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Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder

 This time we review a watchwinder from the brand Paul Design. This new brand is launched by Paul Chen, a former technician who worked with brands as Buben & Zörweg, Swiss Kubik and Elma. With this experience he started to design and develop his own brand of watchwinders.

Paul Chen believes in high end quality combined with nice materials. Nevertheless he wants that his watchwinders are affordable and therefore available for every watch lover.

We received two watchwinders from Paul Design to test for a longer period. This is important because watchwinders need to prove themselves over a longer period. As we all know cheap Chinese watchwinders work great the first week, but after that they start making noise and have a high risk for defects.  

We choose to write a review about the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder, in macassar style. It’s one of the most popular watchwinders in the collection and we know why.


The consumer demands more and more, and therefore watchwinders must look good. It’s not only a accessory to provide energy to automatic watches, it’s more….

The Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 is a small and compact watchwinder. The first impression is very good because of the nice shape and beautiful paint job. The macassar wood gives the watchwinder a very luxury look.

 The watchwinder is divided into two parts; the lower section where two watches can be placed to provide them with energy and the upper section where the LCD panel and extra storage is for three watches. The lower section can be accessed by the glass door and the upper section has a wooden cover.

The inside of the watchwinder is covered by soft fabric which is well choosen, because it avoids scratches and marks on the watches.


The Gentlemen 2+3 does not look very special compared to watchwinders from brands as Origin Times or Döttling, but the shape is good and practical. The door and wooden cover on the top are original because it devides the watchwinder into two sections.

The macassar style on the outside of the watchwinder is very nice and gives the watchwinder a unique look. The watch holders do have the Paul Design logo and there is a little opening at the backside which allows the cable of the adapter fit perfectly into the watchwinder. These are small details, but these details do make a difference.


The Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinders do use Japanese Maibuchi motors. Many other brands do use them and they are of good quality. The motors are almost silent which is important when you like to place the watchwinder next to your bed.

The Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder was tested for two weeks and it was running without any problems. The build-in battery allows you to use the watchwinder without adapter. We tested the watchwinder with adapter and battery only. The battery did last for more than three weeks. The battery is charged by connecting the watchwinder with the adapter. It’s very easy to use and ideal to place the watchwinder into a safe or when you want to take the watchwinder with you on a trip or holiday. Nevertheless the watchwinder is not light, it’s quite heavy for it’s size because of the build-in battery.

The watchwinder has all common functions and will rotate clockwise, counter clockwise and alternate. Thereby you can select the exact TPD. Two special functions are “speed winding” and “sleep mode”. With the speedwinding function you can add energy very quickly to your automatic watches. The sleep model relaxes the watches. Both functions are not standard for every watchwinder and therefore a nice addition.


Paul Chen proved he has a great eye for detail. The finishing of the Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder is of a high level. The well done paint job in combination with the macassar style gives the watchwinder a beautiful look. The case is solid and feels heavy. The LCD panel is easy to use and the door and cover do open and close perfectly.

What we are missing is an inside LED light. It’s something many other brands do have, but it seems Paul Design did forget. It’s nice to see your watches rotating when it’s dark. On the other hand, the watchwinder is controlled by a LCD panel (with light) so an inside light is not necessary to control the watchwinder or see what you’re doing.

Price level

The Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinders are available from 399,00 euro (incl. 21% VAT) and that’s a really fair price for a high end watchwinder with great details and solid construction. Other watchwinders from the Paul Design collection are a bit more expensive, but they can wind more watches. With Maibuchi motors, macassar style, special functions as speed winding and a sleep mode you get a well designed product for your 399,00 euro.


A watchwinder should be a handy accessory for those who have multiple automatic watches. We tested the Paul Design watchwinder for more than two weeks and our conclusion is that this Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder is a great watchwinder for a really fair price. It’s a watchwinder which does what it should do; provide energy to automatic watches. The style, finishing and design are all well done which makes it a complete watchwinder for many years of fun! 

14 mar2014


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