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At our office we have many watch winders which we test and write about in our blogs. Brands provide us their watch winders and we give our feedback. Therefore we see many  watch winders from different brands. We have to say that in general the quality is very good and that many brands spend a lot of time and effort on design, choosing the best materials and the finishing touch. The production of a good watch winder isn't very easy. The combination between electronics, mechanical parts such as motors and gearboxes and on the other hand the design is paramount. When one of these elements doesn't match with the rest, there isn't a balance. We test the watch winders with different methods and write a report, also to compare with watch winders which we tested before or will test in the future. We try to share this info in our blogs with you as reader of our watch winder blog. But where can you buy a good watch winder? 

This question is very important as there are many cowboys at the market. We have written several blog articles about these "brands" and "shops". The best way to buy a good watch winder is simply compare different shops and read articles or blogs. When you choose a shop please check if they sell well known watch winder brands, and if they are official dealer of those brands. These shops can be trusted and they offer various payment methods, solid warranty and they ship worldwide. We don't recommend watch winder shops which only sell one or two brands, or not well known brands. Mostly they buy their watch winders in China, put  their logo on an existing model and sell them for too much money in Europe or the US (see our articles about Aevitas and Barrington). These are no real brands such as Swiss Kubik, Buben & Zorweg, Benson or Bernard Favre. 

There are several good webshops where you can buy a great watch winder. One of the best shops is (and This watch winder shop is specialized in watch winders, has more than 15 years of experience, is official reseller of 15 well known brands, offers various payment options and ships worldwide. You can also take a look at Designhuette in Germany, which is interesting for people who live in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. 

And you can always contact a shop to receive more information or get advice. And in case you need more info from us, just contact us at We are happy to help you. 

8 sep2019

Swiss Kubik watch winders

In the field of watch winders there are a few watch winder brands which are really famous. Next to Buben & Zörweg, Orbita and Bernard Favre we can also count Swiss Kubik to this group. Swiss Kubik is a Swiss company which is specialized in producing high quality watch winders with a compact design and long battery life. Especially this last aspect is of great important, the most for watch collectors who want to store their watches in a safe. With the compact Swiss Kubik watch winders this is possible.

Swiss Kubik ABS black watch winder

Swiss Kubik produces Swiss made watch winders. Their suppliers are all within a distance of 50km from the factory. The motors inside the watch winders do come from a Swiss motor manufacturer which has a long experience in producing motors for watch winder brands. Therefore the Swiss Kubik watch winders have a reliable motor, with great performance and durability. This is very important, as the motor is one of the most important parts of a watch winder.

What makes the Swiss Kubik watch winders popular is the fact that they are Swiss made and very compact. They don’t have a fancy design, but are very functional. You can take them with you during a trip or place them into a safe. Then the watches are safe, but also wound to wear them any moment you like.

Swiss Kubik watch winders are not cheap, but fairly priced. For a Swiss made product it’s a good price, especially for the single watch winders. Optional is the plexiglass front to protect your automatic watch. These watch winders can wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. When you want a Swiss made watch winder for your Swiss made watch, then Swiss Kubik is a great choice.

Always buy a Swiss Kubik watch winder at an official reseller. A good example of a premium Swiss Kubik reseller is This shop has stock, ships internationally and you can pay by creditcard or Paypal. Thereby they have more than 15 years of experience and a great reputation in the field of watch winders.

25 aug2019

Paul Design watch winders

One of the most interesting new watch winder brands is Paul Design. This brand from the UK is a great addition to the current market of watch winders. Why? Because Paul Design does understand what a watch lover wants. Producing a good watch winder is not easy. There are so many important factors which make or break a watch winder. We have seen other brands such as Barrington and Aevitas, which simply copied designs from other brands. In fact they only place their own brand name on a watch winder produced by another factory or brand. In our opinion it's not what a professional watch winder brand should do. We are lucky that there are several other watch winder brands which take producing high quality watch winders very serious. Such a brand is Paul Design watch winders. 

Paul Design 4+6 Gentleman

Paul Design watch winders can be characterized as functional, beautiful and stylisch. The brand does invest a lot in innovations, technique and development. We visited the Paul Design watch winder factory and were surprised about the professional attitude and way of working. The brand is relatively new but the last years expanded very quickly. Paul Design is well known in Asia, Europe and the US. With premium online resellers as and the brand is available worldwide. 

When you're looking for a watch winder the most important is that its functional, but of course you also want to have a nice looking watch winder. You want the best of both worlds. Paul Design offers this. Thereby the pricing is very attractive. Especially for the bigger watch winders which can wind up 8+ watches Paul Design offers great prices which are often lower than other respectable brands. 

In our opinion we need more brands as Paul Design. Choosing a good watch winder is not easy and if there are more brands which spend the same energy in producing this accessory for automatic watches it would be great! 

25 aug2019