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Touch of Modern not paying their suppliers?

Recently we have been informed that Touch of Modern, a discount online platform based in the US, is not paying their suppliers. In the world of watches rumours spread quickly. We have seen the documentation and e-mail communication from Touch of Modern with their suppliers. Based on this we could easily check if what is said is correct. Unfortunately it’s correct, Touch of Modern doesn’t pay for the goods which they received and already sold to consumers. In their communication Touch of Modern confirms there is no obvious reason that payment is late and confirms that payment is not made for more than 7 weeks already.

Touch of Modern not paying their suppliers

The suppliers don’t feel taken seriously and sent many e-mails to confront Touch of Modern. Touch of Modern didn’t respond at all.

Multiple suppliers are waiting for there payment for a long time. The question is why Touch of Modern doesn’t pay it’s suppliers, but meanwhile sells the goods to consumers and earn their payments. Do they have financial problems? 

We will keep you posted about this situation.

7 dec2021


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