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Jebely Noble One watchwinder review

In 1936 Jebely was set up by Bienne Rovanta in Switzerland. Since then Jebely did extend their business to Europe, Africa and Asia. Jebely watchwinders is nowadays based in Taiwan, and produces a wide range of different watchwinder models with a modern but also traditional style.

The Jebely watchwinders are relatively unknown, but the brand is very promising. Last year in november we did interview Mr. Liao, responsible for branding and sales. We already noticed a professional way of thinking and a wish to create nice watchwinders with interesting designs.

This review is about the new Jebely Noble One. One of the newest watchwinders of Jebely.


The Jebely Noble One watchwinder does have very modern design with interesting curves! It looks solid, modern and exclusive. The watchwinder is made from stainless steel and thermoplastic. The design demands a solid stainless steel foot to make sure the watchwinder cannot fall. Jebely did a great job as the watchwinder stands solid as a rock.

We really like the design as it’s totally different from other watchwinders. We never have seen such a design. In an office or modern living room it will look great. The matching LCD panel with blue light is a great combination with the modern style.

We believe the Jebely Noble One is a watchwinder suitable consumers who like a modern style but also a compact watchwinder. The watchwinder is compact and can easily be placed on a desk, cabinet or in a safe. The fact that it functions with an adapter and batteries is a big plus.


The Jebely Noble One has a perfect score in terms of originality. The shape is quite unorthodox and therefore unique. The designers did a great job creating a design which is not what we see so much; a kubic structure. We also like the combination of stainless steel and thermoplastic. It gives the watchwinder a clean look.

We think the Jebely Noble One watchwinder will attract the younger consumer. The design will certainly attract those who want to combine a modern watchwinder with their modern watch. There is no reason to place a classical watch into the Noble One. It won’t match.


We did test the Jebely Noble One watchwinder for multiple weeks with several different watches. The level of sound/noise is very low, which make the watchwinder ideal to use in a bedroom or in the office when you’re working. The motor and gearbox are of good quality, which is very important as those are the most important parts of the watchwinder.

The LCD panel has a good resolution and is very easy to control. The buttons do feel solid and are of good quality material.

The only remark we have is that the cover is made of thermoplastic. It would be better if it’s made of real glass. It gives the watchwinder more quality and glass is always a perfect combination with stainless steel. On the other hand, glass can be broken easily and is quite expensive in this shape. We understand why Jebely did choose for thermoplastic.

Like most modern watchwinders you can select directions as clockwise, counter clockwise and alternate. Thereby you can select the TPD (turns per day) from 650 to 3000. A perfect range, and therefore the watchwinder is suitable to wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model.


In our opinion this watchwinder is a modern and compact product. The level of detail is high. We noticed this when we opened the packaging. All was looking very professional and just what you expect in this price class. Even batteries are included, which is an advantage. It shows that Jebely also thought about the details.

As said, the watchwinder will look even better with a real glass cover. The finish is good. Materials are solid and do combine great with each other. We like the fact that Jebely put extra effort in creating an original watchwinder.


In this price range there is a lot of competition. The Jebely Noble One is very interesting as it has it own design and modern look. It will attract certainly a younger consumer who is looking for a modern watchwinder to match his/her modern automatic watch. The Jebely Noble One watchwinder is easy to use, offers quality for its money and has fine technique. Important is that the watchwinder is almost silent. With a price of +- 199 USD (incl. VAT/TAX) this watchwinder is very affordable.

Our compliments for Jebely, as they produced a very interesting watchwinder with good looks and solid technique.

20 feb2016

The new Spin-R R2 app controlled watchwinder

Some time ago we wrote a review about the Spin-R single watchwinder. In general this watchwinder was a good product for a fair price. But time passed and we may expect that brands improve their products with new technique and better materials. The question is, did Spin-R improve these points in their recently launched app-controlled watchwinder?

First a short introduction about Spin-R. Spin-R watchwinders from Hong Kong started in 2010 producing watchwinders with a modern design. The Spin-R watchwinders are developed with energy saving Japanese motors and a rechargable lithium battery inside. The models before this app-controlled watchwinder are already for multiple years on the market. It was waiting for news from Spin-R about new models and after a long silence Spin-R now introduces the Spin-R R2 app-controlled watchwinder. It took a while, so our expectations are high….


The Spin-R R2 app-controlled watchwinder has a compact and modern design! It’s only 12.5 (L) x 16.0 (W) x 14.0 (H) cm. The front has a diameter of 12.5 cm and that’s very compact. This watchwinder is available in 3 colours; black, white and grey. The case has some curves which makes it more nice. On top is a big “R” related to Spin-R. This “R” is not just for design purposes, it’s also a system which allows you to place another Spin-R watchwinder on top of it. You can connect up to five Spin-R watchwinders with one single adapter (main). This idea is well thought and totally in line with the good design.

The Spin-R R2 app-controlled watchwinder is made of plastic. But better plastic than the Spin-R single we reviewed last time. It feels more solid and stabile. The door opens from left to right and feels solid, maybe a bit too solid.

Currently more and more watchwinder brands produce small and compact watchwinders with all kinds of functions. Brands as Swiss Kubik, Rapport, Underwood and Wolf are experienced in this field already. Now there are also new players as Chronovision. Spin-R is one of the first watchwinder brands which produced a compact and modern watchwinder with all functions you need.

As we already said in our first review the Spin-R watchwinders have the advantage to be small and compact. You can put them everywhere, they won’t be annoying. It’s not a big watchwinder where you have to make room for.

This Spin-R R2 watchwinder has a good design which is compact and therefore easy to use. Nevertheless it would be interesting to see other colours than just black, white and grey. Maybe colours as blue, red and green will do well.


This Spin-R R2 app-controlled watchwinder is totally different than the traditional watchwinder. It only has one button (on/off) and is totally controlled by app. This means that when you pruchase this watchwinder you can download a special Spin-R app to control your watchwinder. We downloaded this app for Android and IOS (Apple). The IOS app was introduced first and works perfect. No complaints about that. Nevertheless the Android app doesn’t work that great. There are bugs in it, which makes it hard to use. We visited Spin-R at Baselworld (Switzerland) and mentioned this and they told us they are working on it. Based on their professional attitude we expect these problems with the Spin-R Android app are history soon.

As said the IOS app does work fine and it allows you to set all functions (TPD, rotation direction, LED light and battery level). A nice feature is that the Spin-R app offers a database with many (not all) automatic watches and their specs. This makes it very easy to choose the exact settings for your automatic watch.

At every day use the app is a step forwards, but we think that when a app is launched it should all work perfectly, for IOS and Android…and it doesn’t. Unfortunately we see it more often at other products (mobile phones, cars, tv’s etc etc), it looks like the brand launched it and then solves all the problems. In our eyes problems which should have been solved before, in the testing phase.

The combination of the app-controlled watchwinder and the eco-friendly battery (which was also used in the previous models) makes it a modern watchwinder. But the fact that the technique is not perfect is a big disadvantage for all who would like to buy one now. We hope Spin-R keeps it promise to solve all problems soon.


We tested the Spin-R R2 app-controlled watchwinder for more than 4 weeks. Except the Android app problems we are pleased by the quality and functionality of this new Spin-R watchwinder. The motor does run very smooth and almost without any sound. When the door is closed you hear nothing.

The material is hard plastic and suitable for the job. It’s nothing fancy or exclusive but very practical in use and has a good shape. The materials used are good certainly considering the retail price.

We also want to mention the packaging. We must say that Spin-R did a great job regarding packaging and presentation. When we opened the package we had the feeling we were opening a package of a much more expensive watchwinder. The packaging is well made and gives it a luxury touch. Nevertheless we prefer a manual on paper….but maybe we are old school;)


The finishing of the watchwinder is very good. The materials are solid and we can see it took special attention to combine the app control system, connection system and special adapter (which can be used in different angles). This Spin-R app controlled watchwinder is certainly value for money, considering the promise of Spin-R to solve the Android app problems soon.


Spin-R is very good at offering a good quality watchwinder for a very reasonable price. There are not many watchwinders in the same price range offering all these functions and an app-controlled system. We think this new technique will be more attractive for younger watch adepts as it’s modern technique and not everyone want to set it’s watchwinder by mobile phone with an app. Because everytime you want to set your watchwinder you have to take your mobile, start the app and adjust the settings….But of course we should consider that normally you will set the watchwinder once and then it will work for a longer period withhout the need making adjustments to the settings.

Our conclusion is that the new Spin-R app controlled watchwinder is a very good watchwinder with attractive technique, a modern design and for a great price. This watchwinder is available for 159.00 USD which is a bargain….

Take a look at the official Spin-R R2 watchwinder video.
13 apr2015

Spin-R single watchwinder - attractive choice!

Spin-R watchwinders from Hong Kong started in 2010 producing watchwinders with a modern design. The Spin-R watchwinders are developed with energy saving Japanese motors and a rechargable lithium battery inside. This makes the watchwinders easy to use in a bedroom, office or inside a safe.

In the US and Asia this brand from Hong Kong is quite known. In the EU there are not many official dealers but Spin-R informed us their number of dealers is growing worldwide. Soon Spin-R will present a complete new watchwinder model which is app-controlled. This means that the watchwinder can be controlled by any smart-phone, which makes it really easy to use. Therefore we decided to test the current “single” watchwinder and compare it later with the new “app-controlled” watchwinder.


The Spin-R single watchwinder does have a great design! It’s looks fresh and modern and is light because it’s made of plastic. We will speak later about this aspect. The design of the Spin-R watchwinder results in nice curves and a compact system. The door opens from top to bottom and is easy to use. When the door is open the watchwinder is still stabile.

We like the design as it’s different from other (classical) watchwinders. It gives the Spin-R watchwinders a trendy look. It’s also nice that the Spin-R watchwinders are available in several colors; black, white, blue, red, orange, green, pink and yellow.

Another point we like is that the watchwinder is small and compact which makes it easy to fit into any interior. It’s not a big watchwinder which immediately attracts the eye when entering a room. Therefore the watchwinders are suitable to put into a cabinet, on a bedroom table or on the office desk. They also fit in a regular safe.

The modern looks are combined with a modern LCD display to set all settings for the automatic watch. It’s a good LCD display which lights up and is easy to use.


We did enjoy testing the Spin-R watchwinder as it’s completely different than other watchwinders we tested before. It’s looking great and the design makes us happy….Spin-R did a great job producing this watchwinder in several colors. It makes them more attractive for younger people who want to have something different than others. Thereby you can select the specific color which matches your interior.

The fact that the Spin-R single watchwinder has a eco-friendly battery makes it interesting. Of course there is also an adapter included in the package. The design, eco-friendly battery and many colors to choose from makes this watchwinder original and completely different than the high-end watchwinder producers.


We tested the Spin-R single watchwinder 3 weeks and it’s still silent and running smoothly as when we first started it. The Japanese motors, used by many other brands, are proven reliable and durable for a longer period. The motors and the gearing are the most important parts inside the watchwinder and these are working good. The LCD display is a joy to use as it’s accurate and easy to work with.

Like most modern watchwinders you can select directions as clockwise, counter clockwise and alternate. Thereby you can select the TPD (turns per day) to set the watchwinder exactly as you prefer. Therefore the Spin-R single watchwinders are suitable for any automatic watch.

We only have one remark about the plastic casing; it’s not bad but also not very good. The plastic is a bit flexible (no thick plastic casing) which makes it feel a little bit cheap. But is this a problem? No it isn’t because the price/quality ratio is perfect.


In our opinion this watchwinder is a handy and compact watchwinder with a good finishing. You can see the factory did a good job as the watchwinder has no really weak points. We also want to point out the packaging which is very complete; extra watch holder (smaller watches), eco-friendly battery, screw drivers (to install the battery), manual and a warranty card. The watchwinder is also packed very well which makes it suitable to ship worldwide.


In general the Spin-R single watchwinder has a great price/quality ratio. The watchwinder has all functions you may expect from a watchwinder, and can wind any automatic watch. The prices start at 219.00 USD which is a good price for a modern watchwinder with good specs like a Japanese motor, LCD display and battery. All functions do operate smoothly and the design is a big plus. If you’re looking for a watchwinder which is different than others then we would certainly recommend a Spin-R watchwinder.

4 nov2014

Scatola del Tempo Rotor One HDG: failed to impress

 Here is our latest review about the Scatola del Tempo Rotor One HDG, in black color. Scatola del Tempo is an Italian brand which does produce watchwinders for a long time. They focus on high end materials and are in the same price segment as Buben & Zörweg and Elma. They claim that they did produce the first watchwinder.

We decided to test this single watchwinder from Scatola del Tempo because most models are quite big and less populair. The Rotor One models are priced reasonable which makes a high end watchwinder attractive for many consumers.

But is the Scatola del Tempo Rotor One HDG as good as the Italians say? Is the watchwinder offering a good price/quality ratio? We did find out…..


Italians are famous because of their great feeling for design. We can say that brands as Ferrari, Gucci, Versace and Ducati produce really beautiful things. If we take a look at the current collection of Scatola del Tempo watchwinders we see many nice models but not that different from other brands. It doesn’t look like they spent a lot of time to develop new and different designs.

The Scatola del Tempo Rotor One HDG is a small and compact watchwinder. It has a special form with many curves. The front has a plastic cover which protects the watch against dust and other influences. It’s a pity that the cover is not made of real glass, what you might expect at this price level. Therefore the front feels a bit cheap.

The backside is sober and is only worth mentioning because the batteries do go in here.

When we take a look at the outside material of the watchwinder we see a nice leather finishing. It feels good and does look nice.


The Scatola del Tempo Rotor One HDG has a special “clock” design and therefore does look special compared to watchwinders from other brands.

Because it’s quite a simple and sober watchwinder there is not very much to say about it originality. It’s different than other watchwinders but has no “wow-factor”. It’s not a design which attracts consumers just because of it’s looks.


Scatola del Tempo watchwinders are known because of their good quality. We tested this watchwinder for 3 weeks. The first week there was no sound, but in the second week the watchwinder started to make more sound. The third week the sound was stabile but you could hear the watchwinder winding at 20cm distance from the watchwinder. We expected a better result from the motor Scatola del Tempo uses. Maybe it’s because the watchwinder construction which makes sounds resonate inside the watchwinder.

A big difference with a brand as Swiss Kubik is that the Scatola del Tempo Rotor One uses two big LR-20 alkaline batteries. This makes the watchwinder quite heavy related to it’s design and not very suitable to travel with. Swiss Kubik uses AA batteries which are smaller (and therefore more eco-friendly).

Maybe it’s a bit strange but when we lift the watchwinder a strange sound appears, we think it’s a spiral spring inside (for the batteries?) or the gearing. It’s not disturbing but details make or break a watchwinder in this price segment.

The watchwinder does wind up all automatic watches (Tag Heuer Carrera, Omega Seamaster and Certina Valgranges) we tried without any problem.


 The finishing of the Scatola del Tempo Rotor One HDG is of a good level. The materials and details are well choosen. There is nothing bad to tell about the design, finishing or materials used. But we expected a high level of these elements, as Scatola del Tempo places itself among the famous watchwinder brands.

Price level

The Scatola del Tempo Rotor One HDG is available for +-  570 Euro = 750 USD. The watchwinder is presented in a nice box (ours had little stains) and comes with a serial number and international manual. Thereby is a little booklet with other Scatola del Tempo products.

The watchwinder comes with 2 years warranty. Because the motor is from Maxon you may expect a much longer lifetime. In fact Scatola del Tempo is a mix between Italian craftmanship and Swiss technology.

Is it a fair price? In this segment it’s more about , brand loyalty, marketing and image than being better than other brands, as they all use the same technology (Maxon motors) and the finishing is of a good level.


A watchwinder from a brand which claims they make high end watchwinders must be perfect. And that’s exactly what this Scatola del Tempo Rotor One HDG isn’t……It’s a sober watchwinder with lack of functions and a plastic cover. Okay, it has a Maxon motor, but does this justify the 570 Euro? No, in our opinion you pay a lot of money for a very simple watchwinder with a good motor. You pay for the brand name, not for high end quality and handy functions to use winding your automatic watch.

When we pay 570 Euro for a single watchwinder we expect a silent motor, nice functions (as adjustable TPD, sleeping mode, power winding, inside LED light etc etc), brillant finishing and good solid materials. Scatola del Tempo offers good finishing and nice materials, but did forget the rest.

In our opinion Scatola del Tempo isn’t the best innovating watchwinder brand. They believe in their traditional view but forget to improve to meet the current standards other brands offer, for less money. 

28 may2014

Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder

 This time we review a watchwinder from the brand Paul Design. This new brand is launched by Paul Chen, a former technician who worked with brands as Buben & Zörweg, Swiss Kubik and Elma. With this experience he started to design and develop his own brand of watchwinders.

Paul Chen believes in high end quality combined with nice materials. Nevertheless he wants that his watchwinders are affordable and therefore available for every watch lover.

We received two watchwinders from Paul Design to test for a longer period. This is important because watchwinders need to prove themselves over a longer period. As we all know cheap Chinese watchwinders work great the first week, but after that they start making noise and have a high risk for defects.  

We choose to write a review about the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder, in macassar style. It’s one of the most popular watchwinders in the collection and we know why.


The consumer demands more and more, and therefore watchwinders must look good. It’s not only a accessory to provide energy to automatic watches, it’s more….

The Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 is a small and compact watchwinder. The first impression is very good because of the nice shape and beautiful paint job. The macassar wood gives the watchwinder a very luxury look.

 The watchwinder is divided into two parts; the lower section where two watches can be placed to provide them with energy and the upper section where the LCD panel and extra storage is for three watches. The lower section can be accessed by the glass door and the upper section has a wooden cover.

The inside of the watchwinder is covered by soft fabric which is well choosen, because it avoids scratches and marks on the watches.


The Gentlemen 2+3 does not look very special compared to watchwinders from brands as Origin Times or Döttling, but the shape is good and practical. The door and wooden cover on the top are original because it devides the watchwinder into two sections.

The macassar style on the outside of the watchwinder is very nice and gives the watchwinder a unique look. The watch holders do have the Paul Design logo and there is a little opening at the backside which allows the cable of the adapter fit perfectly into the watchwinder. These are small details, but these details do make a difference.


The Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinders do use Japanese Maibuchi motors. Many other brands do use them and they are of good quality. The motors are almost silent which is important when you like to place the watchwinder next to your bed.

The Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder was tested for two weeks and it was running without any problems. The build-in battery allows you to use the watchwinder without adapter. We tested the watchwinder with adapter and battery only. The battery did last for more than three weeks. The battery is charged by connecting the watchwinder with the adapter. It’s very easy to use and ideal to place the watchwinder into a safe or when you want to take the watchwinder with you on a trip or holiday. Nevertheless the watchwinder is not light, it’s quite heavy for it’s size because of the build-in battery.

The watchwinder has all common functions and will rotate clockwise, counter clockwise and alternate. Thereby you can select the exact TPD. Two special functions are “speed winding” and “sleep mode”. With the speedwinding function you can add energy very quickly to your automatic watches. The sleep model relaxes the watches. Both functions are not standard for every watchwinder and therefore a nice addition.


Paul Chen proved he has a great eye for detail. The finishing of the Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder is of a high level. The well done paint job in combination with the macassar style gives the watchwinder a beautiful look. The case is solid and feels heavy. The LCD panel is easy to use and the door and cover do open and close perfectly.

What we are missing is an inside LED light. It’s something many other brands do have, but it seems Paul Design did forget. It’s nice to see your watches rotating when it’s dark. On the other hand, the watchwinder is controlled by a LCD panel (with light) so an inside light is not necessary to control the watchwinder or see what you’re doing.

Price level

The Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinders are available from 399,00 euro (incl. 21% VAT) and that’s a really fair price for a high end watchwinder with great details and solid construction. Other watchwinders from the Paul Design collection are a bit more expensive, but they can wind more watches. With Maibuchi motors, macassar style, special functions as speed winding and a sleep mode you get a well designed product for your 399,00 euro.


A watchwinder should be a handy accessory for those who have multiple automatic watches. We tested the Paul Design watchwinder for more than two weeks and our conclusion is that this Gentlemen 2+3 watchwinder is a great watchwinder for a really fair price. It’s a watchwinder which does what it should do; provide energy to automatic watches. The style, finishing and design are all well done which makes it a complete watchwinder for many years of fun! 

14 mar2014

Benson Smart-Tech 8.13.B watchwinder - Dutch design

In this first review we test the Benson Watchwinder 8.13.B. This watchwinder is a model of Benson Watchwinders, a relatively new brand from the Netherlands.

With more than 6 years experience Benson Watchwinders produces a mid range collection of watchwinders with focus on quality, details and an affordable price level.

In the Netherlands and Belgium they have a network of more than 20 official dealers, mostly jewelers. For a small brand this is quite special, even more when we consider that a jeweler his shop display space prefers to use for watches. Thereby there are some web shops selling Benson Watchwinders and ship worldwide. 

In the field of watchwinders more and more start-ups are successful because there is a big price gap between 100-600 euro. In this gap there is room for brands like Benson Watchwinders. Nevertheless consumers do demand a good watchwinder for a fair price. Consumers do focus more on quality products. And a watch fanatic respecting his automatic watch collection won’t buy a cheap watchwinder with Chinese motor.

It seems that Benson Watchwinders understand what the consumer wants; a well madewatchwinder for a fair price. Let’s take a closer look at the Smart-Tech 8.13.B, their flagship model.


When we take a look at the design we think Benson Watchwinders did a great job. The design is quite modern and has nice lines. The watchwinder shape is rectangular but has slight curving edges creating a beautiful effect.

The glass doors allows us to have a great view on the automatic watches turning arround. The special lock fits into the design but is not a real lock to keep your watches safe against burglary. On top there is a touchscreen to set the watchwinder according your preferences. Benson Watchwinders did choose to have the touchscreen on the top because it’s easy to use and you  don’t have to open the glass doors to adjust the settings.

The stainless steel feet give the watchwinder a more luxury style. In combination with the 12 layers of lacquer it gives the watchwinder class.  


In our opinion the watchwinder case is okay but nothing special. The modern look is nice, but not unique. But, the stainless steel feet in combination with the glass doors and touchscreen on top is really clever and more modern than what we have seen before in this price range.

The watchwinder can also be controlled by a remote control and this is a nice addition. It’s not an addition you really need to have, but it’s nice to set the watchwinder sitting on the couch with a beer in your hand.

Really nice to see is that when the watchwinder is stopped all rotors do stand still in the same position. It’s one of the nice features Benson Watchwinders offers in this flagship watchwinder.

If you like to take a good look at your automatic watches turning around in the watchwinder you can turn the LED lighting on. The blue LED’s provide a nice glow to add a bit more visibility as well asan beautiful apperance.


The Benson Smart-Tech 8.13.B watchwinder has Japanese Maibuchi motors which are proven reliable and used by many other brand

* We tested the watchwinder for more than one week. When the glass doors are closed you can’t hear the watchwinder at a distance of 15-20cm. The watchwinder is incredible silent and can be used in a bedroom without any problems.s. Therefore the motors are solid and durable. Benson Watchwinders claims that the motors are very silent over a long period.

The rotors do turn very smooth and without any shocks. The touchscreen and remote control are accurate and directly translates the instructions to the motors.

You can select directions as clockwise, counter clockwise and alternate. Thereby you can select the TPD (turns per day) to set the watchwinder exactly as you prefer. Each rotor can be selected and set individually. Therefore you can use any automatic watch in this watchwinder.


In our opinion finishing is really important. There is no such disappointment when a product is not according that what you may expect of it. We think finishing separates the good watchwinders from the bad.

The finishing of the Benson Smart-Tech 8.13.B watchwinder is quite good. The watchwinder is made well according a clear production plan. The paint is really nice, the case is solid and the inside material is of good quality too. There is only one remark; we think the glass doors are quite heavy and therefore not that easy to use. On the other hand it’s reall glass and not plastic like many other brands use.

Price level

This Benson Watchwinder has an official retailprice of 799 euro approximately 1050 USD. For a watchwinder suitable for 8 automatic watches, including features as a touchscreen, glass doors, Maibuchi motors, remote control and modern stainless feet…..we think the price is more than fair compared to other brands.

Nevertheless maybe they can increase the warranty of 1 year to 2 years. I think many consumerswill like this and gives them a even more comfortable feeling.


We tested this watchwinder with great joy! It’s looking great, has nice functions and does operate silent. Thereby the watchwinder is easy to use and winds up all tested watches without any problems.

The Benson Smart-Tech 8.13.B watchwinder is a luxury watchwinder with great looks and fair price. 

21 dec2013

Reviews about watchwinders coming soon

 In this section of Watchwinder Blog we will review watchwinders from different brands. The idea is to give you more information and "know-how" about the brand and in particular the watchwinder. Therefore we will test it, photograph it from different positions and give our opinion about it. Our conclusion will be based on design, originality, quality, finishing and price level.

We won't test only the high end watchwinder brands, because small(er) brands with their own ideas and designs do appeal us too. We want to give a good overview about what is available on the market.

Within a few days we will present the first review, about the popular Benson Smart-Tech watchwinders.

12 dec2013