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Benson Black Series Pro watch winders

In 2016 Benson launched its Black Series. With more than 200 resellers (mostly high end jewellers) worldwide an incredible success. Quickly after the launch several new models, as the Tower and Cabinet were presented next to a complete range of watch cases.  

Benson Black Series Pro 12.19.B

Today the Dutch watch winder brand Benson presented its newest series: the new Benson Black Series Pro. This series contains 4 watch winder models; for 12 and 16 watches and in black piano or carbon fibre exterior finish. The design is based on the successful Black Series design. Modern, strong lines and functional. Each Benson Black Series Pro watch winder has Japanese motors, 2 touch screens, LED light, adjustable watch holders and a lock to keep the watches inside safe. 

With the touch screens you can set each rotor individually; the direction of rotation and the turns per day. Thereby you can select the power winding function which is specially to wind up an automatic watch in a very short time.  

Benson Black Series Pro 12.19.CF

The glass door allows you to have a great view on the rotating watches. These Benson Black Series Pro watch winders are not just functional, they are real eye catchers and a must have for the real watch collector. There is no need to store your watches at all kinds of places inside your home, it's much more convenient to have them all in a watch winder. There they are wound, safe and all together so you can quickly decide which one you want to wear that day. 

Benson Black Series Pro 16.19.B

The new Benson Black Series Pro watch winders are in production now and will be available early 2019, in january. You can place a pre-order already at different resellers. The advantage of this is that you are guaranteed of a piece, and you receive one extra year of warranty (3 years instead of 2). But more important is that these watch winders offer all you need to wind your watches and are a beautiful watch accessory for the real watch adept. 

Benson Black Series Pro 16.19.CF

25 sep2018

Benson Black Series Single watch winder

One of the most popular watch winders is a single watch winder. Single watch winders are produced by many brands and all of these single watch winders have their own advantages. Some run on batteries, others have a bluetooth or power winding function. All are having a compact design and are easy to place on a spot you like. Thereby they can be easily used during travel or on a holiday.

Benson Black Series Single watch winder 1.16.B

The Benson Black Series single watch winder is one we like a lot. It’s a compact watch winder but offers all functions you need. This watch winders offers LED light, touch screen control panel, adjustable watch holder and a built-in battery which gains it’s energy by an adapter. You can choose to let the watch winder run on the adapter or on the built-in battery which lasts for several weeks.

A big advantage is that you can choose between several exterior colours; black, white, macassar and carbon fibre. The stainless steel feet, nice push button to open the watch winder and possibility to charge the watch winder via USB are very nice details. In this price class there is not really another watch winder which offers all these functions. An important advantage of this watch winder is the door, it is protecting your watch against dust and moisture.

Benson Black Series Single watch winder 1.16.W

The Benson Black Series single watch winders are a perfect choice for a small watch collection. They can wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. The price is very acceptable and the design and finish of a high level.

Are you looking for a watch winder? Please visit and check out several brands and models in different price classes. 

12 sep2018

Buben & Zorweg ranks among the finest German luxury bran

Buben & Zogweg

Ernst & Young ranked Buben & Zorweg, the creators of luxury safes, watch winders and private museums for the world‘s most passionate collectors, 27th in the top best 30 German global luxury brands. They now stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names in global luxury branding, including Montblanc, Porsche, BMW, Leica, A. Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original, Bulthaup and Wempe.

German brands are known throughout the world for their quality, craftsmanship, precision, innovation and excellence. To judge just how good these products are and where they should rank, a board of 150 experts, assembled by Ernst & Young scrutinized a total of 250 German brands before reaching their decision.

Buben & Zorweg ranked 9th in future viability, for creations where visionary design go hand in hand with the best craftsmanship, architectural influences and technically appealing elements.

7th in innovation for Buben & Zorweg's multi-functional collections of its masterful combination of German design, German craftsmanship and the latest in what technical innovation has to offer.

Buben & Zorweg

3rd in customer satisfaction for designs that can hold a vast collection of automatic watches, in an array of fine materials like stainless steel, precious wood, finest leather or bullet-proof glass. And because spending time with unique values is a rare pleasure, a humidor, bar module and integrated Hi-Fi system all serve to enhance the enjoyment of refined treasures – be it alone or in pleasant company

27th in overall ranking because Objects of Time® by Buben & Zorweg have that exceedingly rare capability of being a common denominator of a curated lifestyle that exponentially increases the pleasure of owning rare and precious objects.

This award is another in a series of prizes won this year by the company. In addition to achieving this prestigious status, Buben & Zorweg also won the luxury category in the German Brand Award for “Industry Excellence in Branding” in Berlin.

31 aug2018