Series models in november. Benson developed a new Black Series single watchwinder with built-in battery. The design is in line with the current Black Series watchwinder models. All new single watchwinders will be available in black, carbon fiber, white and macassar. The official retail price will be 299,00 euro incl. VAT. 

Also the current Black Series models for 2, 4, 6 and 8 watchwinders will be available in the new macassar style. Next to black, carbon fiber and white the new macassar colour will be attractive for those who like a more natural (wood look) exterior. 

The new Black Series single watchwinder and new macassar colour versions will be available around november of this year.

2 aug2016

The new Opus safes from Döttling

When a safe can’t be recognized outwardly as such, it is an extremely effective protection against unauthorized access. The Opus series – the latest creation from the Swabian safe manufactory Döttling – has been designed with this consideration in mind. At first glance, the luxury safe appears to be a valuable piece of furniture. Inside, however, state-of-the-art technology is integrated – invisible to the eye of an observer. 

In general, one thing is true for all the safes in the Opus series: the body of the safe can be created in every imaginable style, from antique to modern. The Opus 1, for example, with its high-gloss finish in grand piano quality and gilded decorative elements, clearly orients itself on the design of an antique armoire in the historicist style. All the distinguishing features that indicate a safe have been cleverly hidden – for instance, the specially developed door mechanism, which completely conceals the hinges. This even applies to the console of the electronic high-security lock, which is integrated behind a tiny secret flap in one of the decorative elements.

Once the owner opens the heavy doors, either by means of a finger scan or by entering the security code, the gaze is drawn to the interior, magnificently outfitted in poplar burl veneer and Alcantara. Here, 40 precision watchwinders, 12 drawers and two extendable tables offer enough room for up to 250 valuable watches.

And since the luxury safe corresponds to VdS class 4, these valuables are always protected against unauthorized access. Twelve gilded bolts made of specially hardened steel lock the doors when closed like a fortress. Unlike normal safes, a multi-shell construction guarantees a resistance that is up to six times higher. And naturally, the Opus 1 can also be connected to an alarm system. The built-in seismic microphone records even the smallest vibrations and then immediately triggers an alarm.

Döttling again surprises with a beautiful high end product! 

1 aug2016

Anything new at Scatola del Tempo watchwinders?

The summer has really started now and the weather is great. When we talk about summer we think about Italy, a beautiful country with great regions known for it's good wine and food. Related to watchwinders when we say Italy we think about brands as Underwood and Scatola del Tempo.

This last brand has our special attention as they were also present at Baselworld this year. After visiting their booth we concluded they didn't present anything (really) new. Scatola del Tempo only presented some variations on their current collection, which is not more than a new color accent. The watchwinders which were available 6 years ago are still there.....our question is why? 

Great brand, nice history but no innovation.

When we take a closer look at Scatola del Tempo we see a brand with a nice history and reasonable reputation (please read our previous articles about this Italian brand). We follow Scatola del Tempo for quite some years, and they never surprised us with a complete new model, new technique or any other innovations. Is this the reason that more and more jewellers stop selling the Scatola del Tempo watchwinders and choose for other brands in their shops? Can Scatola del Tempo continue this strategy for the coming years?

The answers on these questions are hard to give at this moment, but we are sure that brands need innovation to keep their products selling. We have seen multiple brands which did trust on their original products and didn't focus on innovation which nowadays don't even exist anymore.

Let's hope we see new watchwinders of this Italian brand soon! 

20 jul2016

Paul Design watchwinders for the real watch enthusiast

For small watchwinder brands it's hard to grow as the market is very competitive with many brands. Sometimes a brand is different than others which makes them interesting. One of these brands is Paul Design.

This watchwinder brand from Hong Kong does produce watchwinders with a very high level of quality and finish, for acceptable retail prices. We have seen the watchwinders in real time when we visited Hong Kong, and we were amazed about the use of materials and clear philosophy of the brand. The Paul Design watchwinders do become increasingly popular and are also sold in Europe by, a specialist in watchwinders. 

What are the key elements of a Paul Design watchwinder?

When we take a look at the different models of Paul Design we notice a passion for fine watchwinder making. The materials used are beautiful, the interiour finish is of a high level and the overal design is just great. 

Very important is the watch holder, which is specially developed and is suitable for any automatic watch, big or small. You just plug the watch holder with automatic watch inside the watchwinder, set the preferred settings by the control panel and there you go. 

The Paul Design watchwinders do wind any automatic watch regardless brand or model, as you can choose the direction of rotation and TPD (turns per day). You can also turn on the led light so you can see your watches rotating. 

Normally we see watchwinders with this kind of quality level for quite high retail prices. Paul Design watchwinders are not cheap, but certainly not expensive. You get real value for money, and that's important in a market situation nowadays. 

30 jun2016

Buben & Zörweg Grande Private Museum

 The new Buben & Zörweg Grande Private Museum presented this year at Baselworld in Switzerland can rightfully be considered a feat of German engineering having required over 2000 hours of research and development. The sheer complexity of planning and technology is visible in every detail, like the quiet motors that vertically move the 22 mm thick, 100 kg heavy bullet-proof glass in a steady soft motion in order to reveal the precious treasures inside. But even then, access is regulated by an invisible laser grid that guarantees there is no unauthorised access.

The lower part of the Grande Private Museum can now be used for storage, presentation, installing an SI-80 safe or even a humidifying system. And as most things in life, individuality plays a big role in this concept and is the reason why all its aspects can be adapted to reflect personal preferences. Secure and with aesthetic appeal, the Grande Private Museum by Buben & Zörweg is a masterpiece of German engineering, creative design and innovative technology.

“For some collectors, a treasure is more about personal memories and sentimental rather than financial value. What we know for certain is that anything our clients exhibit in a Buben & Zörweg Grande Private Museum is an expression of what they are truly passionate about,” says Christian Zörweg

11 jun2016

The Döttling Fortress Maximus

Luxury safes from Döttling are imposing works of art that grace any room with their peerless design. The latest creation from the factory in Maichingen, the Fortress Maximus, is no exception, even though its concept is truly exceptional. That’s because it is actually two luxury safes in one: The upper section with its strong round doors is reminiscent of the legendary vaults found in American banks during the Prohibition era. The lower section is a high-tech, high-security safe with an incredibly versatile interior. Both are housed harmoniously in one body to produce a unique masterpiece.

At first glance, it is the solid presence of the upper safe doors on the Fortress Maximus that catches the eye. The smoothly functioning, highly complex locking mechanism opens upon entering a personal code. The door swings open, revealing the elegantly designed interior. There is room for 15 precision watchwinders here, or the optionally available and particularly innovative Döttling Touch & Move precision watchwinders.

The lower section of the Fortress Maximus provides maximum security, meeting the certified security class VdS/EN 3. If required, even VdS/EN 5 is possible. The interior is perfectly protected by a biometric fingerprint lock and can be configured to suit personal preferences. Additional watchwinders can be fitted, for instance, or drawers for jewelry and documents.

Both safe sections are housed in one body upholstered with the finest calfskin. But since individuality is an inherent attribute of a Döttling safe, it goes without saying that numerous other select materials, colors, and configurations are available.

The Fortress Maximus is available in a strictly limited edition of just five safes.

11 jun2016

Interview with Mr. Kaeser of RDI watchwinders

Early this year we wrote about RDI watchwinders on our blog. At Baselworld we met the team of RDI watchwinders and did get a presentation of this very exciting watchwinder brand. Now we have interviewed the owner of RDI, mr. Charles Kaeser. 

Could you please introduce yourself and describe your function at RDI watchwinders?

RDI Charles Kaeser CEO, I started my career 40 years ago. I worked for multinationals in the cosmetic and dental field. I developed also a unique injection moulding process for multinationals. RDI-Charles Kaeser society is also producing automatic units and equipment for the production and packaging of homeopathic products. For about 3 years, I did my true entry into the horological world, with the launch of the Safe-Lift. After the Safe-Lift, I did the launch of a luxury watchwinder range for the watch collectors.

 How would you describe the RDI company?

RDI-Charles Kaeser is a family society based 10 minutes far from Lausanne. The society is in charge for the new products. All stages of the manufacturing are done in RDI-Charles Kaeser society, except the workpieces that are subcontracted.

RDI values are; quality, know-how, client satisfaction. Ask for your personalized watchwinder, RDI-Charles Kaeser will do it.

How would you describe the RDI watchwinders?

Just a few words for telling what are RDI-Charles Kaeser watchwinders: outside: elegance and simplicity, inside: sophisticated. An exceptional watchwinder for an exceptional watch.

RDI watchwinders have 16 programs. They consist of an economical motor protected by a clutch system which keeps them safe in the event of inadvertent mishandling. Their mechanism is considered to be one of the most silent in the world and ensures optimal user friendliness. Their distinctive design enables them to hold all kinds of models, from the most avant-garde to historical pieces.

Can you tell us more about the production proces?

Produced with high quality material they can be used with batteries or mains.
The Safe-Lift is a unique piece made of gold, palladium and ruthenium. He is activated by a remote control. Users can at will bring up the lift, open the doors to access the watches and then close them again.

What are the main markets for RDI? And can you tell us more about the business structure; do you have distributors, dealers or do you sell directly to consumers? 

The main markets are direct sales to customers or sales done by our distributors. We also have some of our watchwinders in some selling points. Internet sales is a strong point. In fact, it is a complement to direct sales. We want to develop this type of sale. We want to develop this sector.

Our project is new creation. We also want to develop our internet sales.

 In which way will RDI develop the coming years? What will be the focus? 

Our goal: RDI-Charles Kaeser: your choice for your watchwinder.

If you would compare RDI with another watchwinder brand, which brand is this and why? 

The comparing brand would be Buben Zorweg. Why Buben Zorweg? Because Buben Zorweg is for us the upscale picture we want to give.

What new projects can we expect soon? 

We are working on a new watchwinder, a new RDI watchwinder creation.

Why should we buy a RDI watchwinder? 

Why buying RDI watchwinder? Because: You want to treat yourself

You are looking for quality
You are looking for beauty
You are looking for art in your watchwinder
You are looking for a custom watchwinder
You are looking for the watchwinder out of ordinary

1 jun2016

Aevitas watchwinders, the poor man watchwinder

We love to present (new) watchwinder brands with passion for quality, finish and fine materials. Good examples are Chronovision, Heisse & Söhne, Swiss Kubik, Wolf, Rapport etc etc.

On the other hand we like to be critical about “brands” which offer low quality products and pretend if the consumer buys a high quality watchwinder for a firm price. Aevitas watchwinders is such a brand. The website of Aevitas watchwinders looks professional and stylish. Neverthless the watchwinders are made in China with low quality materials and old fashioned technique. The trick to present high-end Swiss made watches in the watchwinders is to mislead consumers.

We all know that after some time the first signs of defects will appear; more and more noise, shaking watch holders, electronical problems, defective motor(s) etc etc. You better spend a little more money and buy a good watchwinder which you can enjoy for years.

Based on our experience and visits at several Chinese watchwinder factories it’s fair to say these Aevitas watchwinders aren’t probably worth more than 30-40% of the listed prices.

It’s like a Chinese factory owner told us; “if they want a cheap watchwinder, they get a cheap watchwinder”.

25 may2016

Jebely watchwinders inspired by the world

Jebely engaged in watchwinder business for many years, and they are always trying to create something unique. The brand spent a lot of time in research and development of watchwinders.

Daniel Lu who is the product designer of JBW092 enjoys traveling around the world, and taking pictures to capture every moment of his life. It inspired him to create this watchwinder with the shape of a camera lens. In order to provide better products, the designer focused on every detail to ensure the Jebely JBW092 watchwinder can meet the demand from the users.

Just like the previous successful product of Jebely, such as JBW090 and JBW091, the brand combined the materials of metal and plastic together to create a modern and younger style. Black represents elegance and silver is associated with prestige. The blue light of LCD panel creates a more high-tech and maturity appearance. It is just like a gentleman who focused on his work and that is exactly the reason why Jebely named this watchwinder “Noble One”.

The special part of this watchwinder is the cover, different from other watchwinders which use traditional bearing, Jebely did change the method of opening. This idea came from the action when you remove the cap/cover of a camera lens. It also looks like a camera lens when it zooms in and out.

The elevation angle of the Noble One watchwinder is 15 degrees which is the best viewing angle if you place it on your desk or bedside table. Some users may place the watchwinder into their safe or some other place without AC connection. The watchwinder includes two kind of power settings; battery and AC adapter. Currently, Jebely is keen on improving the power supply, like USB charging.

Jebely did choose a soft and adjustable pillow to fit all kinds of watches. And it also protects your watch from scraping and scratching. Most of the traditional watchwinders are available with 4 modes. But it can’t meet every watch rotation setting. The JBW092 offers stepless TPD from 650-3000.

Jebely also made some efforts to the product package which is important. The development of cover faces had several problems; for instance, the loud noise when opening the cover and the material selection. The result of continual development, testing, modification and retesting, Jebely decided to use rubber to cover the bearing and lower the sound when opening. Jebely also thinks about using the glass for the cover, but it leads to the concern of safety and results in weight increase. Jebely finalized the cover with thermoplastic which is easy to use.

The Taiwanese watchwinder brand Jebely will move on the way for different material combination and more stylish Jebely branded design. The brand does focus to change the image of watchwinders which is not just the accessory of mechanical watches. Jebely expects they can make watchwinders more stylish and create own value. 

13 may2016

Benson Black Series watchwinders conquer the world

 The Dutch watchwinder brand Benson introduced early 2016 its new Black Series watchwinders. This new series reflects the modern ideas and innovation of this Dutch brand. The Black Series do have a modern design and offer all functions you need to wind and store your automatic watches. At Baselworld, Switzerland, we had the chance to meet with Benson and explore their newest Black Series watchwinders. We took this change to check the materials, finish and functions. We must admit, the watchwinders do function perfectly smooth and they look beautiful.

 The Benson Black Series watchwinders are already reviewed by a few watch related websites. The general impression is that they are great. The watchwinders are made of solid materials, do have a good finish and the technique is reliable. Via the touchscreen you can set all preferences quite easily within seconds for each individual watch. The touchscreen works very smooth and is protected because it's located under the cover. This cover has also extra storage for other watches which you want to store safely. The watchwinders offer clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternate motion direction. Thereby it has adjustable TPD, which allows you to select the exact turns per day your automatic watch needs. Therefore the Benson Black Series watchwinders wind any automatic watch. 

 The details are in the LED light, stainless steel feet and USB connection at the backside. At the backside is also the serial number, which comes back at the certificate which is designed by a young Dutch designer. 

When we combine these details with the functions and solid materials we think Benson has produced a very good watchwinder. Even better are the retail prices...we cannot think about another watchwinder brand which offers so much value of money. Soon we will present a review about the Black Series. We already have a Black Series 8.16.B watchwinder on our desk, to study and test. 

Benson told us at Baselworld that at this moment the brand has five distributors (USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium and Hong Kong). If you're interested in a Benson Black Series watchwinder then you can contact a distributor or local dealer. You can also purchase online via This online store ships world wide and you can pay by creditcard or Paypal, thereby they have all models in stock. 

14 apr2016

Buben & Zörweg watchwinders at Baselworld 2016

 Baselworld is without a doubt a unique and unmissable trendsetting show for the global watch and jewellery industry and Buben & Zörweg was once more among the elite of brands that celebrated the unveiling of their new collections.

Among the 145,000 attendees who visited Baselworld this year, we had the opportunity of visiting the Buben & Zörweg booth and talk with Ms. Simone Stocker. 

We discovered new Grande Private Museum where art, precious artefacts and valuable watches can be safeguarded and simultaneously presented in a suitable way. Last year Buben & Zörweg did present the first edition of this masterpiece, which was a big success resulting in a new edition. The state of the art VdS-certified technology from German high-security laboratories is combined with fascinating design and beautiful craftsmanship.

We also had the opportunity to discover a completely new line of luxury safes. The Orion collection was developed with the strong belief that a safe doesn‘t have to look like a strongbox. Instead, the exterior of finest Italian nappa leather, elegantly hand-stitched and featuring ornamental seams, surrounds state of the art security technology.

The Bespoke Line also made its debut at Baselworld and we were fascinated by the array of colours and colour combinations for precious coatings and finest leathers. The new concept is without a doubt a fascinating opportunity to transform a number of Buben & Zörweg unique masterpieces into customised, one-of-a-kind highlights befitting any luxurious interior in very little time.

Do you want a watchwinder with absolute class, craftmanship and even personalized to your demands? Buben & Zörweg is probably the first watchwinder brand you should consider when you have enough money. 

9 apr2016

Wolf watchwinders at Baselworld

Next to many other watchwinder brands we also visited the booth of Wolf at Baselworld. This family owned company does produces watchwinders in the middle price segment. At Baselworld we spoke with the CEO mr. Simon Wolf.

The strong points of Wolf is its interesting price level, persuit for perfection and strong market position in the USA. Thereby the brand has a big collection with all kind of watchwinders and watch cases, which offers a lot to choose for consumers.

After a good cup of coffee mr. Simon Wolf did take us on a tour through his booth to show us the new Wolf watchwinders and explained us about the new materials and colours.

We haven’t that much experience with Wolf, but what we have seen in Basel looks good. We believe Wolf offers an acceptable price for its quality. Will be continued....

30 mar2016

New Bernard Favre Planet watchwinders

Since the first time we met Bernard Favre we are a big fan of his watchwinders. The design, materials, technique and beautiful motion which winds automatic watches attracts the eye immediately. We did meet again at Baselworld last week to see what new innovations Bernard Favre will offer in 2016. As always the welcome was very warm. 

The current Bernard Favre Planet watchwinders are available in silver, black and gold. The new Planet watchwinders will have the option to cover the base (where the motor is) with real leather, which gives the watchwinder a complete other look. You can choose for black, white or brown leather. 

Another innovation is that the glass bell is also available in different colours. This means you can combine the Bernard Favre Planet watchwinder with your interior colours. Thereby the watchwinders do even more modern with a coloured glass bell. 

The focus is still on the special winding technique, which is unique and exciting. You can look for hours to the motion which winds any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. The Bernard Favre Planet watchwinder isn't only a piece of art, it also has Swiss technique with several programs to wind an automatic watch. 

Unfortunately we don't have photos yet, as because of our nice conversation with Bernard Favre we totally forgot to make some photos. Soon we will place photos of the new innovations. 

26 mar2016

BRM watchwinders with racing spirit

In an atelier near Paris in France, Bernard Richards produces great quality watches with racing spirit. Day and night, with his coworkers, he turns and assembles watches with the most complex appearance. For Bernard Richards, luxury is "attention to technical details and perfection at every stage". Like in the car industry, watchmaking has its own wizards, known only to those involved in this microcosm of the quest for perfection. In this elite milieu, the phrase mass production is nowhere to be found, still less will one hear talk of productivity. The focus is on perfection! 

At Baselworld we met Bernard Richards in his booth at the Plaza. Next to the beautiful watches were several new BRM watchwinders. They caught our eye immediately. Bernard Richards told us that the watchwinders are a perfect accessory next to his watches. Several customers who purchased multiple BRM watches do own a special BRM watchwinder as well. All BRM watchwinders are assembled by Bernard Richard himself. 

The BRM watchwinders recall an engine, reflecting the racing spirit of BRM. The watchwinders are available for two, four, six, eight, ten and twelve automatic watches and can be personalized in different available colours. For example you can have your BRM watchwinder with colours of the national flag of France, USA, UK or Germany. 

In our opinion the BRM watchwinders are unique and very interesting for those who own multiple automatic watches, and are interesting in racing. Imagine a beautiful BRM watchwinder in your living room or office. Racing fans will be enthousiastic! 

25 mar2016

Baselworld 2016 in Switzerland, we are there!

This week Baselworld 2016 will open its doors. Baselworld is the biggest watch & jewellery event of the world kept from 17-24 March in Basel, Switzerland. All major watch and watchwinder brands are present at the fair which attracts many thousands of visitors. 

As Watchwinder Blog we will visit Baselworld and take a look at the watchwinder brands which have a booth. We have meetings with B&Z, Bernard Favre, Heisse & Söhne, Wolf, Chronovision, Benson Watchwinders etc etc. Thereby we will visit stands of other brands to check out what's new and will be in the jewellery- and online stores in 2016.

It will be very exciting to see all new watchwinder models, improved technique and innovations. After Baselworld we will share the news and our experiences at our blog. 

14 mar2016

Stockinger watchwinder cabinets, made in Germany

Watch collectors know that an automatic watch will work at its best when it is kept permanently in motion. As a watch collector you also know that you can unfortunately only wear one watch at a time, so the movements of all your other beloved watches might stop after 36 to 42 hours.

Resetting might be quickly done, but in the event of complications or with perpetual calendars in particular, resetting can often be a very elaborate process. Lubricants tend to solidify and that might cause the need to send your watch to repair. Watchwinders solve this problem by keeping your watches in motion and therefore keep the movement running. Stockinger now offers luxury watchwinder cabinets. These high-class watchwinder cabinets are available in three versions – providing 2, 6 or 10 winders. Protected by the German Patent and Trademark office, the Stockinger & Beluwo watchwinder technology creates the most precise watchwinders.

With German technology for the first time ever, the data for any self-winding movement can be loaded into the memory of the watchwinder thanks to the intelligent microprocessor control, resulting in a gentle and optimum winding. Each wristwatch will be kept and moved according to its own specific requirements as the watch specific optimal winding data will be downloaded onto the winder from a database that contains data of more than 11,000 different wristwatches. The technology implies a 16-hour active phase and an 8-hour resting phase. That way there is a perfect simulation of wearing a watch in the daily routine. Within the 16 hours of active phase the number of rotations is evenly spread out and at the end of each winding interval the watches will stop automatically at the 12 o´clock position.

The by Stockinger patented process always keeps the watch in the optimum range of the mainspring tension and thus achieves the best transmission values. Furthermore, the movement will never be strained too much. During the 8 hours resting phase the tension on the mainspring will be eased. The distribution of the two different phases can be programmed by oneself and individually adjusted to the rhythm of your daily life.

Intelligent technology - Made in Germany by Stockinger!

11 mar2016

The new FocusLine by Döttling

Quality has its price, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be affordable. For proof, just look at Döttling’s new “FocusLine”, the first series from of the Döttling safe manufactory that starts at less than 9,000 euros. This is made possible by the modular design, which, like building blocks, allows you to put together your interior from individual modular boxes. Of course, “FocusLine” provides maximum security for your watches, jewelry, documents, and much more. And in terms of workmanship and aesthetics, it is a genuine Döttling through and through – that is to say, uncompromising.

Döttling offers a variety of options for customization upon request. The basic model, available for as little as 9,000 euros, fulfills VdS/EN class N security requirements, with VdS/EN class 4 also possible upon request. In addition, “FocusLine” offers certified, 60-P class S fire protection. This means that documents inside the safe can withstand one hour in an ambient temperature of 1,090 degrees Celsius (1,994 degrees Fahrenheit). The lock is equipped with an emergency opening function. In the event of a technical defect, for example caused by fire or attempted burglary, the safe can still be opened with the high-security key. This eliminates the need for a costly emergency opening.

The new Döttling modular system comes into play inside the “FocusLine”. The safe can be equipped with individual modular boxes to store documents, jewelry, or watches. For instance, one of these modular boxes can accommodate four watchwinders by the renowned Swiss manufacturer SwissKubiK.

In addition to all of these inner values, here are some details regarding the exterior: The body of the safe is lined with Alcantara, a material familiar from high-quality automotive engineering. The keypad for code entry and the handle are chrome-plated in the basic version, but can also be upgraded for an additional price, for example with gold or ruthenium plating. Döttling clients can put together these and other upgrades individually. The choices include three safe sizes and a large selection of interior and exterior colors. 

1 mar2016

The Jebely Noble One watchwinder now reviewed!

We present you our latest review about the Jebely Noble One watchwinder. As Jebely is not that famous we never heard about this brand before. In Taiwan the Jebely watchwinders are made and we have to be honest that our expectations were not that great before we opened the package with the new Jebely Noble One watchwinder. 

Do you like to read more about the Jebely brand and its new Noble One watchwinder? Take a look at our review section

20 feb2016

Underwood London watchwinders, anything new?

The name Underwood has become more known the last years....not because of the Underwood watchwinders but because of the brilliant series House of Cards with Frank Underwood who works his way up to US president. When you Google "Underwood" you won't find the watchwinder brand on the first pages of the search results. Of course when you search for "Underwood watchwinders" you will find the Italian brand instantly.

Last year we did meet Underwood watchwinders in Basel at Baselworld. In a hotel next to Baselworld Underwood presented us their newest products and materials. The welcome was very warm, as we are used to with Italian people. In the field of watchwinders Underwood London is a small player on the market with a focus on the more luxury watchwinders in a higher price level. Not as high as Stockinger or Buben & Zörweg. In our opinion the brand can be compared with Scatola del Tempo, also an Italian watchwinder brand. Their designs, materials and finishing are comparable. The fact that both brands do love to work with natural materials as leather is reflected in their watchwinder collections. Where Scatola del Tempo has a bigger range of single watchwinders, does Underwood London have a more interesting collection of bigger watchwinders for more automatic watches.

A big difference between both brands is that Underwood London watchwinders use a modular system. This means that the watchwinder can be taken out of the watchwinder case. Scatola del Tempo watchwinders do have integrated watchwinders, which cannot be taken out by the user. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

What both brand do have in common is that their level of innovation is not that high. Each year a minimum of changes are made into their new collections of watchwinders. Both Italian watchwinder brands do keep close to their values, materials and design. There is certainly a group of consumers who loves Underwood London and Scatola del Tempo watchwinders, nevertheless there is more and more competition of watchwinder brands offering a comparable level of quality, technique and finish. Innovation is normally the method to avoid too much competition. We are very curious about the presentation of the new Underwood London watchwinders, and the Scatola del Tempo watchwinders at Baselworld.

14 feb2016

The One Dual Time watch from Buben & Zörweg

There are not many watchwinder brands that also produce watches. Buben & Zörweg is an exception.

Launched at Baselworld 2015, the One Dual Time is the most recent creation in the Buben & Zörweg wristwatch collection and also the thinnest in the family. This time the manufactury decided to honor the traveler with a special timepiece by adding a second time zone at 6 o´clock to the local time display indicated by the central hands.

The complication of choice for every busy traveler, the second time zone indication is an indispensable tool that is frequently difficult to read in many wristwatches. The One Dual Time by Buben & Zörweg uses a clear and very readable 24-hour display that globetrotters and world travelers alike will appreciate for its ability to distinctly show the local time and the time of a far-off location, simultaneously.

As much as one loves elaborate complications, above all else, it tends to be the most basic features of a watch that appeal the most for their utility. In this sense the new One Dual Time is unquestionably a statement of usability that carries the power of innovation, aesthetic design and master craftsmanship of the Buben & Zörweg manufactury to new heights.

27 jan2016

The quality of Paul Design watchwinders

Paul Design is a quite new brand producing watchwinders. The watchwinders are made in Asia but are in all aspects value for your money. We tested some models the last two years and every time we are positively surprised about the building quality, solid materials and clever engineering. Next to these important elements the Paul Design watchwinders do have beautiful designs.

Paul Design watchwinders quickly made name for itself resulting in several dealers worldwide. The focus is on producing more high-end watchwinder models suitable for multiple automatic watches.

Here in our office we have the Paul Design Gentlemen 4+6 (picture below) which can wind 4 automatic watches and offers extra storage for another 6 watches. The control panel works fine and allows us to set our preferences within seconds. The LED lighting ensures a beautiful sight at the rotating watches. The watchwinder itself is quite heavy, a result of decent materials and good construction.

We think Paul Design is one of the promising brands which will be more successful in the nearby future. As said, they offer a lot of value for money and are ready to expand their collection with new models. Keep up the good work!

26 jan2016

Barrington watchwinders made in China

More and more new brands in the field of watchwinders are launched. That's good news! One of these brands is Barrington. The brand is based in the UK but produces its watchwinders in China. We took a closer look at Barrington and reckognized the design and style. We have seen it before at another brand. Did Barrington just copy the style and put their own name on it? We asked them, but didn’t get a reply.

Then we remembered which brand launched this type of watchwinders before Barrington did. We contacted them and asked for their reaction. Soon we received e-mails with the confirmation that Benson Watchwinders already developed this series in 2010. We received photos from samples, drawings, materials and of their factory visits. The first Barrington watchwinders are a direct copy of the Smart-Tech series from the Dutch brand Benson Watchwinders.

But why? As a new brand it’s important to be original and give your products an own style. But things are getting more strange…why does Barrington sell their watchwinders for prices which are almost twice the price of the Benson Watchwinders?

It seems Barrington learned that a copy of an already existing watchwinder doesn’t make it successful. They launched a new series in carbon style which is a little bit different than their first series. The technique is still the same.

We are always very keen on new watchwinder brands. As they can influence the market with their new ideas, technology and style….But please be original…don’t copy, we are not in China;)
Let’s hope Barrington keeps innovating and doesn’t copy from other brands again. As we are sure the consumer won’t accept it.

7 jan2016

We wish you a great 2016!!!!

First, we would like to thank you for reading and supporting our Watchwinder blog. We appreciate your questions, remarks and hints. We also would like to thank the watchwinder brands, you helped us with information and photo material to write our articles. 

2016 will be a very interesting year with new releases of beautiful watchwinder series, Baselworld in Switzerland and new watchwinder brands which will introduce their new products. We are looking forward to it. 

We hope 2016 will be a great year for everybody! We wish you all the best and hope to welcome you again on our Watchwinder blog! 

31 dec2015

The new Stockinger safe PHOENIX 70V

 With the Stocktronic patented electronic locking system and an integrated emergency alarm this new Stockinger Phoenix 70V watchwinder safe is state of the art. Produced in Germany under the best conditions by skilled craftsmen this new product from the Stockinger company is a piece of art. 

This version is in beige-gold exteriour, but Stockinger can produce customized according the preferences of the client. Very important is that this Stockinger Phoenix 70V safe is extremely well built to keep valuable watches safe. The watchwinder safe has a VDS security grade III. The weight is an impressive 860kg. The volume 353 liters. 

The body and door of the watchwinder safe are in high-gloss beige lacquer. The handle of the door , the facing and fittings are all made of gold! Of course it's important that the built-in watchwinders are of great quality, made by Beluwo. The LED light inside makes sure you have a perfect view at all rotating automatic watches. 

Are you already considering to buy one? First check your bank account...the retail price is 175.000 euro (net. ex works). We are sure the happy few with a passion for watches will consider this new Stockinger Phoenix 70V watchwinder safe as best friend for their watch collection. 

16 dec2015

Benson Black Series, available in january 2016!

In september we wrote about the new Black Series of Benson Watchwinders. With the Smart-Tech series this Dutch brand already has a very successful line of watchwinders. The Black Series will be positioned above the Smart-Tech series as its more luxury and offers more functionalities. 

This week we received new photo material of the Black Series watchwinders. We have to admit that we like the modern look and functionalities that are presented. Funny was that after our article about these watchwinders we received e-mails from people all over the world asking when the Black Series will be available. We didn't know then, but we do know now; january 2016

Thereby we already may inform you about the specs of this new series. All Benson Black Series watchwinders can rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternate. The TPD (turns per day) are adjustable and suitable for all automatic watches. Next to these basic functions the watchwinder also offers a "power wind" modus to wind an automatic watch in a short time. Also very nice to mention is the USB function, which enables you to power an other device as your smart-watch, mobile phone or tablet. 

All functions can be set by a modern touchscreen display, which you also can use to turn on/off the inside LED light. The watch holders are suitable for big and small watches, as they can be adjusted to the exact wrist size. Personally I like to extra storage compartment where you can store extra watches, to have all together at one place. 

Benson Watchwinders already promised us a Black Series watchwinder for a review. We are looking forward to see if the watchwinder can meet our expectations, which are quite high based on the information and photos we received:) 

8 dec2015

RDI watchwinders, a new player on the market?

Last week RDI watchwinders contacted us. We must be honest; we never heard from this watchwinder brand. But we are never to old to learn and asked RDI for an introduction and background info about this relatively unknown brand. The owner of RDI is Charles Kaeser, who leads a company which is 15 years active in the watch business. He noticed that there were not too many high end watchwinder brands offering perfect quality and an astonishing design for the real automatic watch lovers. After developing a very expensive watchwinder (150.000 CHF) RDI decided to launch a compact series which is more attractive in terms of price (+- 2.000 CHF).

This new series is powered by 2 AA batteries which last for around 2-3 years. The designs are quite special and reflect the special position RDI watchwinders wants to obtain in the field of watchwinder brands. 

At the moment we don't see many points of sale. When we check the internet we also don't see many reviews or people writing about their experience with RDI. The collection seems to be a bit small, but we are sure RDI will expand their collections soon. 

Will RDI watchwinders be a succes? It's too early to say they will be successful or not. There is fierce competition and except the design we don't see major differences with other brands in this price class regarding functions or materials. On the other hand, the designs are certainly attractive for watch adepts. Thereby, high quality always finds its customer....

7 dec2015

Watchwinders more and more sold in online stores

Internet is growing and growing. Decades ago, almost nobody could have expected that internet would be of this influence on our lives nowadays. Consumers bought products in regular shops where they could touch, try and look at it, before buying it. Times change....nowadays online stores are getting more and more popular.

Next to the traditional jewellers there are now many good online stores for watches and watchwinders. Some jewellers do recognize what's going on and also started their own online store next to their regular shop. But many jewellers closed their doors the last five years as result of crises, but also as they refused to meet their customers demands of buying online. 

There are some great online stores for watchwinders, and they carry a lot of well known watchwinder brands. Nevertheless many high end brands are only sold in regular shops where consumers can visit and take a look at the watchwinders. The staff in the shop can advise them and inform them about all specs and functions. The problem is that not many shops do have these brands and therefore it's quite difficult for a consumer to find a good shop, go there and buy a beautiful watchwinder. 

The solution is offered by online stores. We did check some online store selling watchwinders. Most of them have a good mix of brands. Their websites provide all information, good photo material and their prices are the same or lower than at traditional jewellery shops. The advantage of these online stores is that you can compare products quite easily and also that most of them ship worldwide. These online stores also have a return policy, so if you're not satisfied you can return it. 

The question is when the high-end brands will start selling online. Due to the crisis and upcoming internet possibilities we know that some brands already consider to sell online by respectable partners in 2016. Other brands will start selling online by their own online store, but hopefully the bigger online stores specialized in watchwinders get this opportunity too. Why? As they can offer a great mix of brands which makes it very easy to compare for consumers. At the end, that's what we all want, right? Like a watchwinder, developed to make life more easy! 

6 dec2015

The best watchwinders as Christmas gifts!

Christmas is coming and this time of the year is very exciting for all watchwinder brands, as their sales increase big time compared to the other months of the year. For you, as consumer, it's an interesting time beacuse many watchwinder brands do offer spectacular discounts which makes it very attractive to buy a watchwinder. Not only for yourself, but also as Christmas gift for your partner, a good friend or family.

We selected the best watchwinders in different price segments. 

Entry level watchwinders (up to 300 euro)

In this segment there is a lot to choose, but to be honest there are only a few brands which really offer good quality watchwinders. As we pointed out in multiple articles on this blog, don't buy a watchwinder with Chinese motors. The first week you will be happy, but after that the watchwinder will start making more sound and eventually stops working. Spend a little more money for a good watchwinder. Brands as Rapport, Spin-R and definitely Benson offer value for money. But you can also think about a Swiss Kubik ABS

Middle segment watchwinders (from 300 to 1500 euro)

When you want to spend a little more money you can buy a beautiful watchwinder which will give you joy for many years. These watchwinders offer better materials, more functionalities and mostly a more attractive design. In the middle price segment we think of brands as Swiss Kubik, Heisse & Söhne, Jebely, Wolf and Paul Design. Especially the Paul Design watchwinders offer a beautiful design, solid technique and fair price.

But also don't forget the Benson Smart-Tech series. This popular series has a perfect combination of all aspects we prefer in a watchwinder. We are also looking forward for the new Benson Black Series. This new series offers affordable luxury for the real watch adept. 

High end watchwinders (from 1500 to ......)

When money is not a problem, you can buy yourself a beautiful watchwinder made of the best materials, with the best high-end technology and astonishing design. Many brands in this price segment also offer the posibility to customize your own watchwinder. The most brands in this class are produced in the European Union (mostly Germany or Switzerland), which guarantees a very high level of quality and finishing. We all know the masterpieces of Buben & Zörweg, Stockinger and Elma. But less known but also beautiful are the Bernard Favre watchwinders.

So if you plan to buy a new watchwinder, this is the time!  

1 dec2015

Interview with Mr. Zörweg (co-founder) from Buben &

We are always keen to meet and interview people who are working for watchwinder brands, to learn more about the brand, background and products. This time we were lucky that Mr. Christian Zörweg found time to tell us about Buben & Zörweg, the leader and trendsetter in the market of high end watchwinders.

Could you please introduce yourself and function at Buben & Zörweg? 

My name is Christian Zörweg, I am the co-founder and co-president of Buben & Zörweg.
I formerly worked as a Gemstone-dealer during my university days at Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria. I subsequently founded Buben & Zörweg with my childhood friend, Harald Buben.

How would you describe the Buben & Zörweg company?

“Buben & Zörweg delights lovers of fine timepieces with unique masterpieces of craftsmanship. These exclusive objects of time are characterised by a symbiosis of ground-breaking innovation and elegant design. Selected materials and perfect craftsmanship combine to fulfil and exceed customer expectations."

That is the credo of luxury brand Buben & Zörweg. Since 1995, Buben & Zörweg’s activities have focused on delighting customers with masterpieces of German craftsmanship and testing the boundaries of technology and handicraft. The first milestone after the company was founded in 1995 was the introduction of the Time Mover®; consistent pioneering work soon made Buben & Zörweg the market leader in this segment.

How would you describe the Buben & Zörweg watchwinders?

Certainly we at Buben & Zörweg share the drive to break new grounds and love to develop objects that nobody has seen before. I am responsible for the design and I work together with a team of designers. At Buben & Zörweg we want to link the contemporary with the classic and our objects should be a eye-catcher in any environment. Every product is a unique piece of art itself – it’s a design object which you should present - f.e. in your living room, all our products are made out of the best materials: Italian nappa leather with croco imprint, wood like Makassar, ebony grigio or walnut purl wood, mother of pearl, brushed stainless steel, two way mirror spy glass ...

Can you tell us more about the production proces?

The masterpieces are 100% designed and made in Germany in our manufactory, which is located in the heart of Germany’s engineering region near Stuttgart. About 20 engineers, watchmakers and assemblers are considered a part of the quality assurance system that characterises each individual masterpiece. Wearing white gloves and jackets and countersigning every stage of a stringent quality control procedure is a matter of course at the Buben & Zörweg manufacture.

The watchwinder technology is created together with our partner company ELMA.

It all starts with the beauty that nature has to offer. Selecting raw material. The pattern of the rare macassar ebony which gained it's popularity in the art deco area and will live on in emotional modern Art deco design DNA. It comes naturally that Buben & Zörweg sources and selects worldwide only the very finest veneers.

For the housing we use selected woods such as macassar, high quality carbon fibre, fine leather, etc. whatever the customer desires. Our aim is to create masterpieces that address all senses and fathoms the dimensions of exceptional taste. Exquisite materials, innovative technology, optimum security solutions and fascinating design hand-crafted by masters of their art become solitary objects of desire for people with a sense for the exclusive aesthetics of perfection.

What are the main markets for Buben & Zörweg? And can you tell us more about the business structure; do you have distributors, dealers or do you sell directly to consumers?

Asia, Russia, Middle East, but also Germany, Switzerland and England are important markets.

With 7 standalone boutiques and over 25 in-shop boutiques, the company is present in over 100 countries. We have a strong distributor network and are available from carefully selected jewellers worldwide.

Store Locator

With internet upcoming, do you consider to sell online by strong internet dealers?

Our masterpieces are offered at different prices depending on the country of sale. This is due to the custom duties and import taxes, cost of transport and installation and the tax differences. Therefore we have decided to prevent the prices of our masterpieces from being published via the internet. That is why we don’t consider to sell our masterpieces online.
This may be changed sometime in the future.

In what way will Buben & Zörweg develop the coming years? What will be the focus?

• We will continue to build B&Z as an international luxury brand. More B&Z Boutiques will arise to give our customer the opportunity to even better experience of the universe of B&Z
• B&Z will always be as exclusive as our customers are. We are a luxury brand for people that seek to express their individuality in our exclusive and often unique masterpieces.
• B&Z is a men’s brand and we have many ideas how to enrich this (men’s) world with our competences.
• Our creativity and drive for innovation is deeply implemented in the DNA of our brand and is to stay for the next 20 years and beyond….

We find it challenging to build a brand for the next 100 years that can be handed down in generations - Constantly being creative and open to new opportunities and challenges according to the natural law of change. We stand at the beginning of a long tradition which is very much about the spirit and the people that share it, work together happily and building the house of Buben & Zorweg in an ever changing world….

What new projects can we expect soon?

We are taking another innovative step in the world of elitist interiors in the form of the Bespoke Line: our customers can utilise a fascinating range of options to exert their influence on the appearance of their masterpieces. That is the advantage of luxurious objects perfectly manufactured by hand – incorporating customised changes is no problem at all. There will be a range of 20 carefully selected leather and lacquer colours (10 each) and the customer can choose what he likes most.

Why should we buy a Buben & Zörweg watchwinder?

It’s a piece of art, made out of the best materials, made by the best craftsmen in Germany. The design is unique, but very timeless – it’s something you will love in 20 or 30 years as much as you do now. It’s not a luxury product, that many people own, it’s a well kept secret and therefore even more special. 

11 nov2015

Interview with Mr. Liao (Branding & Sales - Jebely)

Recently we wrote an article about Jebely, a watchwinder brand from Taiwan which produces interesting watchwinders for reasonable prices. As we like to learn more about relatively unknown watchwinder brands we asked Mr. Tony Liao from Jebely for an interview. 

Could you please introduce yourself and function at Jebely?

I’m Tony Liao from Taichung, Taiwan. I did study at the University of the Art at Philadelphia, USA. I also did a major in Industrial Design for product developement. In the company I am currently resonsible for the Jebely watchwinder branding and sales since 2012.

How would you describe the Jebely company?

Jebely is a Swiss brand which we bought in 2003. We believe to bringing the high-end watchwinder to more majority market and add personality to it. For a long period of time, we were OEM/ODM for many brands in US and Europe. As a professional watchwinder manufacturer, we believe we have more proper reason to bring our own brand with our own technology and design to the market.

How would you describe the Jebely watchwinders?

Currently we have three different levels watchwinder for different market.
First is entry level watchwinder, which is made with plastic and metal combination. We are targeting the majority customer with affordable price.

Second, we have standerd and classic style of watchwinder for those who have 3 up to 8 mechanical watches. They are very simple, square-like watchwinder with different special panels and design treatment to represent the different personality and style. Mainly is for the watches collection.

Third, our flagship (or luxury) watchwinder is for special showcase in watch store, club, department store, or special watch collection.

We identified the Jebely watchwinder as the stylize, personalize watchwinder. With modern and unique design style for more younger generation.

Can you tell us more about the production proces?

Currently Jebely watchwinders are all made in Taiwan. We developed our own gear box with Japanese motor which we can provide two years warranty.

Base on our three levels of watchwinder, mainly materials are used as wood, glass, aluminum, and plastic combination.

What are the main markets for Jebely? And can you tell us more about the business structure; do you have distributors, dealers or do you sell directly to consumers?

Currently our main markets are China and Japan where we have our branch office for exclusive sales. We are currently looking for distributors, partners, and dealers worldwide.

In which way will Jebely develop the coming years? What will be your focus?

We are focusing in the entry-level watchwinder and module watchwinder.

If you would compare Jebely with another brand, which brand is this and why?

I will say that we are not easy to compare to any other brand since our product design is very different than others. We are not like traditional watchwinder brands, either we are not very high-end of technique or finishing. We are focusing in stylish consumer product.

What new projects can we expect soon?

We are trying hard to bring the metal watchwinder in entry-level price with unique design style.

Why should we buy a Jebely watchwinder?

With a long period of OEM/ODM background, we are confident to bring the European quality with Asian price, and a stylish design. 

3 nov2015

A small or big watchwinder?

Every watch adept knows that there is a moment to make a decision between being satisfied with the current collection of automatic watches, or to expand it with more watches. This decision is hard to make as it's not one to make with common sense. We all know the passion and love when we see another beautiful watch...There is no end. 

Those who look after their automatic watches use a watchwinder. It keeps the watches in motion, and they should it with a car. Almost everyone starts with a small watchwinder for one or maybe two watches. But then the collection expands and the small watchwinder doesn't offer the capacity you prefer. You want to store the watches all together, and not some in a watchwinder, others in a watch box and the rest in a cabinet or drawer. That's the exact moment to consider a bigger watchwinder for 4, 6 or maybe even 8 automatic watches. 

If you have only a few automatic watches a single or double watchwinder will do the trick. But when you have more than a few automatic watches we strongly advise to purchase a bigger watchwinder. It's more practical, more safe and is a beautiful sight when all watches do rotate. In fact it's mostly even cheaper than multiple single watchwinders. 

 Of course there are also disadvantages. You cannot take a big watchwinder with you at a trip or business travel. You also need to choose the exact watchwinder which fits into your interiour, in terms of material, size and color. A single watchwinder does fit everywhere and won't be irritating, but a bigger watchwinder will when it's not matching it's background. 

If you have a few automatic watches, just stick to a single or double watchwinder and hope you can resist the tempation of buying new automatic watches. But if the flesh is weak there are so many beautiful big watchwinders which are real eye catchers! It will definitely impress your friends:) 

2 nov2015

Scatola del Tempo watchwinders losing ground

The Italian watchwinder brand Scatola del Tempo is one of the few brands that's still producing watchwinders in an old style. While almost all watchwinder brands innovate and produce more modern and stylish watchwinders, Scatola del Tempo chooses to produce old-fashioned watchwinders with a lack of interesting functions.

In these times that consumers do demand more, and successful brands do listen very well to them, it's a no brainer to meet the consumer demands. Nevertheless the Scatola del Tempo watchwinders are still looking the same for the last 10 years, and don't have exciting options which makes a watchwinder more sexy and attractive for a watch collector. Some say "never change a winning team", but we hear more and more that Scatola del Tempo is selling less watchwinders. Maybe it are rumours, but even in a rumour can be truth. We noticed several dealers stopped selling this Italian brand. 

Good examples of high end brands which understand the consumers demands are Buben & Zörweg, Stockinger but also Orbita. These brands do innovate in design and functionality. These brands also invest in good social media campaigns to keep contact with the consumers. The facebook page of Scatola del Tempo is only updated once per several months, and only has 84 likes. For example, Buben & Zörweg has almost 38k likes, Stockinger 500....

Come on Scatola del Tempo, we expect more from Italians.

19 oct2015

Van Speyk Dutch Diver and Swiss Kubik

The Dutch watch brand Van Speyk launched its first models in 2011. Last week Van Speyk presented its newest Dutch Diver models, which are produced in the Netherlands (Dutch made). Normally we don’t write about watches but as announced we like to write an article about watches in combination with a watchwinder. For this review we did choose for a combination with the Swiss Kubik aluminium black. This watchwinder is one of the most popular models from Swiss Kubik and a bestseller since a couple of years.

Van Speyk Dutch Diver

The new Van Speyk Dutch Diver watch does surprise us. The specs are very good (Miyota movement, sapphire glass, 200m waterresistant, screw crown and double layer dial) but more amazing is the very interesting price; 329,00 euro (incl. 21% VAT and free shipment worldwide). We received the blue Dutch Diver from Van Speyk and the blue color is intriging. It’s a dial color which is quite normal for a watch, but it looks very nice. The advantage is that the watch is easy to combine with all kind of clothing. Blue simply does match with a lot of colors.

We did test the Van Speyk Dutch Diver for two weeks and it keeps time perfectly. At night the luminova does its work fine. We didn’t go snorkling or diving with it, which we should have done with a diver, but we expect the watch is extremely well protected against water as Van Speyk promised it us.

Swiss Kubik aluminium black

One of the most popular watchwinder brands in the price level from 400 to 900 euro is Swiss Kubik. The watchwinder is compact, effective and easy to control. It will wind any automatic watch without a problem. The battery function is great to use the watchwinder at a travel or inside a safe. The Swiss Kubik models don’t use a Swiss motor anymore, but it’s still a good watchwinder for an interesting price. A big advantage is the three year warranty, where many other brands only provide two years. Some call it a detail, but we think it’s proof of good service and aftersales.

We hope Swiss Kubik will introduce new models soon, as most available models are on the market for several years. Swiss Kubik watchwinders did prove its quality and therefore we are very curious about new models in another design.

The Van Speyk Dutch Diver wound by a Swiss Kubik watchwinder

As an automatic watch the Dutch Diver has a powerreserve of about 40 hours. Without any movement the watch will loose its energy, and that’s exactly the reason why a watchwinder is so handy. We did wind the watch with the Swiss Kubik watchwinder and we found out it’s a perfect combination.

10 oct2015

Jebely, good quality watchwinders from Taiwan

Sometimes we "discover" a relatively unknown watchwinder brand. One of these brands is Jebely. This watchwinder brand is originally from Switzerland, but taken over by a Taiwan company. Since then Jebely focuses on producing good quality watchwinders. We got in touch with Jebely a few weeks ago and learnd more about this interesting brand. 

The Jebely watchwinders are available in many different styles, colours and materials. The entry-level watchwinders are made of plastic. The more luxury models are made of wood, aluminium and glass. Quite special is that Jebely developed an own gearbox technology which is used in all Jebely watchwinders. This is quite special.

When we take a look at the Jebely website we see a modern design with a nice presentation of all models. We have to say that we are attracted by several models because of the original design. The main markets for Jebely are China and Japan, which could be the reason we didn't know this brand. It's a matter of time till Jebely expands to Europe and the USA, as their watchwinders will be attractive for many automatic watch adepts. 

Soon we will present an interview with Mr. Tony Liao, who is responsible for the Jebely branding and sales. He will inform us about the values and traditions of this Taiwan compay. We are very interested as the Jebely watchwinders do look very promising.

Hopefully we can test a Jebely watchwinder soon, so we can write about its quality, functionality and looks. Thereby we hope Jebely will expand to Europe and the USA so that consumers can see the brand in real. 

8 oct2015

The new Benson Black Series watchwinders

Benson Watchwinders from the Netherlands had an incredible success with their Smart-Tech watchwinder series. This series was launched in 2012 and offer a perfect price/quality ratio. Now it's time to present a new series which will be even better than the Smart-Tech watchwinders. The name of this new series? The Benson Watchwinders Black Series. 

The goal of this Dutch brand is to produce a good quality watchwinder with all modern functions which isn't that expensive. In terms of functions and design the current Smart-Tech series can compete with all high-end brands. Some time ago we tested the 8.13.B (already sold out) and we were impressed about the functionality, quality and finishing.

Benson Watchwinders informed us that the new Black Series has even more functions and a beautiful design. We already saw some sketches and we are very surprised about what we saw, indeed the watchwinders of the new Black Series look astonishing

A complete new touchscreen was developed for this new series. Thereby the Black Series watchwinders do have some interesting feautures which will be convenient for the user. 

We are looking forward for this new Black Series, and hope it will be as good as Benson Watchwinders says. When we take a look at their current collection of watchwinders we are sure they will do a good job. 

Benson Watchwinders informed us that they are negotiating with interested companies to become distributor. They already signed several distributors and will expand with new distributors soon. 

Soon more news about the new Black Series from Benson Watchwinders! 

20 sep2015

Döttling watchwinder "The king's secret".

After a long and eventful journey through two centuries of European cultural history, a highly
unusual masterpiece of Italian blacksmith art has passed through the gates of the Döttling
manufactory and has been lovingly restored after 19 months of delicate work. Now this jewel of a safe is waiting to crown the exclusive home of a discerning connoisseur.

The safe, built in 1872 by the famous Morosini brothers in Milan, was apparently commissioned by Victor Emmanuel II, who reigned from 1861 to 1878 over the Kingdom of Italy. Its royal origin is visible on both inner doors of the safe, on which the fittings of origin are encased with ornate brass ornaments culminating at the top with the royal coat of arms of the House of Savoy with the crown.

The fact that the Morosini brothers’ safe was forged for the amorous correspondence of the king with his long-time mistress and later wife is indicated by two wonderful details on the inner doors that were engraved as a secret code. Hidden under the royal crown and lettering, both inner door fittings are engraved with a rose, surrounded by a heart-shaped crest which opens upwards. “Rosa” the first name of the king’s great love, means “rose” in Italian.

It can be assumed that the two Medusa-like medals on the outside of the safe depict the king’s mistress in her younger years. In any case, access to the interior of the safe is granted through one of the two. Only after activating a secret mechanism does one of the two medals move to the side, exposing the keyhole behind it.

How the safe found its way to Southern Germany, where Döttling scouts secured it in the aftermath of a house demolition, is unfortunately not known. What is certain is that after many months of detailed work, the Döttling manufactory has been able to restore it to the freshly radiant testimonial of a great royal love.

14 sep2015

Buben & Zörweg notes rise in demand for secret safe

There are people on this world that have enough money to spend it on the most beautiful items. They buy special cars, build incredible houses and have a great watch collection. Buben & Zörweg notes the demand for secret safes to keep the valuable watch collections safe. 

A good example is the client recently commissioned Buben & Zörweg to install three of its 580kg, 2 metre high X-007 safes deep under the floor of his palatial European home, insisting they are completely concealed from view. The safes and the floor openings themselves, almost like a trap door on the stage of a theatre, only come into view when the owner remotely activates them. Thanks to a double lift system, the entire safe then dramatically elevates, revealing a 360 degree bullet-proof glass showcase, which itself then elevates to allow access to the contents of the safe. 

One client has recently kept Buben & Zörweg busy with demands for a high security fence outside his villa plus two high-security, double-lock doors leading up to the room where his three safes are located.

Another client, with a residence in London’s One Hyde Park apartment block, a building popular with international billionaires, wanted reassurance that the entire team installing his safe would never have any way of finding out the floor or number of his apartment. A top secret installation saw every last inch of the lift at One Hyde Park covered up with cardboard throughout the installation process. 

The really wealthy people do everything to keep their valuables safe. Their automatic watch collection is safe with Buben & Zörweg, as they combine state of the art German engineering technology, perfect hand craftsmanship, forward-thinking design and security systems originally masterminded for Swiss bank vaults to conceive and manufacture their world-class luxury safes and private museums.

18 aug2015

Stockinger interior and exterior trends 2015

When it comes to represent luxury, people want to surround themselves with beauty and tangibles. There is no longer high-tech in first place, but more handcrafted materials and things in classic design. The Stockinger adapts love solid wood furniture and home accessories with exceptional quality, unique background and excellent workmanship.

With this new trend, also is growing the fascination for mechanical watches that are just not prepared with maximum efficiency, but with the highest skill and a lot of time.

To pay tribute to this trend Stockinger set a high value on their watchwinder cabinets. Their watchwinder technology offers an integrated database with the specifications of over 8.600 watch models to program each winder individually – just by using your smartphone or tablet PC. Programming is quickly done! The result is an optimum and very gentle winding that you might have never seen before.

Moreover, each Stockinger watchwinder cabinet can be finished in an infinite number of lacquers, or natural wood, or even brushed metal. We select the best wood out of ziricote, rosewood or smoked oak and work it with high technology and craftsmanship.

The great thing about Stockinger is that you can also choose between 2, 6 or 10 watchwinders. Just visit the Stockinger website and check out the most beautiful watchwinders. 

17 aug2015

Modalo watchwinders in the fog

Some time ago we wrote an article about Modalo watchwinders. It's a good moment to see what Modalo achieved since then. Then we noticed beautiful watchwinders and a good looking Modalo website. But when we did take a closer look we noticed that Modalo doesn't share the most important information for consumers. There is no information about the motors Modalo use to wind automatic watches, and there is no information about the gearing. Both parts are incredible important when you decide to buy a good watchwinder. It's the same when want to buy a car and the seller doesn't inform you which engine type is under the hood. You certainly want to know, because there are so many differences in power, quality and reliability...and also price. 

The strange thing is that we wrote about this topic last year and also sent an email to Modalo. It's obvious they didn't use our advice:) 

But why would a brand avoid mentioning a good description of the most important parts? We are not sure, but we can guess......We really hope Modalo watchwinders will inform us, but more important informs the consumer. As the designs of the watchwinders are looking quite good it's a pity that there isn't more information available about the quality of the motors and gearing. 

When we check internet we see quite some negative experiences with Modalo regarding it's motors. Could be a chance for Modalo to improve their motors and share this important info with consumers.

11 aug2015

Avante watchwinders combine passion and quality

Early last year we wrote about Avante watchwinders. This brand from Hong Kong produces since 2009 watchwinders in the higher price range. The first generation Avante watchwinders did have several nice features as world's most compact auto elevated watch winding system and a smart-card to set the watchwinder. We were curious about how Avante developed in one year. 

The Avante watchwinders are not that famous in Europe and the US. They focus on markets as Asia, Australia and Russia. We are not sure why they don't have any official dealers in Europe and the US as we expect they can be pretty successful. Avante watchwinders combine modern technique with good designs, which is an attractive combination for many watch adepts. 

Recently Avante presented its newest series; "Prestige". The Prince J4 and J6 are good examples of the craftmanship and features this Hong Kong brand does offer. 

We also did check their Facebook page and we see not much activity. Unfortunately, as we think Avante watchwinders are very interesting and we love to read more about this brand. We will follow this brand! 

10 aug2015

The comeback of Rapport watchwinders?

 It's some time ago that we wrote about Rapport watchwinders. Then we were not really convinced about the technique and durability. We heard different experiences from users, and the watchwinders design did look a bit old fashioned in our opinion. Last "Baselworld", world's biggest watch fair held in Switzerland, we visited their booth and talked with them.

Rapport appointed some new distributors which resulted in better sales. Rapport told us that they put a lot of effort in producing watchwinders of better quality, and that new series will achieve that goal. In our opinion the last five years Rapport lost the competition with other brands like Swiss Kubik and Wolf, but it seems they found a way up. This way up didn't result in new series yet, but Rapport informed us they will present new models soon.

The old fashioned look will stay (and maybe we have to say "traditional"), but that doesn't mean that Rapport can't be really successful. We believe there is a big market for watchwinders with a more sophesticated and traditional look. The materials of the Rapport watchwinders do look and feel good. It's a nice accessory for many watch lovers, and will look great in the living room, study room or office.

We expect that Rapport will be successful in its own way. With its "British" look they are an interesting alternative for other watchwinder brands as they offer quality and tradition for an affordable price.

25 jul2015

What is a watchwinder without a watch?

 Our blog is about watchwinders, an accessory for automatic watches to keep them running. Normally we write only about watchwinders. It's what this blog is about. The last period we received multiple messages from readers who asked us to combine watches with watchwinders in our articles. We gave it a thought....

We think it's a good idea to write articles about watchwinders sometimes in combination with one or more automatic watches. But our focus will be on watchwinders, and we only write about automatic watches as there is no link between quartz watches and watchwinders. 

We already spoke with a promising Dutch watch brand which will send us a few of their newest watches when they will be available. We will test these watches in combination with the most popular watchwinder of Swiss Kubik. We hope to present you this article within 2-3 weeks. 

When you have ideas, suggestions and tips for our blog please don't hesitate to write us. We learn every day!

15 jul2015

Raising star: Paul Design watchwinders

 Last year we met mr. Chen, owner of Paul Design watchwinders. During our meeting Chen told us about the history, philosophy and characteristics of his brand. We noticed a drive to produce watchwinders which have their own design and modern technique. You would say this is quite normal, but we have seen different from Chinese brands. Many Chinese watchwinder brands do copy designs and offer their watchwinders for low prices. Of course not only the price is different from European or American producers, the quality is also different.

 Paul Design produces watchwinders with solid materials, relaible technique and special designs. Chen did show us several models of his latest series and explained about the technique and materials they use. It's not his goal to produce low priced watchwinders which will last for one or two years, Chen's focus is to produce a watchwinder which can be used for many years, and is suitable for all kind of automatic watches.

New Paul Design "Black Shadow" series

After the successful launch of Paul Design's first series which is sold by several dealers worldwide it was time to present a new series. This new series is inspired by the current series but has a new color; "Black Shadow".

 These watchwinders have the latest technique but also a new exteriour color. We must say it's beautiful. It gives the watchwinder a complete new dimension, as many watchwinders are just black or brown. 

Within a few weeks we will receive a piece of this new series and then we will test it and write a review about it. We are already very curious:)

Paul Design Optima - an original compact watchwinder

We like it very much that Paul Design goes where others don't go. The new Optima watchwinder is a very good example of this. The Paul Design Optima watchwinder is a combination of a single watchwinder and a clock (temperature function and day/month indication). It's very easy to switch the watchwinder to the clock function and the other way around. It's the result of clever thinking.

 The good news is that this watchwinder is quite affordable; 229 Euro / 240 USD. 

 At the end of this year we will visit the Paul Design factory. Of course we will keep you posted about this interesting watchwinder brand, and first we will present a review about the Paul Design watchwinder we will receive within six weeks.

19 jun2015

The Buben & Zörweg Agartos: 4000 hours of work

Recently Buben & Zörweg presented the new high-end watchwinder Agartos. It took craft, design and technology experts two years to create the Agartos, which is a showcase and watchwinder, which holds five watches and is crowned with its own open-dial tourbillon clock.

It was a project that would involve 4000 hours of development. That’s the equivalent of one person working over 8 hours a day for an entire two years, five days a week, 52 weeks a year. Only the best brands do have the resources to accomplish such a project.

Nomination for a design award

Buben & Zörweg’s Agartos has now been nominated for the 2015 German Design Award, the German Design Council’s annual prize honouring unique design from round the globe, in the Excellent Product Design category. This is a great achievement after so many hours of work.

State of the art five axel CNC machines and 3D printing technology were used to create the fluid, masculine form and flawless finish of the Agartos. Its doors sweep open and closed in response to sensor technology, only when the person touching the Agartos knows where to slide their hands. A transponder can lock the Agartos securely.

The high gloss metallic piano lacquer on the aluminium chassis of the Agartos is a version of the lacquer found on supercars. It took six months to refine the composition of the lacquer Buben & Zörweg now calls ‘stardust’ and which has become the company’s signature lacquer. All sanding and polishing is conducted with meticulous precision and attention to detail, given that the Agartos is far smaller than a supercar.

Buben & Zörweg showing their passion for their clients

One Buben & Zörweg client in Singapore recently ordered a bespoke version of the Agartos asking for it to resemble the Iron Man cartoon character. Buben & Zörweg’s design team promptly rose to the challenge.

The result is fantastic. This special watchwinder was presented at Baselworld last march where we did get a full presentation how this watchwinder works. It proves the fine craftmanship Buben & Zörweg offers its clients.

11 jun2015

The importance of a good motor inside the watchwinder

In a car the motor is the heart which is the most important part of the car. In the world of watchwinders it's exactly the same. The motor, in combination with a gearbox, inside the watchwinder makes the watches turn around.

There are a lot of watchwinder brands using different technology and motors. Most brands are not really open about this topic, but for us consumers it's very important that we know which motor is inside a watchwinder. Because there are so many differences in quality, durability and sound level. 

Motors made in Asia

Most watchwinder brands in the lower price level do have a Chinese motor. In the beginning these motors do quite well, but on the long term the problems will be visible. Known defects are motors which completely stop, rotors which vibrate and increase of sound level. At the end a cheap watchwinder result in a loss of money. We certainly won't advise you to buy a watchwinder with a Chinese motor. 

Much better are the Mabuchi motors from Japan. Most reasonable priced watchwinders have one of those. The Mabuchi motors are known for their quality, durability and acceptable sound level. It's like Japanese cars, they do a very good job but are not the best. The Dutch watchwinder brand Benson and also Paul Design uses Mabuchi motors and both brands are popular brands on the watchwinder market.

For example Swiss Kubik uses Portescap which was a Swiss company but moved their production to India. The question is can they still obtain a high level of quality. The future will tell. At the moment the Swiss Kubik watchwinders are quite popular and our experiences with this brand are very good. 

Motors made in Switzerland and Germany

The best motors are coming from the EU. Especially Switzerland and Germany are famous and considered as the best. For example Buben & Zörweg uses Elma motors which are proven very reliable and are almost making no sound. Therefore these watchwinders are very good to use in a bedroom. 

There are a few watchwinder brands which use Faulhaber from Switzerland, but this brand is less known in the market. More known is Maxon which is one of the best producers of motors worldwide. Maxon is famous because they produce all kind of motors which are also used by NASA in their space projects. Maxon helped mankind to the moon. Maxon motors are used by Italian watchwinder brands as Underwood and Scatola del Tempo. 

It's not just the motor.....

Of course it's to simple to say the motor is the most important part of the watchwinder because there are more components which make or brake the watchwinder. Especially the gearbox is very important too. The level of sound of a watchwinder is mostly the result of the gearbox. Therefore there always must be a perfect combination of a reliable strong motor with a efficient and silent gearbox.

2 jun2015

Stockinger craftmanship, creativity and passion.

Passionate watch collectors have a lot to choose when they decide to buy a high end watchwinder with a storage compartment for their other watches. There are several brands which produce the most beautiful watchwinders, made of the finest materials. In general Germany has a reputation of being a country with great craftsmen. One of these brands is made by high skilled craftsmen is Stockinger.

Stockinger safes; made to measure watch solutions

One of the big advantages Stockinger safes has to offer is that they produce exactly according your needs, so that you can place the watchwinder safe in your bedroom, living room, cloakroom, office of study room. The combination of the interior, exterior and technique is what a Stockinger watchwinder safe makes it so special. You can select the exact exteriour and interior according your wishes. For example you can let the watchwinder safe exterior be made of the finest wood in combination with sublime leather or silk interior. It's up to you...

Regarding technique Stockinger offers the latest technology to keep your automatic watches safe. The patented Stocktronic system guarantees secure yet extraordinary ease of use. The system works separately from your building electricity and is programmed via a concealed keypad. It can be programmed to trigger a “silent alarm”, so that in risky situations you are able to set off an emergency signal simply by opening your safe in the normal way. This sounds like a James Bond movie, and it's technique that makes Stockinger an attractive brand. 

Another strong point is that Stockinger safes have a multi-wall safe construction, which is especially safe because the plating is made of an ultra-hard special high-tech blend of polymers and is up to six-times harder than standard platings. As a result, a Stockinger safe weighs up to one-third less than conventionally constructed safes, but boast a comparable or even higher security level.

3D design to make the watchwinder safe exactly according your wishes

The design specialists of Stockinger create beautiful 3D designs to meet the demands of the customers. The customer can select the exact materials, details and finishing. 

The highly specialised paint and finish experts will not only produce the watchwinder safe in any colour you choose, they are also masters at creating the most realistic nature surfaces. Stcokinger is just as good at creating marble and natural stone finishes, or recreating the appearance of various types of wood grains, such as macassar ebony or mahogany. This makes Stockinger quite unique because the customer can let Stockinger produce an unique watchwinder safe. 

When we had enough money to spend, we certainly purchased a Stockinger watchwinder:) 

11 may2015

Underwood London watchwinders at Baselworld

During Baselworld we met ms. La Ferla and mr. Lintrup from Underwood London in a hotel nearby the exhibition square. La Ferla is general manager from Underwood at the head office in Italy and Lintrup is the distributor for the UK and Scandanavian countries.

After a passionate introduction about the Underwood London watchwinders by La Ferla we had the chance to check out the newest watchwinders from this promising Italian brand. Since the 90's Underwood did specialize in producing watchwinders with a modular winding system. The main charasteristics of the brand can be described as traditional, Italian and quality.

 When we take a look at the Underwood London watchwinders we see similarities with some other brands. Many watchwinder brands do have a modular system, suitable for those consumers who want to wind just one automatic watch and maybe expand their collection in the future. Underwood London does not only offer the single modular watchwinder systems, but also the storage compartments to store the systems all together. Therefore you can build up your collection of watchwinders very easy. An advantage is that in case one modular watchwinder system is defective it can be replaced or repaired quite quick.

The Underwood London watchwinders do look quite similar to the Orbita and Scatola del Tempo watchwinder models. In our opinion the brand should do more to offer a more unique style and design to distinguish itself from other watchwinder brands. The quality is solid with Maxon motors but we expect more from Italians, with beautiful brands as Ferrari, Versace, Ducati, Armani etc etc.

Do we like the Underwood London watchwinders? Yes, we love the passion from this Italian brand, and the watchwinders really do look good.  But in this price class the consumer may expect a little more than just a modular winding system, with basic features that are very common. Thereby, when Underwood London is able to produce high-end watchwinders with an own style and modern functionalities they can compete more easy with other famous brands.

5 may2015

The new Benson Smart-Tech 6.12.B watchwinder (video)

 Benson Watchwinders is a relatively young brand from the Netherlands. They expanded really quick and their watchwinders are getting popular more and more. The main reason is that this brand produces very good quality watchwinders for interesting prices.

One of the most popular series of Benson Watchwinders is the Smart-Tech series. The flagship model from this series is the Benson Smart-Tech 6.12.B watchwinder, and we are happy to share a video of this watchwinder with you.

20 apr2015

Chronovision watchwinders; the new Swiss Kubik killer?

In the beginning of 2014 we visited Chronovision in Halver, Germany. CEO Jan Heisse did welcome us and presented his plans with this new watchwinder brand. In our conversation it became clear that the CEO strives to absolute perfection and sublime quality. Last month we did meet again in Basel, at Baselworld. Chronovision presented in it's own booth her newest model: the Chronovision One. 

The Chronovision One watchwinder is made in Germany which means that almost all components are designed and produced in North Rhine- Westphalia region. In the own Chronovision workshop the assembly of more than 70 individual parts in over 23 individual steps takes place.


Specifications summary

The Chronovision One watchwinder has some excellent specs. The watchwinder rotates clockwise, counter clockwise and alternate. The turns per day (TPD) are adjustable in steps of 50 between 500 and 2500 rotations (per day). Thereby the watchwinder has a sleep mode and rapid winding mode.

The watchwinder is controlled by bluetooth and USB connection. Therefore it can be controlled by it's own app for iOS and Android, and of course by PC (and Macs). The battery runtime is up to two years which is comparable with Swiss Kubik. A nice addition is that the Chronovision One can be powered by electricity up to six modules at the same time. 

With a three year warranty Chronovision offers certainty, even more than famous Swiss brands do. The question is; is the new Chronovision One watchwinder a Swiss Kubik killer? Time will tell....

13 apr2015

Interview with Mr. Von Ribbentrop (CEO - Stockinger)

For more inside news we like to interview the people behind a watchwinder brand. To learn more about their company, philosophy and view on the future. Today we present an interview with Mr. Dominik von Ribbentrop, the CEO of the famous brand Stockinger. Stockinger produces high end safes with built-in watchwinders and is a key player on the market. 

Could you please introduce yourself and function at Stockinger?

It is a pleasure speaking to you. My Name is Dominik von Ribbentrop and I’m CEO of Stockinger.  The manufacture of Stockinger produces custom-made unique objects, tailored specifically to the clients’ wishes and fantasies. We only use proven technology from Switzerland and Germany and employ highly experienced craftsmen, engineers, technicians and artists so that they can combine maximum security with elegant aesthetics. A Stockinger Safe provides not only optimum security, but also unrestricted enjoyment of your objects of beauty and value.

The most interesting thing about a Stockinger safe is the fact that they equip their safes with state-of-the-art watchwinder elements. Each winder can be programmed individually according each watches requirements. With a Stockinger watch safe you can make sure that your watch collection is kept totally safe because they meet the highest demands of the VDS in such a way that they are entitled to bear the extremely high VDS III (IV) security rating, based on EN 1143-1. This might explain why in more than a quarter of a century of existence, not a single Stockinger safe has been forcibly entered.

How would you describe the Stockinger company?

 Stockinger’s passion is to enrich the grey world of bulky safes with a high class product that is as secure as a bank, as precise as a master time piece, and as beautiful as a piece of the finest art. For our Bespoke Line, we offer a selection of models in different sizes, levels of security, and options to our clients. We only use the best materials and consistently meet the challenge of our customers’ most extravagant wishes with discretion and the very best in professional service.

How would you describe the Stockinger watchwinders?

We offer products for customers with special needs. Our customers highly appreciate that our safes keep their watches safe and wind at the same time. For Stockinger the watchwinder cabinets were the next logical step. Not everyone wants to hide his collection. Watch aficionados have invested a lot of money in their collection of beautiful timepieces and therefore want to enjoy their collection by displaying and looking at it. Our watchwinder cabinets fulfill this kind of purpose just perfect.

Protected by the German Patent and Trademark office, the Stockinger & Beluwo watchwinder technology creates the most precise watch winders. With our German technology for the first time ever, the data for any self-winding movement can be loaded into the memory of the watch winder thanks to the intelligent microprocessor control, resulting in a never-seen-before gentle and optimum winding. Each wristwatch will be kept and moved according to its own specific requirements as the watch specific optimal winding data will be downloaded onto the winder from a database that contains data of more than 8,000 different wristwatches. The technology implies a 16-hour active phase and an 8-hour resting phase. That way there is a perfect simulation of wearing a watch in the daily routine. Within the 16 hours of active phase the number of rotations is evenly spread out and at the end of each winding interval the watches will stop automatically at the 12 o ´clock position.

Can you tell us more about the production process?

Stockinger Safety First Class GmbH has been producing unique safes and security systems in Neuried near Munich for over 30 years. Quality control, first-class service, and absolute discretion are held in the utmost regard at Stockinger. The most convincing security fact: the safes are produced using the best possible plating offered anywhere in the world and project a striking, beautiful individuality in their appearance. This also applies to the inside of each safe, as well as the user-friendly digital automatic

Stocktronic accessing system, which offers the absolute freedom of enjoying valuables conveniently at any time.

Since a few months we now also offer beautiful watchwinder cabinets using the same winder technology as known from the safes. The elegant design is the perfect addition to the beauty of a hand-made timepiece and you will be delighted by the way it looks in combination every day. The technology is one of a kind based on a database with over 8.000 watches. So these cabinets know how to take care of each specific watch you might own.

What are the main markets for Stockinger? And can you tell us more about the business structure?

So far we have always dealt directly with the end customer. This way we will make sure that clients will receive an excellent service and advice. We are there for our clients every day and so we can provide them with advice and assistance. We also work with a limited number of highly competent dealers in selected places worldwide. We are also interested in cooperations with interior designs and architects.

In which way will Stockinger develop the coming years? What will be the focus?

We are always in a process of innovations, our personal approach is to meet any customer requirements and to exceed their quality expectation. What units our customers around the world and the Stockinger team is passion and drive to excellence. Passion for creativity and discovery, passion for craftsmanship and quality, passion for design and uniqueness.

If you would compare Stockinger with another brand, which brand is this and why?

 Many people can build a safe or a watchwinder. But for us at Stockinger, where their work ends, ours really begins. Every Stockinger safe has a security concept, which is the result of lengthy consideration, coupled with experience and insights. To treasure your high class watches, our watch winders both value and celebrate them on an elegant, high quality basis. For years, passionate watch collectors from all over the world have loved our watch winding solutions and innovations. There is no “either – or decision” we want the perfect solution.

What new projects can we expect from Stockinger in the nearby future?

Our personal approach is to offer both bespoke solutions for safes and for watchwinders. We want to expend our product range. Since recently we are able to customize watchwinder cabinets. In addition to our standard watchwinders with 2, 6 or 10 winders we also offer customized solutions such as cabinets with 4 or more watchwinders. Also the colour of the cabinets can be customized. Therefore, your watches are not only stored in the most appropriate way, but also presented in the most elegant way.

Why should we buy a Stockinger watchwinder? 

Due to our long experience with state-of-the-art watchwinders included in our safes, Stockinger now offers luxury watchwinder cabinets. To treasure your high class watches, our watch winders both value and celebrate them on an elegant, high quality basis. Our watchwinder technology offers an integrated database with the specifications of over 8.600 watch models to program each winder individually – just by using your smartphone or tablet pc. Programming is quickly done! But even if you don’t want to program each winder specifically, you can use a standard program just to keep your watches running. That is perfect for owners of bigger watch collections. 

The technology is proved by more than 15 applications at the German Patent and Trademark Office. With our partner Beluwo we work continuously to improve our products in order to offer the best watch winding technology – made in Germany.

1 apr2015

Baselworld 2015: Bernard Favre watchwinders

One of the most special watchwinders on the market is the Bernard Favre Planet watchwinder. Therefore it was really nice to receive an invitation to visit the booth of this Swiss watchwinder brand at Baselworld, Switzerland.

Everytime we meet Mr. Favre, the owner and inventor of the watchwinder brand, we notice a extreme passion for creating beautiful watchwinders. The location of the booth was a row of artisan exhibitors presenting their special creations. A perfect place to present the Bernard Favre Planet watchwinders and the special watch making tools Mr. Favre also produces. We noticed that many passersby looked at the beautiful presentation of watchwinders.

Mr, Favre told us that the success of the Planet watchwinder is incredible. A few big Swiss watch brands already placed orders to present their automatic watches in a Bernard Favre Planet watchwinder. A better compliment is hard to get.

While we enjoyed a perfect espresso Mr. Favre told us about his new plans for new series of watchwinders, the materials he would like to use and his thoughts about new concepts. He was also interested in our opinion and thoughts about his new concepts and this reflects his modesty and professional attitude to improve his products.

The Bernard Favre watchwinders are available at several premium shops worldwide. A Bernard Favre watchwinder is not only to wind an automatic watch, it's a statement regarding style and design. If you're interested in something special a watchwinder from Bernard Favre is certainly worth considering.

28 mar2015

New SPIN-R watchwinder; app-controlled

Spin-R informed us several months ago that they would launch a complete new compact watchwinder which is app-controlled. With other words; the settings of the watchwinder can be set and changed by a smart-phone.

We already noticed that several other brands are working with this same technology. For example Chronovision from Germany introduced us an app-controlled watchwinder last year at Baselworld. The production then was not finished, but we visited Chronovision at Baselworld last Saturday (21th March) and they now have a finished product; Chronovision One (soon we will publish an article about this brand on our blog).

At Baselworld we visited the booth of Spin-R for a first introduction of this new watchwinder. We must admit that we are very curious about this watchwinder, and the good news is that we are testing one right now to write a review about it.

We already can mention that this watchwinder has a very interesting price. The retail price will be around 159.00 - 179.00 USD which is extremely low for a watchwinder with modern technique.

The impression we had from Spin-R at Baselworld is that this Hong Kong brand is seriously improving it’s watchwinders with state of the art technique, and is serious competition for more famous watchwinder brands from the USA or Europe.

Nevertheless we will test the watchwinder to find out if it’s value for money. More to come....

25 mar2015

Buben & Zörweg at Baselworld 2015

At Baselworld (Basel- Switzerland) Buben & Zörweg presented it's master pieces for 2015. By invitation we visited the booth of Buben & Zörweg and did get a fine presentation of the luxury, fine materials and high end technique this Austrian brand offers. The friendly welcome, professional presentation and beautiful watchwinders was a perfect combination for us as watchwinder adepts. But more important, what did we see which is interesting for you?

 Buben & Zörweg "Private Museum"

One of the newest masterpieces is the "Private Museum" which is a showcase for collector's items with an appealing ambiance. It's suitable for watches, art objects and rare collector pieces. Thereby, the "Private Museum" is a masterpiece itself. It's made in Germany by the best materials and by the best craftsmen.

The showcase has high security reinforced glass (spy mirror function) and can be opened (top down) and then the safety system (invisible lasers) takes over. The precious watches, art or other collectors items are extremely safe because of the VDS-certified locking system with biometric fingerprint identification. 

For clients it's possible to choose the exact interior options you prefer. For example you can choose to use the "Private Museum" just for watches, or just for art, or for a combination of both. Thereby you can choose the exact colours (inside velvet) or optional explosion proof technique. 

The Buben & Zörweg Private Museum is a showcase which is an eye catcher itself. It combines the best materials with safety and German technique. 

 Buben & Zörweg for ladies

As we all know a watchwinder is mostly interesting for men. Men own more automatic watches which makes a watchwinder an interesting accessory. The most clients of Buben & Zörweg are men, but they also want to attract more ladies. Therefore the new Galaxy Safe line is introduced, with some special white coloured models. There are three new models; Galaxy XXL, XL and the tabletop. These safes are available in several colour combinations, but by presenting the XL in white leather at Baselworld it's no surprise that this model will attract ladies more than men. 

This new safe has a VDS 1 certification and has an keypad input and emergency key. Standard the Galaxy XL has 8 watchwinders (Time Movers) and 5 drawers, but of course Buben & Zörweg can produce the watchwinder exactly like you prefer. 

We checked the Galaxy XL in the booth and we noticed an extreme eye for detail, good solid materials and a very nice finishing of the leather (hand stitched). The ladies will love it! 

There is a lot more to share on this blog but we also would like to write about the other brands we visited. Soon we will present some articles about Buben & Zörweg's newest masterpieces.

23 mar2015

Soon: Interview with the CEO of Stockinger

We all like to read more about inside information from high end watchwinder brands. Since 1978 Stockinger "bespoke safes" produces handcrafted cabinets with built-in watchwinders. This combination of a watchwinder inside a safe is a welcome accessory for the real watch adept. Especially when the watch collection is of high value it's recommended to store the watches safely inside the safe.

Stockinger is one of the specialist brands in this field. And therefore we interviewed the Stockinger CEO, mr. Dominik von Ribbentrop. Soon we will present the complete interview on Watchwinder Blog!
19 mar2015

Elma Motion watchwinders makes watches move

For more than 50 years many watchmakers and watch manufacturers use Elma Motion watchwinders for their tests, reparations and final inspections. Nowadays Elma Motion has a strong collection of beautiful watchwinders that are not only ment for professionals but also for consumers who want to wind their automatic watches in a German hand made watchwinder. 

Elma Motion watchwinder; quality meets style

More and more owners of valuable watches feel the need to have their watch collection stored and wound in the best possible way. Perfect technical specifications are key. But design becomes more and more important too. Nobody wants to wind it's automatic watch in a ugly watchwinder. In our opinion a watchwinder needs to suit the watches in a way that corresponds with the personal attitude, style and budget of their owners.

But don't forget that the most important is that the watches need to be wound in a watchwinder which is suitable to wind a watch regardless brand or model. The Elma Motion watchwinders have all modern functions (rotation direction and selectable turns per day) to wind any watch. 

The nice thing about Elma Motion is that all watchwinders are handmade in Germany. This results in a high class quality and beautiful finishing. 

We are looking forward to more new Elma Motion watchwinders! 

24 feb2015

Baselworld 2015, more news about watchwinders

We are ready for Baselworld (in Basel, Switzerland) next month. Baselworld is world's largest fair about watches and watch accessories. All esteemed brands will exhibit between 19th and 26th March. Of course there will be several watchwinder brands presenting their newest models, high end technique and innovations. We already had some invitations to meet the most interesting watchwinder brands. 

Baselworld, what are our expectations?

A new year always brings new expectations. We are very curious which brands did improve and which didn't. For example, we see every year (nearly) the same watchwinder models at Scatola del Tempo. This Italian brand is not keen on making big changes to interest the consumer. They trust in their Italian craftmanship and expect the market for their watchwinders will be big enough. Result is that many official dealers are selling less and less, and we heard several official dealers already stopped selling Scatola del Tempo. 

We think the watchwinder market is changing quite a bit the last 2-3 years. There a new brands which produce very good watchwinders for very competitive prices. 

Brands as Buben & Zörweg, Bernard Favre and Orbita innovate a lot. They introduce new materials, new designs and also the possibility to personalize a watchwinder is good news. 

Last year we announced a new brand; Chronovision. Till today this brand hasn't presented it's models and we are keen to hear from them about the latest news. We are looking forward for this brand as the specifications look very promising. 

After Baselworld we will present you all news about the most esteemed watchwinder brands which exhibit at Baselworld. 

10 feb2015

Buben & Zörweg: express your own personality!

As world leader in luxury safes and built-in watchwinders, Buben & Zörweg now offers it's clients the opportunity to customize a safe. Luxury is in the details and a customized safe is an opportunity for a watch collector to express his personality and individuality. 

Specially for this occasion Buben & Zörweg introduces the One-77 safe with an exterior to perfectly match the exterior of a client’s Aston Martin One-77 Supercar. When the doors of this one-of-a-kind One-77 luxury safe opens, the hi-fi system plays the sound of the owner’s Supercar engine starting up. As said, luxury is in the details. 

 This One-77 can be produced in a staggering number of more than a million colours. This means that a client can choose the exact colour he prefers, without being affraid the neighbour next door buys the same safe in the same colour. In this price range you want to have something special and unique. 

The team of Buben & Zörweg takes all the time to find out the exact wishes of the client to produce the perfect safe, for example with built-in watchwinder or storage for cigars or a gun. The sky is the limit. 

That design and safety can be combined in a good way shows Buben & Zörweg in it's products. They use the most secure electronic systems for safes, which are originally designed and developed for Swiss banks. As we all know, Swiss banks have a reputation of being extremely safe. The designs are beautiful and only the best materials are used. 

When you're looking for the best, the most luxury and you have enough money to spend, then Buben & Zörweg is your best choice! 

22 jan2015

Döttling watchwinders, German handcraft since 1919

We have empathy with watchwinder brands that are family owned. Family businesses are mostly solid, ambitious and interested in the long-term. A good example of such a company is Döttling from Germany. This company was founded in 1919 by Ernst Döttling the great grandfather of today's CEO Markus Döttling.

In the beginning Ernst Döttling's company was a locksmith shop based in Sindelfingen. From 2007 the business expanded with luxury safes and watchwinders. Nowadays the Döttling watchwinders are well known and an important player in the field of luxury watchwinders. The current collection is handcrafted in Sindelfingen which results in the most beautiful pieces. Beautiful materials, craftmanship and quality are key elements for Döttling. 

All safes with build-in watchwinders are made by hand by the skilled craftsmen. The passion of the restorers, goldsmiths, locksmiths, saddlers, painters, and security specialists result in unique pieces ment for real watch enthusiasts. 

With more than 40 official dealers worldwide a Döttling watchwinder is never far away. The collection contains several different styles, materials and looks. The Döttling products are interesting because they combine a safe with a watchwinder. Many watch collectors do have multiple valuable watches which deserve a safe place. To combine this safe place with the rotation of a watchwinder is a great advantage. 

The real watch purist will certainly be interested in Döttling watchwinders, and we are too! 

22 jan2015

New Benson watchwinder series expected in April

 Since our visit at Benson watchwinders in december 2013 we follow this brand with interest. This Dutch company is a growing player on the watchwinder market and did surprise us with beautiful and mostly clever watchwinders which are suitable for any automatic watch. 

On the internet we see other reviews (we wrote one: review) by watch enthusiasts which are positive too about the watchwinders Benson produces. It's nice to see a relatively small brand is growing this fast, and making improvements which results in better watchwinders. 

We thought it's time to call Benson watchwinders and ask for their expectations for 2015. The first news is that the brand will launch a new series in April. This new series contains 4 watchwinder models for 2, 4, 6 and 8 watches. The design will be modern and there are more details which will give the watchwinders an appealing look.

The price level will go up too, as the new series do have the most modern technique. For example new improved motors, LCD display & control panel and LED backlight. 

Benson watchwinders informed us also that they will expand business with appointing distributors worldwide. Different companies did contact Benson watchwinder to explore the possibilities for a distributorship. In our opinion that's good news, as there is only a limited quantity of dealers right now, and more dealers in several countries would make a Benson watchwinder more easy to buy.

When the new series is available we love to test it and write about it in this blog.

15 jan2015

We wish you a happy Christmas!!!

We would like to thank you all for visiting our Watchwinder Blog. We hope you enjoyed our articles and reviews in 2014. The success of our blog depends from you, the watchwinder enthusiasts. We enjoyed your emails with hints, questions and remarks. The new year 2015 will bring a lot of news about the famous watchwinder brands and new technique, styles and models. 

But the most important; we wish you a great Christmas with family and/or friends! We are looking forward to 2015 and hope it will be another successful year!

22 dec2014

Watchwinder functions: TPD (turns per day) explained

 Watchwinders do have all kind of specific functions to wind automatic watches with the result that they keep running. One of these functions is to select the TPD (turns per day). This is the number of turns of the turntable (or rotor) that is required every 24 hours to keep the automatic watch wound. The exact movement brand and type (for example: Miyota 9015 or Sellita SW200) inside the watch determines the required TPD. There are differences between the movements which result in differences in required TPD.

Most automatic watches require a 600 to 1000 TPD. Nevertheless there are other watches which need a higher TPD, for example 1200 to 1900 TPD. A good watchwinder will offer a function to select the specific TPD manually. Therefore you can choose the required TPD for your specific automatic watch(es). Thereby all good watchwinders suitable for more than one automatic watch, offer the TPD function for all turntables individually. In case you have two or three different automatic watches with different required TPD you can set the exact TPD per turntable, so all watches are wound perfectly. 

It really depends on the watch which TPD is the best to select. If you're not sure, don't hesitate to ask the watch brand or salespoint where you bought the watch. There are also lists available on the internet where you can find a specific watch and its matching TPD. 

An important remark: please don't worry about a too high number of TPD (for example 1500 TPD when you watch require 1000 TPD), every modern watch has an overwind protection by a built-in slipping system

10 dec2014

An interview with Paul Chen of Paul Design watchwinders

Last week we met Paul Chen, the CEO of Paul Design watchwinders in Guangzhou, China. During our nice Chinese lunch Paul did tell us about his watchwinder brand, its filosofy and future plans. First we give you a short introduction about this brand. Paul Design is created by Paul Chen who worked for a company which import brands as Buben & Zörweg and Scatola del Tempo. Therefore he gained a lot of experience in the field of technique, materials and finishing. He now uses this experience for his own successful watchwinder brand; Paul Design.

Watchwinders made of high-end materials

Paul learned that a successful brand must offer perfect quality to penetrate in the current market of watchwinders. The competition is strong with brands from Europe. Nevertheless there is a gap between the cheap Chinese watchwinders and the high-end European watchwinders like Stockinger, Elma, Buben & Zörweg etc etc. This gap Paul wants to fill with his own brand of watchwinders. When we take a look at the Paul Design watchwinders we must say that we are surprised positively. The design looks great, the materials are solid and beautiful. Thereby the technique is state of the art. 

Future plans for Paul Design watchwinders

We asked Paul what to expect the coming years from his watchwinder brand. The answer is simple: produce high end watchwinders for an acceptable price. Quality is one of the most important elements to have happy clients. Next to quality is innovation. Innovation is important to offer the best functions to wind all automatic watches. Parts as motors, gearing and the control panel are the most important and need continious innovation to keep up with the high end brands. 

We expect a lot from Paul, as he is a smart and experienced guy with a feeling to create beautiful watchwinders. Paul, thank you for the nice Chinese lunch and our nice conversation! 

25 nov2014

What differences are there between watch holders?

When you have a great watch collection with beautiful automatic watches you want the watches to be safe inside the watchwinder. One of the most important parts of the watchwinder is the watch holder. The watch holder is important because it's the direct connection between the watch and the watchwinder itself. There are several systems available and the exact system depends on the brand. 


Many watchwinders have a pillow system which is easy to use and suitable for many watches as the size and form of the pillow can be adjusted by pressing it. Nevertheless pillow do wear easily as they are made of common fabric. There are also foam pillows available which are better in use and more durable. 

In our opinion pillows are not the best watch holding system as they cannot be fixed in the watchwinder. In other words, they can fall out easily when not put in carefully. If you put in the pillow with care they won't fall out, especially when the watchwinder has turntables in a more horizontal direction. But in a watchwinder with vertical turntables the question is if you're willing to take the risk with your watches. 

 Plug watch holder

A watch holder which you can plug into the watchwinder is our favorite. This system is mostly a plastic holder with velvet which has a spring to adjust the exact wrist size. Thereby it has a click system to fix the watch holder inside the watchwinder. When the watch holder including the watch is placed inside the watchwinder it cannot fall out. Especially for watchwinders with vertical turntables this is the best option. 

When you're interested to buy a watchwinder we advise you to buy a watchwinder with a plug watch holder which can be fixed. It's more safe for your watches and easy to work with. 

11 nov2014

Coming soon: review about Spin-R Single watchwinder

With great interest we follow Spin-R, a watchwinder producer from Hong Kong which surprised some years ago with the introduction of their Spin-R ecofriendly watchwinders. The design of this series is modern and stylish.

As Spin-R will introduce their new app-controlled watchwinders soon we are happy to review both models to see what changed in the last few years. Therefore we start this week with a review about the Spin-R Single watchwinder. Within a few weeks we will review the new Spin-R app-controlled watchwinder and compare both models to learn more about the innovation of Spin-R.

3 nov2014

Bernard Favre: the new Planet Black & Gold

Early this year we did meet Bernard Favre in Basel, Switzerland. During our conversation we noticed that he is a man with passion and love for creating beautiful things. Bernard Favre is the inventor and creator of several tailor-made watch accessoires. He worked with brands as Hublot, Chopard and Piaget. In 2011 he presented his Planet watchwinder, a beautiful watchwinder which is the result of craftmanship, traditional values, passion and high end materials.

 The Bernard Favre Planet watchwinder became a success worldwide. Based on this success Bernard Favre will introduce two new watchwinder models; the new Planet Black and Gold editions are launched within two weeks. These watchwinders are based on the existing Planet silver, but do vary in color/material (black and gold color).

The Bernard Favre Planet watchwinders do combine two specific elements which will attract many watch enthusiasts; state-of-the-art technique and stylish design. The watchwinders do look very nice and fit perfectly in a luxury environment.

If you would like to see more of Bernard Favre watchwinders please see here a very interesting video.

22 oct2014

New watch holder from Buben & Zörweg

Last week we received a package from Austria, from Buben & Zörweg. Inside the package was their newest watch holder, which is now in all new Buben & Zörweg “Masterpiece” watchwinders (except the Phantom).

The new watch holder had a production time (research and development) of more than 2 ½ years and is suitable for self-winding watches with cases of up to 60mm in diameter. Thereby Buben & Zörweg did make sure watches with a big crown also fit the new watch holder. And that's great news for owners of an oversized IWC, Panarai or Breitling watch. 

It’s important that a watch holder is suitable for 99% of all watches. But most are not….Most watch holders are only suitable for an average watch. The watch holder from Buben & Zörweg can be tailored to the specific needs of smaller mens and ladies wrists, which makes them suitable for almost every automatic watch. The new watch holder is available in black or camel brown velour and black leather. But it's also possible to customize your own watch holder for example in white or red leather. 

Another great advantage the new watch holder from Buben & Zörweg has to offer is the “click system”, a safety catch mechanism. When you put the watch holder inside the watchwinder the “click” sound tells you that the watch holder is in the right position. Thereby the watch holder is now fixed in the watchwinder and can’t fall out (like pillows). This means the automatic watches are safe inside the Buben & Zörweg watchwinder

When we take a look at the watch holder we are enthusiastic about the solid construction and nice materials (hardened plastic with micro fiber material). Because it’s an important part of the watchwinder and used many times it’s important the construction and materials are very good. The flexible system works fluently and the finishing is of a high level. Buben & Zörweg made sure that their new watch holder is suitable for every day use and it also looks splendid

19 oct2014

New technique at Paul Design watchwinders

 Earlier we wrote articles about the Paul Design watchwinders, and also tested the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3. This watchwinder brand is in motion and developing their models, technique and design very fast.

Yesterday we received an email from Paul Design informing us about the new features in their newest watchwinder models which are available now. First of all they did introduce a new winding system by RPH (rotation per hour) which is very accurate. Most brands do have a TPD (turns per day) system which is a good system, but not as accurate as the new RPH launched by Paul Design.

Thereby Paul Design did produce a new control system that allows the user to control up to 16 rotors by just one control panel. Normally you can control up to 8 rotors individually by one control panel, but Paul Design achieved to extend it to 16 rotors. Therefore it’s more easy to control all settings for your automatic watches by one control panel, instead of 2 or even 3 panels.

We al know the problem that an automatic watch doesn’t exactly fit the watch holder. The watch holder is too big (small watches or lady watches) or too small (big watches). Paul Design found a solution for this problem; a watch holder which is designed to fit all sizes of watches, not only for men but also for ladies. Some brands already have this special watch holder, but there are also brands which only provide one watch holder suitable for 95% of all watches, or provide two different watch holders (like Spin-R watchwinders).

The new Paul Design watchwinders also have a new micro fiber material inside the watchwinder to prevent all watches from scratches. It’s a great soft material, looks fine and is protective for your watches.

It looks like Paul Design did a great job making their watchwinders even better! In November we will meet Paul Chen, the CEO of Paul Design watchwinders and interview him about his brand, technique and philosofy. We do look forward to it! 

7 oct2014

New Smart-Tech watchwinders from Benson

Some watchwinder brands do have a little extra which makes it very interesting to follow them. One of these brands is Benson from the Netherlands. This Dutch brand produces watchwinders with an attractive price/quality ratio. Last year we already tested one of their Smart-Tech watchwinders and wrote a review about it. Therefore we are glad to see Benson did launch some new models in a very attractive price range. 

 Benson Smart-Tech 3.14.DB and 6.14.DB watchwinders

The Smart-Tech series consist the top range watchwinders from Benson. These watchwinders do have all kinds of extras like touchscreen display, remote control and a start/stop system. The new Benson Smart-Tech 3.14.DB and 6.14.DB do have these specs too, but have improved motors and gearing. Thereby the design did change a bit and these new models are only available in dark brown paint. 

 Instead of the current Smart-Tech watchwinders these new models do have their touchscreen inside the watchwinder. We must say that the dark brown paint is a great combination with the stainless steel feet. Also the glass door gives a perfect sight on the automatic watches turning around inside the watchwinder. 

It seems Benson is a brand which improves yearly and produces really good watchwinders for an interesting price, compared to other brands with the same or less specs. We already contacted Benson and asked if they can send a watchwinder for a complete review. Then we will write a new article about the new Benson Smart-Tech 3.14.DB or 6.14.DB and discuss the differences between the current models and these new models. 

If you're interested in the Benson watchwinders, take a look at their official website.

4 oct2014

New app-controlled watchwinder from Spin-R

The watch and watchwinder industry is quite conservative which makes technical innovations very interesting, as they are quite rare. When we visited Baselworld at the beginning of this year we noticed that some watchwinder brands innovate with a new feature: watchwinders controlled by smartphones. A simple app allows the user to set all important settings of the watchwinder without touching the watchwinder itself. 

The nice thing is that these apps do have all watch winding specs for many automatic watches available instantly. This will make it far more easy for the user to set the exact settings his/her automatic watch(es) need. Spin-R from Hong Kong will introduce a new watchwinder with app control. It works with bluetooth connectivity. Spin-R produces modern watchwinders with attractive designs in several colors. The interesting prices do make this Asia brand very attractive for the starting watch collector. 

We hope this technical development will result in more interesting functions for watchwinders. We know that many brands work hard on these innovations and we are sure 2015 will be a year full of new gadgets, functions and innovations.

The question is; do you really need a app-controlled watchwinder? In our opinion it's a great feature but not absolutely necessary. It's handy and trendy and will attract a younger consumer which is used using his/her smartphone in daily life! The new Spin-R watchwinders are launched already at Baselworld and the Hong Kong watch fair (September 2014) and will be available soon!

23 sep2014

Interesting facts about watchwinders!

 Many watch enthusiasts talk about watchwinders as it's an important watch accessory for automatic watches. Some are negative about watchwinders, but most are very positive. The first group exists mostly of those who don't have a watchwinder, because those who have a watchwinder experienced how great this accessory is. 

In this article we will discuss multiple facts about watchwinders to give you a bit more background information. 

A watchwinder is handy for those who have one or more automatic watches

When you have more than one automatic watch you definitely know that it's absurdly to wind-up your watches every day to keep them running. Of course it's important that automatic watches keep in motion to lubricate the oil inside and keep the parts smoothly working together, but it's wasting time to do it all manually and you can wear only one! Therefore a watchwinder is a perfect solution. It keeps all automatic watches in motion in a safe environment, and you can pick the watch you want to wear without the obligation to wind the watch by hand and adjust the time, date and/or other functions. 

A watchwinder is good for the durability of your automatic watches

As we all know it's not good to drive a car once per year. A car needs to be in motion to keep all functions working. We can compare a car with an automatic watch. An automatic watch also needs motion to keep the oil inside the movement fluently distributed over the mechanical parts. What people often think is that a watchwinder rotates continuously, but that's not true. Almost all watchwinders do have programs which alternate rotation with a resting phase. The higher the number of turns per day (TPD) to smaller the resting phase. 

 Modern automatic watches do have a "stress" protection inside the watch, to avoid too much stress to the movement. Thereby all modern watchwinders have a system that also avoid stress, by offering different programs (rotation vs resting phase). 

You can also think in terms of durability when you wind-up the watch by hand; you need to open the crown (to wind-up the movement) and adjust the time, date and/or other functions. This also results in wear, especially as the crown is one of the weakest parts of a watch. When you use a watchwinder you (almost) never have to pull out the crown and adjust the settings. 

A good watchwinder doesn't have to cost a lot of money! 

Please don't consider a Chinese watchwinder (= Chinese motor inside), as it's a waste of money. It will probably function less than one year, or starts making a lot of noice. A good watchwinder with for example Japanese Maibuchi motors will do the job. They are available from 99 euros (130 USD). Of course, when you want a special watchwinder with Swiss technique and a great design you need to have a bigger budget. Also when you have multiple watches to wind you need a bigger watchwinder, which results in a higher price.

Watchwinders are available in all kind of price ranges, materials, designs and colors. Just choose the watchwinder that fits your automatic watch collection and budget.

10 sep2014 - a new online store for watchwinders!

As writers for blog about watchwinders we are always interested in news about watchwinders. Not only we are interested in brands with news about their latest models and newest technology, we are also keen on shops who sell watchwinders. It's nice to see that more and more online stores do focus on selling watchwinders as perfect accessory for automatic watches. There was a time that watchwinders were only sold by jewelers but the last 5 years more and more watchwinder brands do sell online, by official dealers and/or their own online store. 

We think this is a great development, as it gives the consumer more options to check out models and compare different models and brands with each other., a new online store for watchwinders.

Recently we saw a new online store which did attract us because of the trendy webdesign and interesting brands. We did get in touch with the owner and he informed us that after launching in 2010 for the Dutch and Belgian market he noticed a growing interest from consumers abroad. Then he developed a new business plan to sell worldwide with a more global online store. At the end of 2013 they did purchase the URL from a US company and started developing a new online store on it. 

Now is live for 2 weeks. With brands as Swiss Kubik, Rapport, Underwood London, Scatola del Temo, Bernard Favre, Elma, Eilux and less known Benson, Paul Design and Heisse & Söhne they have a great collection of low, middle and high-end range watchwinders. 

To sell watchwinders internationally you need to offer several payment and shipping options. Thereby delivery directly from stock is important to supply the customer quickly. In our opinion did a great job by considering what a consumer nowadays expect when he/she buys online. All options are available and there is a great mix of brands. 

Did you see another interesting shop with nice watchwinders? Please e-mail us! 

25 aug2014

Buy your first watchwinder

 When your interested in automatic watches there is a moment that you have several automatic watches and want to wear more than one regularly. The problem is that when you want to change the watch for another, this watch doesn't run as there is no energy left in the watch.

What you can do is wind the watch by turning the crown or gently shake the watch whereafter you adjust the time, date and other functions. As we all know this could be a time consuming job. To make our lives more simple there are watchwinders! A watchwinder does wind your automatic watches so you can wear the preffered watch immediately without adjusting the time and date as a result there was no energy left in the movement. 

How to buy your first watchwinder

When you have a small watch collection of 2-3 pieces we advise you to buy a watchwinder suitable for 3 or 4 watches. If you have a free turntable there is always a good excuse to buy another automatic watch:) 

The price of the watchwinder depends from the watches you have. There is no point in buying a cheap watchwinder when you have several high end watches from brands as Breitling, Rolex or IWC. Then don't be a "scrooge" and buy a beautiful watchwinder from a well known brand that fits to your watch collection. 

 When you're just starting your watch collection, then we advise you to buy a relatively cheap watchwinder (up to 300 USD) to gain experience with watchwinders in general. Then you can discover exactly what you need and save money to extend your watch collection. Don't buy a watchwinder with Chinese motors, as they break down quite quick. Buy a watchwinder with Japanese Maibuchi motors, or when you have more money to spend a watchwinder with Swiss motor. 

We advise to buy a watchwinder with the adjustable TPD (turns per day) function as it's better to have options for different automatic watches. Then you can select the exact TPD per watch. Normally, all watchwinders do rotate left, right and alternate so the preffered direction of rotation of your watch is covered. 

Enjoy your watch collection, and make sure you have a good watchwinder to keep them turning:) 

23 aug2014

Modern watchwinders from Chronovision - Germany

In march this year we wrote an article about a new player on the watchwinder market. We gave a sneak preview about the promising brand Chronovision from Germany. At Baselworld we saw the samples of their first model: "One". With interesting functions as speed winding, sleeping mode and USB connection this watchwinder does interest us very much. Thereby the functions of the One watchwinder can be set by a smartphone which makes it a gadget too.

In the field of single watchwinders Swiss Kubik is famous and does offer high quality watchwinders. Though, Swiss Kubik watchwinders are not cheap which makes it interesting for other brands to present a single watchwinder in the price gap below 500 euro. Of course Swiss Kubik has the new ABS models which have a lower price, but in fact these watchwinders are not offering that functions which Chronovision does.

Chronovision estimates to start with 40-50 different variations (in color and materials) and the sales will start at november. Exact prices are not known yet, but we expect them in a price range of 400-550 euro.

19 aug2014

Stockinger watchwinder cabinets

An interesting watchwinder brand from Germany is Stockinger, which is specialized in producing watchwinders with built-in safes to keep high valuable watches safe. The technique Stockinger uses is protected by German patents. Each automatic watch will be wound according to its own specific requirements based on the database that contains data of more than 8.000 different wristwatches and will be downloaded onto the watchwinder.

The Stockinger watchwinders are 100% made in Germany (except the Maxton motors which are made in Switzerland) and use technology of Beluwo which is the inventer of "smart interface"; a modern microprocessor controller. The brand does focus on quality and an user friendly interface. Thereby these watchwinders can be controlled and programmed by smart phones and tablets. Every watch can be wound individually and each rotor has it's own motor.

We would describe Stockinger as a high end watchwinder brand with a beautiful mix between modern design, perfect materials and state of the art technique. By using Maxton motors Stockinger guarantees a very long durabilty as Maxton motors are also used by NASA in their "Mars rovers".

If you're looking for a great watchwinder made of nice materials and build in Germany...then Stockinger could be a good choice!

The Stockinger watchwinders are available from 2.400 euro (excl. VAT). As we like this brand we displayed an extra photo:)

4 aug2014

Underwood watchwinders, luxury winding technology

The history of Underwood goes back to 1926 when the Italian Rustioni founded the company. In the beginning Underwood was a company specialized in producing high quality leather products in the tradition of Italian craftmanship. In the 90's the company started to develop and produce watchwinders to wind automatic watches.

Quality inside the Underwood watchwinders

Everybody know that a good watchwinder has a good motor. Underwood uses the high end motors of Maxon, a Swiss company specialized in motors for many purposes. These motors are used by more leading watchwinder brands.

Next to the motors, the gearing is very important too. The gearing is between the motor and the turntable and makes sure the power of the motors is transfered, to turn around the turntable.

Design and exterior

The design of the Underwood watchwinders can be described as modern and functional. The designs are compact which makes the smaller models attractive for use during travels or holiday.

The exteriour materials are wood or leather. Especially the orange leather does attract us! But you can also choose for a wooden watchwinder which has a more classic look. The Underwood watchwinders can be used with batteries and a power adapter. Therefore these watchwinders are extremely handy and easy in use.

We will keep an eye on this brand, and will make sure you will read all news here on Watchwinder Blog.

15 jul2014

New Buben & Zörweg VIP lounge in Moscow

Brands as Buben & Zörweg do have our special interest as they are one of the market leaders regarding watchwinders. Their innovations, craftmanship and design are appreciated by celebrities as Michael Schumacher, Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Beckham.

Buben & Zörweg is not a brand which produces watchwinders for the mass market, they produce high end watchwinders which do have firm prices. Therefore this Austrian brand tries to attract the consumers who have the finances to buy a beautiful watchwinder. The capital of Russia, Moscow, is a place where they have a great sense for luxury goods. Therefore Buben & Zörweg decided to open a VIP lounge in the "Zhukoffka Plaza" where you can see, touch and feel the masterpieces produced by Buben & Zörweg.

2 jul2014

Orbita watchwinders for the best automatic watches.

 Among the best watchwinder brands worldwide, is certainly Orbita from the USA. Orbita is a high end brand which produces beautiful watchwinders with the best materials and reliable technique. We did contact Orbita and soon we received a full package with information about Orbita and the nice watchwinders they produce. 

High end materials - pure quality.

The Orbita website says the company aims for the best. This results in watchwinders with natural materials als wood and leather. They also claim that they focus on leading edge winding technology based on fresh ideas, innovative systems and superior drives, gears and control components. When we take a look at the collection we must say Orbita did a great job. The watchwinders combine quality with a classical design. The Orbita watchwinders are handmade and therefore quite exclusive.

Orbita competes with other high end brands.

In Europe Orbita is less known than in the USA. But with a new strategy Orbita will try to gain marketshare in Europe to present and promote their watchwinders. Of course there is a lot of competition from brands as Elma Motion, Büben & Zorweg and Underwood London and some others. But Orbita has an important advantage; their reputation is very good in the USA and they already proved they produce perfect watchwinders for the real watch collector. Orbita watchwinders are not for the average owner of an automatic watch, they are not cheap and standard. On the other hand, if you prefer quality and a high end watchwinder brand, Orbita is certainly a brand worth considering. It offers supreme watchwinders to wind automatic watches.

We will follow Orbita in their "battle" to conquer Europe. We expect we will hear more about Orbita soon, as they have big plans and great watchwinders.

16 jun2014

Tested: the Scatola del Tempo Rotor One HDG watchwinder

 Last three weeks we did test the Scatola del Tempo Rotor One DHG watchwinder. We were very excited to test a watchwinder from an Italian brand which claims they produce high end watchwinders.

During the first week our excitement changed into slight disappointment. Why? Read the complete review about this expensive Italian watchwinder here.

28 may2014

Relatively unknown, Avante watchwinders

 Next to many famous watchwinder brands there are also many relatively unknown brands which produce very nice watchwinders. One of these brands is Avante from Hong Kong. This brand tries to join the high end brands with beautiful watchwinders. Thereby, the Avante watchwinders do have all kind of functions to wind-up an automatic watch very easily. 

Avante watchwinders try to combine avant-garde design with innovative technique. Their flagship watchwinder model "Virtuoso" features the world's most compact auto elevated watch winding system, which is even patented. The secure locking system ensure absolute safety of the watch collection. Of course it will stop automatically if it detects hands to protect injury or damage.

 That Avante watchwinders are innovative is also because of the smart-card system. The watchwinder operates using the smart-card. There is always a "master key" to reset the watchwinder. The luxury Avante watchwinder models do have a warning alarm which is activated in case of vibration or movement. The silent operation and dual battery packs make sure every watchwinder from this Hong Kong brand is well prepared to wind-up all kind of automatic watches.

The last months there was not too much news from Avante, but we hope that they will keep innovating and producing very nice watchwinders. 

12 may2014

Scatola del Tempo overpriced watchwinders

At Baselworld we were invited at several brands which produce watchwinders. Thereby we always take a look at booths of other watchwinder brands. We take a look at the new collection, the innovations and try to get some inside information from the brand itself.

After our visit at Buben & Zörweg we rushed to the booth of the Italian watchwinder producer Scatola del Tempo. They claim that they invented the first watchwinder. They also claim that they are a high end brand with perfect quality watchwinders. Scatola del Tempo positions itself in the

range of Buben & Zörweg, Erwin Sattler and other leading brands. The questions is, is this correct?

When we take a look at the Scatola del Tempo watchwinders we see nice watchwinders made of wood or leather (leather covered). The watchwinders are handmade in Italy. But when we take a closer look we see a watchwinder collection which haven't changed many years regarding materials, innovations or technique. A Scatola del Tempo watchwinder is a very simple watchwinder with a minimum of extras or functions. They don't have special technique or design which makes them more special than other (less expensive) brands.

So why pay a lot of money for a standard watchwinder, which other brands do offer for 20%-30% of the Scatola del Tempo prices. To be honestly, we don't know.....In our opinion you pay a lot of money for the brand(name), not for perfect quality, material or special functions. Many other watchwinder brands do offer far more interesting watchwinders with the latest technique made of beautiful wood or genuine leather, at a much lower price.

Maybe this is the reason the sales of Scatola del Tempo were not that great in 2013 in Europe. At Baselworld we spoke with a few dealers and they told us they sold less than expected. We think the consumer is too clever to buy a "high end" watchwinder which doesn't offer the quality, design and functions which belong to such a high price.

In our opinion Scatola del Tempo shouldn't trust on their history, it should invest in new watchwinders with innovations and perfect specs for a fair price. Is Scatola del Tempo a high end watchwinder brand? In our opinion not, because they only focus on materials like wood and leather, but only materials don't make a beautiful watchwinder. If they don't innovate they will loose from their competition which is really keen on developing their watchwinder collections.

Within the next week we will test a Scatola del Tempo watchwinder in our Review section.

25 apr2014

Spin-R watchwinders; new models at Baselworld

 Baselworld is the place to be to check out all new watchwinders presented by all brands that matter. As you could read on our blog we visited Scatola del Tempo (an article will follow soon), Heisse & Söhne, Chronovision, Erwin Sattler, Buben & Zörweg and Spin-R. About this last brand we will write in this blog article.

Spin-R is a brand of the Natpak company from Hong Kong. Before the renovation at Baselworld, Spin-R had a great booth in hall 6, the Asia hall. After the renovations, which made the fair even more beautiful, Spin-R was located in a relatively small booth in hall 4. In our opinion the location is not that great, because it's not "en route" which makes it more difficult to attract interested people.

Nevertheless the welcome by Spin-R was very warm. All current models were present in several colors. Thereby Spin-R is working hard to launch a complete new watchwinder series. This new series is a compact watchwinder which is totally controlled by a smartphone. It developed a special app which allows you to set the watchwinder exactly like your preferences. With the build-in battery and LCD display the new Spin-R watchwinder is quite modern and compact. We have seen more companies investing in technique to control/set a watchwinder with a smartphone. We expect this technique will be quite common within 6-12 months.Spin-R expects to launch her new series within 3-5 months.

 Spin-R watchwinders are no high-end watchwinders but they do offer a great quality for money. The finishing, material and functions are more than okay. The retail prices are fair. We think Spin-R watchwinders are mostly attractive for those watch lovers who want a modern watchwinder for a acceptable price.

We will keep you posted about the new Spin-R watchwinders.

17 apr2014

New Swiss Kubik watchwinders presented in Basel

 Most watch enthousiast do know Swiss Kubik, a Swiss company designing and developing nice looking watchwinders in Geneva, Switzerland. Their watchwinders are compact and do have reliable technique which is an example for many brands. 

We did attend Baselworld, as the last 6 years, and visited the booth of Swiss Kubik in hall 2.2. The booth was looking very good, with optimal presentation of the Swiss Kubik watchwinders. At the moment we were there, it was not too crowded but that was only our luck. It allowed us to take a good look at the new Swiss Kubik watchwinders. 

Next to the current collection, Swiss Kubik presented some months ago the new "Startbox" watchwinders. These models are made from polyamide and are almost 50% cheaper in retail price than the well known regular kubic watchwinders of the Swiss brand. It's a very simple but effective watchwinder which is available in several colors; white, blue, yellow, orange and red. With this new model Swiss Kubik tries to gain market share in a interesting 300-500 euro playing field. 

Another new model of Swiss Kubik is the "Kub". It's a kind of secret box which offer space for multiple watchwinders and has a smart-phone terminal. This allows you to set the watchwinder according your preferences, but it can also connect with your stereo system or lighting system, by the Domotic system. 

We enjoyed visiting the Swiss Kubik booth in Basel. It's a brand which is always developing new interesting things and innovates every year.

12 apr2014

Buben & Zörweg watchwinders at Baselworld

There are watchwinder brands which are really special. You can compare them with the status Ferrari and Porsche do have. These brands are unique and only use the best materials, most unique designs and best skilled craftsmen. One of these brands, and for sure market leader in the field of watchwinders, is Buben & Zörweg from Austria. 

Introduction of Buben & Zörweg

In 2015 Buben & Zörweg will celebrate two decades in the luxury watchwinder business. The company was founded in 1995 in Austria. First it focussed on producing high end watchwinders. Then they started to develop quality clocks (like Erwin Sattler) and now they create a combination of all demands a men has. The current products Buben & Zörweg produces are combinations of a watchwinder, a humidor, a safe and wine storage. Of course you can customize your "object of time" (as Buben & Zörweg calls it) according your own preferences. The sky is the limit. 

 Our meeting at Baselworld with Buben & Zörweg

Buben & Zörweg did invite us to visit their booth at Baselworld. An invitation we accepted happily. We were also invited to visit their factory in Germany during Baselworld, but unfortunately we had some other appointments with other watchwinder brands. We hope we get the change to visit the factory in the future, because we heard it's something very special.

We visited the booth of Buben & Zörweg the previous years, so we knew what to expect. The booth is one complete showroom with the top products Buben & Zörweg has to offer. Soon we met Ms. Simone Stocker, the marketing specialist of this Austrian brand. She only worked two weeks for the brand but she informed us very well about all important things. The nice thing was that she didn't had a standard "marketing speach" about how great Buben & Zörweg is. She did comfort us and told in her own style about the history, the innovations and materials of the "objects of time". 

Soon we discovered the high end pieces Buben & Zörweg produces. We were allowed to test, touch and try all models which were present at the booth. Ms. Stocker did show us all functions and secret buttons some models do have. For example there are secret buttons which present a complete new board of turntables or a new storage room. All Buben & Zörweg watchwinders which do have a safe do have the VDS predicate, which means they are incredible well build to avoid theft. This is quite important when you store your expensive watches inside. 

 Unique luxury for the happy few

A Buben & Zörweg watchwinder is not for anyone, they do cost a lot of money. For example the model build in cooperation with the famous car brand Aston Martin has a price of 200.000 euro. On the other hand you get a high end "object of time" which meets the highest standards and is build with the best materials and by skilled craftsmen. 

Thereby if you have a high value watch collection with brands as Rolex, Breguet, Patek and IWC it's also important to store it safe, in style and easily. If you have the money, why not use a great watchwinder of Buben & Zörweg? It's not only a watchwinder, it's a piece of furniture in your office, living room or bedroom. 

Visit here Buben & Zörweg to see their beautiful "objects of time". 

6 apr2014

Chronovision watchwinders: a sneak preview

At Baselworld the new watchwinder brand Chronovision will be launched and presented to the public. This new brand is 100% made in Germany and offers high end watchwinders with unique technology and quality. Chronovision watchwinders are a perfect mix between supreme technology and exquisite materials.The first series of Chronovision is the "One".

We spoke with the CEO of Chronovision Mr. J. Heisse who told us about the background and technical specifications of the watchwinders. With several patents and trademarks Chronovision will attack the market position of brands as Swiss Kubik and Rapport London.

The unique system of the Chronovision watchwinders can communicate with other modules of the One series.The rotation direction and turns per day (TPD) can be set by USB and bluetooth via PC, MAC or smartphone. Extra options as a "sleeping mode" and "speed winding". The German motor and gearing assure a high quality technique which makes sure the watchwinder is completely silent, even when you wind heavy automatic watches.

The battery life will be around 2 years which is really long. At this moment only Swiss Kubik can meet this period. With three years warranty a Chronovision watchwinder is a good and safe choice for the automatic watch lover.

Retail prices are not available yet. After Baselworld the official retail prices will be communicated by this blog.

20 mar2014

Baselworld 2014 is coming!

The worlds largest watch & jewellery fair, Baselworld, will be held from March 27th till April 3th in Basel, Switzerland. Of course we will attend the fair and visit all exhibitors related to watchwinders. Brands as Swiss Kubik, Buben & Zörweg, Elma, Rapport, Spin-R and Scatola del Tempo will present their newest watchwinder models. We are looking forward to see the new technique, materials and designs. 

We have been invited by some brands to take a closer look at the new watchwinders and get inside information about the filosophy and people behind the brand. 

Our expectations are very high for Buben & Zörweg as they present every year state of the art watchwinders in their beautiful booth. Thereby we are interested in Scatola del Tempo, as they claim they are the first manufacturer of watchwinders they should be able to present some special models which are handmade in Italy. 

Some weeks ago we wrote about Rapport watchwinders, our conclusion was that their current collection was a bit old-fashioned. We will take a look and find out if they did modernize their collection with new trendy watchwinders. 

Last years we saw Spin-R watchwinders presenting their colorful watchwinders with professional LCD display. We are curious if they improved and extended their current collection, as Spin-R is a nice brand with affordable watchwinders for people who are interested in a watchwinders but don't want to spend too much. 

There will be a lot to see and write about. We will let you know the latest news around Baselworld and find out which brands will be popular in 2014. 

12 mar2014

Modalo watchwinders, value for money?

You can buy them everywhere, Modalo watchwinders. The company BEIMA International is based in Germany and was founded in 2006. BEIMA is the owner of the Modalo brand, which was launched in 2007.

Modalo has a worldwide distribution network and is sold in more than 20 countries. A Modalo dealer is never far away.

 When we take a look at the Modalo website it seems a well structured website with a lot of graphics. The watchwinders are presented well with good photos and clear information.

The Modalo watchwinders are made in China and therefore quite reasonable priced. Modalo gives two ears of warranty on their products.

On the internet the opinions about Modalo seems to be 50/50. Many owners of a Modalo watchwinder do like the luxury design and affordable price. On the other hand we see quite some negative experiences from owners who have troubles with the motors and complain about the increasing sound. Nevertheless it's hard to judge a brand on these experiences.

The experiences are mostly from 1-2 years ago. We are sure Modalo improved it's quality like most watchwinder brands do. The most important factor is using high quality motors, as most problems with a watchwinder are motor related.

We asked some official Modalo dealers and they are quite happy with the brand. Though, some complained about the fact that Modalo is sold on Ebay. It won't improve the exclusivity and brand reputation of Modalo. It's the reason many watchwinder brands don't allow their official dealers to sell on Ebay.

In the lower price class Modalo could be a good watchwinder to start with. If you're looking for a bit more quality and reliability you have to spend more money. We will follow Modalo watchwinders and test some of their products in the nearby future.

25 feb2014

How to buy a watchwinder for your watch collection

 The watchwinder as tool for a watch collection gains more and more popularity. A watchwinder is not only very handy to keep your automatic watches running, it also is a nice accessory in the living room, bedroom or office. There is a lot to choose and many watchwinder brands do offer great watchwinders which will wind up your watches without a hitch. 

When you are interested in a watchwinder for your automatic watches there are some questions you have to ask yourself. 

1) What should be the capacity of the watchwinder?

When you decide to buy a watchwinder it's important to know how many watches from you collection need a watchwinder. In other words, how many automatic watches do you have and which do you want to place in a watchwinder? 

There is no point in winding watches which you wear almost never. A watchwinder is handy when you have multiple watches which you wear regularly. 

2) What is my budget for a watchwinder? 

Do you have a huge watch collection with valuable watches then it's good to choose a high end watchwinder. Normally they offer more comfort, durable motors and a high level of finishing. Thereby it's nice that the watchwinder matches your watch collection in quality and charisma. Brands as Scatola del Tempo, Buben & Zörweg, Elma and Underwood are interesting. 

If you're looking for a good quality watchwinder but don't want to pay very much, there is a lot to choose. Brands as Heisse & Söhne, Wolf, Eilux, and Benson do offer a good price/quality ratio. 

If you just want to try a watchwinder and check out if it's something handy you use for a longer period you can buy a cheap Chinese watchwinder. They are cheap and not bad in the beginning, but you risk defects and noise when you use it longer than 1 year. But this a good option to get used to a watchwinder and don't spend to much money. If you're happy using a watchwinder you can improve by buying a better brand. 

3) Where do I buy a watchwinder?

There are so many online shops offering watchwinders. The problem is that many shops do offer only Chinese watchwinders. They say they are of great quality and the prices are attractive. Please note that these watchwinders are nice for the short term, but will have problems later on. 

 In the US and Europe there are very good online shops which are official dealer of famous brands and do offer a wide variety of good watchwinders. There you can compare and select the watchwinder according your preferences. If you need help, just email them. A good watchwinder shop will give you advise which makes it more easy to buy the watchwinder you want. 

Unfortunately there are only a few jewelers offering watchwinders in their stores. They take too much space and the jeweler prefers to sell watches. Nevertheless the watchwinder is a populair accessory and underestimated by jewelers. Offering watchwinders will improve their sales and satisfy their clients

Conclusion; there is no perfect watchwinder. You have to think about your watch collection and your demands. Then choose a good watchwinder from a good shop with original brands, fair prices and good after-sales. 

13 feb2014

Bernard Favre, creator of an incredible watchwinder

 Most watchwinders do look the same; a square box with winding technology inside. But there are watchwinders which do not follow the standard designs. Brands as Buben & Zörweg but also Origin Times do create special watchwinders based on a different theme. Bernard Favre is a person who likes to create extraordinary watchwinders too. 

Born in Neuchatel, the area of watchmakers he develops and produce items for the watch industry. It's a fact that Bernard Favre is a creative person as he is also a jazz drummer in his leisure time. 

Most of time he play to shape and combine different materials in his workshop. One day this brought him to a 3 dimensional spirit item that represent the planet with 3 rings. The following was a game of logical laws of physics and innovation. 

It took several years of cooperation with craftsmen from the watch making sector untill the unique watchwinder was ready; the "Planet" winding system. The watchwinder moves in several directions which is a spectacular sight.

It supplies the automatic watch with energy in a brilliant way. You can even connect a USB cable and set the direction and turns per day. It has all specifications a modern watchwinder should have.

Of course this watchwinder is not for everybody, but the real watch enthusiast will love this watchwinder. In the nearby future Bernard Favre will present new models based on the "Planet" model, suitable for more automatic watches. 

The Bernard Favre "Planet" watchwinder retailprice is 1'290 Swiss Franc, which is USD 1420 or 1050 Euro. All prices incl. VAT. It comes in a high end presentation case with USB cable, adapter, glass shell and travelling case. 

31 jan2014

Eilux watchwinders: modern technology

 Many watchwinder brands do use modern technology and Eilux is one of the leading brands regarding technical innovation. The Eilux watchwinders do have a quite modern design with materials as steel, glass and leather. But the magic happens inside the watchwinder, with modern solid-state microprocessors which controls the super metal conductor engine. 

Eilux has some special features as super quiet operation, natural winding function, ultra long battery life and an anti-bacterial design

The most important quality of Eilux is that they offer their watchwinders for very reasonable prices. With a dealer network in more than 20 countries a Eilux watchwinder dealer is never far away.

Soon we will present a test review about one of the Eilux watchwinder models.

21 jan2014

Extraordinary watchwinder from Origintimes; the Oil Baron

Sometimes we see a great watchwinder looking totally different than any other. The Oil Baron from Origintimes is a great piece of technology. It's an extraordinary method to wind an automatic watch, and also looks beautiful. We can watch hours looking at the special motion. 

There are several models available. In stainless steel and a 24 carat gold plated version (photo). 

All parts of this watchwinder are from solid metal and show the pure craftmanship. This watchwinder is not for a starting watch enthousiast, but more for the real watch lover. Is it so expensive as it looks? Yes........Well done Origintimes!

13 jan2014

Buben & Zorweg at the "Salon belles montres" in Paris

 We all know that Buben & Zorweg is one of the leading producers of watchwinders. Their products are unique and produced by well trained craftsmen.
Their credo is: Buben & Zorweg delights watch lovers with unique masterpieces of craftsmanship. The symbiosis between compelling innovation and exquisite design characterises and defines their exclusive watchwinders. 

Buben & Zorweg in Paris

The seventh “Salon Belles Montres“ held at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris at the end of November 2013 once again attracted passionate lovers of fine watches from around the world. Buben & Zorweg was represented with luxurious watchwinder masterpieces. 

Grand Collector XL

Passionate watch collectors have a special trait: they do not want to be limited by superficial matters. Their passion grows as time goes on. The Grand Collection XL offers optimal storage for an endless range of elegant watches, keeping them safe in a stylish, understated design with clean, classic lines. The most valuable watches can be kept secure in a German-made high-security safe. 
7 jan2014

Rapport watchwinders, old fashioned or retro?

Rapport was founded in 1898 when Maurice Rapport produced his first wristwatch and started his timepiece company. Nowadays Rapport only produces watchwinders and watch boxes to store watches. 

With more than 115 years of experience Rapport is one of the oldest companies, active in the field of watches, producing watchwinders. Since the 1980s designers of Rapport did create a blueprint for a range of watchwinders with advanced mechanics.

Last year we visited Baselworld and did take a look at the booth of Rapport. We spoke with Oliver Rapport (the director) and Brian Barton (sales manager). They welcomed us and gave us an introduction about Rapport watchwinders. We noticed they are very passionated about their products which is quite important. In this economic hard times it's important to believe in your brand and products.

 Then we took a look at the current collection. We must compliment Rapport watchwinders with their design and finishing. The materials are beautiful and the design is luxury. Though, we noticed many models have the same design; classical. Only the new Evolution series has a more modern look but is only a small part from the total collection.

It seems Rapport watchwinders does focus on the traditional watch lover using a classical watchwinder. But in our opinion Rapport misses a big part of the watchwinder market, because many watch lovers prefer a more modern design. Brands as Wolf, Swiss Kubik and Eilux do produce modern watchwinders which are quite popular.

If you're interested in a more classical looking watchwinder, Rapport would be your choice. The watchwinders are beautiful, the technique is solid and the retailprices are fair. But don't waste your time if you're interested in a modern watchwinder, except the Evolution series Rapport has not much to choose.

We would welcome a more modern Rapport watchwinder series and are very curious about a design they would choose. Maybe Baselworld 2014 will bring more news.....

3 jan2014

Happy New Year! We wish you a great 2014

Watchwinder Blog wishes you a beautiful 2014! We hope this year will bring us innovations, news and interesting models in the field of watchwinders. This year started promising because many watchwinder brands do discount their watchwinders in the first period of the year. They want to sell out the old models and present their newest models in Basel at Baselworld (Switzerland) at the end of March.

Of course you will find here all latest news about these watchwinder brands and more background information about new watchwinders, technique, innovations and design. 

3 jan2014

We tested the Benson Smart-Tech 8.13.B watchwinder

Are you interested in more information about watchwinders and their background? Then you will enjoy the review section of Watchwinder Blog. In our review section we will write about watchwinders which we tested. In our first review we write about the Benson Smart-Tech 8.13.B. Are you curious about what our conclusion is? Read the review here.....

21 dec2013

How to choose a good watchwinder?

The problem with automatic watches is that they lose energy when they are not worn. Without movement the power reserve will lose energy and the correct time settings are lost and need to be set again. To avoid this problem you can buy a watchwinder.

A watchwinder does turn around the watches to supply the movement with energy. You can buy watchwinders in different models/versions, but a good watchwinder does have special specifications.

Important parts: the motors

 We advise to buy a watchwinder with good quality motors. Japanese or German motors are of great quality and do have enough power to turn around the most heavy automatic watches. Thereby a Japanese or German motor is more reliable and will be silent over a longer period. There are some interesting Chinese motors, especially because their prices are low, but on the long term they start making noise and there is a higher risk for defects.


Next we would advise to buy a watchwinder which has several programs. Almost 95% of all automatic watches need to be rotated clockwise (CW) for optimal winding. A good watchwinder does have a clockwise and counter clockwise (CC) rotation function. Most watchwinder models do have CW, CC and alternate. In the alternate mode the watchwinder rotates first clockwise and then counter clockwise.

Adapter or battery?

Please also consider how you like to use your watchwinder. When it's placed in the bedroom, office or living room a regular power adapter will do. But if you need the watchwinder to be placed in a safe or you want to take it with you on a holiday or business trip, we would advise to choose a watchwinder with batteries. A combination of a power adapter and batteries is most useful. 

12 dec2013

Welcome at

 We are proud to present our new website: This website is a blog about watchwinders and automatic watches, for the automatic watch enthusiast. 

Automatic watches are for us a pure passion. The technique and history let our hearts beat faster. With several beautiful watch brands, there is always something new and interesting. Watchwinder blog focuses on the relationship between automatic watches and watchwinders.

A watchwinder provides an automatic watch with energy. Currently a watchwinder is more than just a product to provide energy to automatic watches, it's also a wonderful accessory for the true watch lover.

This blog will write about watchwinder brands, specific watchwinder models, technology and the link with automatic watches. In addition, we will test watchwinders and provide more background information about interesting watchwinder brands from all over the world.

Are you interested in watchwinders and automatic watches? We welcome you on our new watchwinder blog. Please feel free to place comments or send us an e-mail. 

3 dec2013

A watchwinder.....why?

The watch enthusiast knows what a watchwinder is. However, many other people don't know exactly what a watchwinder is. Our simple definition would be that a watchwinder is a device that supplies energy to one or more automatic watches to keep it running. Because normally an automatic watch stops running within 32-48 hours when it gets no energy.

A watchwinder is useful because it rotates the watches to supply energy to them. Therefore you can wear the watch instantly with the correct time and functions. On the other hand it's good to wear or move an automatic watch regularly to avoid problems. You can compare it with a car parked in the garage and is started only once in a while. It's important for an automatic watch to keep the movement running to allow oil smoothing the complete movement of the watch. 

Is a watchwinder necessary? No, but beyond the fact that a watchwinder is useful if you have several watches, a watchwinder is also a beautiful accessory in your living room, bedroom or office. A watchwinder has certainly added value and is optically also nice to show to your family and friends. It will certainly create conversation when friends, family or colleagues see the watchwinder.

2 dec2013