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Jebely Watch Winder | Taiwan

Jebely WatchwindersWebsite:
Telephone: +886-4-25686346 #323

Jebely is a Swiss brand. The Jebely watchwinders are produced in Taiwan and combine luxury materials with Japanese motors. With a focus on stylish consumer products Jebely has different styles in all price categories.

Stockinger | Germany

Stockinger WatchwindersWebsite:
Telephone: 0049 (0)89 1241389-62

Stockinger, based in Germany produces handcrafted safes with built-in watchwinders. Stockinger safes have a security concept, which is the result of lengty consideration coupled with experience and insights.

Paul Design Watchwinders

Paul Design


Paul Design is a decade old company which specializes in designing and manufacturing watch winders. For many years, the company have dedicated in innovating and perfecting the technology of watch winding, it adopted the latest technology and highest quality material in its products.

SPIN-R | USA & Hong Kong

SPIN-R WatchwindersWebsite:
Telephone: 852 2988 6588

SPIN-R watchwinders are the eco-friendly watchwinder. The brand was founded in 2010 and spent years of research to produce high quality, user-friendly and sophisticated watchwinders. SPIN-R has a modern and hip design and has energy saving mechanical components.

Benson Watchwinders

Benson | The Netherlands

Telephone: 0031 (0)6 2410 5169

Benson watchwinders is founded in The Netherlands and produces watchwinders with a perfect price/quality ratio. The popular Smart-Tech series received very good reviews on worldwide watch and watchwinder blogs/fora. Benson watchwinders offers affordable luxury watchwinders.

R.D.I. Charles Kaeser

R.D.I. Charles Kaeser | Switzerland

Telephone: 0041 217 812627

Established in Switzerland in 2006, this family firm produces high quality watchwinders. Crafted to the exacting standards required by the Swiss-made label, they are among the most silent on the market. Attention to detail, superlative finishes and a passion for innovation distinguish each of the RDI creations.


KUNSTWINDER | United States

Telephone: 001 650 9269700 or 001 408 2099454

Valentin Balter's 30+ years of professional experience with intricate machinery grew to encompass the world of mechanical watches. Realizing there was a niche in the market for a watch winder that would be appreciated, he started work on the initial design in 2007 which finished after years of work. Their mission is: "to combine superior functionality with imagination and artistry in a watch winder worthy of displaying your most valued timepieces".