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The new Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders

Most people who have automatic watches also want to have a watch winder to maintain their watches and keep them running so that they can wear the watch, without the need to adjust it, anytime. A watch winder is not only very handy but also good for your autmatic watches. The watch winder is a safe place to store watches all together, well protected against moisture and dust. But most important is to keep the watches running which ensures a good oil allocation within the movement. In short, a watch winder has different advantages! 

Watch winders are available in all kind of designs, capacities and materials. Of course price is an important factor. There are some watch winder brands which offer a great price/quality ratio. One of these brands is Benson, based in the Netherlands and for several years one of the most popular watch winder brands in Europe. Since the launch of their Smart-Tech series in 2011 many watch adepts use a Benson watch winder. The Smart-Tech series is known for its quality and very affordable price. The nice thing about these watch winders is that they offer all functions you need to successfully wind your automatic watch. You can select the direction of rotation, turns per day and even control the LED light. Therefore the Benson Smart-Tech watch winders are suitable to wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or watch model. Good to know is that each rotor can be set individually, so you can place your entire watch collection in it to wind the automatic movements. 

In the middle of 2018 Benson watch winders launched the Smart-Tech II series. This new series is based on the Smart-Tech series from 2011, but has a more modern design and better technique. With a complete glass door the watch winders offer a great view on the rotating automatic watches. The drawer behind the glass door allows you to store extra watches or jewellery. The watch holders are suitable for all sizes of watches, big or small. 

Benson Smart-Tech II 4.18.B watch winder

The best thing about the new Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders is the unique price/quality ratio. We tested the Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders for several months and are still surprised about the quality offered for this price. Each watch winder comes with 2 years of international warranty, strong packaging and manual. Of course an adapter to use in the US, EU, UK or Asia is supplied as well. 

Are you looking for a great watch winder for an affordable price? Then you really should consider the Benson Smart-Tech II watch winders. You can buy them here

Benson Smart-Tech II 2.18.B watch winder

10 mar2019

The best single watch winders of 2019

Every year new single watch winders are presented by several watch winder brands. Single watch winders are popular because they are compact, affordable and can be used inside a safe or during travel. A good single watch winder is a great accessory to have. We have seen many brands and many watch winders. From cheap to expensive, from really good to really bad. With our experience gained from visiting brands, fairs, factories and distributors we have selected the best single watch winders for 2019. 

A good single watch winder is compact, easy to control, offers great quality, winds any automatic watch and is reliable over a long term. There are several watch winders which checks all boxes, but we selected those we tested for many weeks here at our office, with different automatic watches from Tag Heuer, Breitling, Seiko and Oris. 

Swiss Kubik ABS watch winders

The best single watch winders for 2019 are:

1) Swiss Kubik 

2) Benson Black Series

3) Orbita Sparta

4) RDI Prestige

5) Bernard Favre Planet

Orbita Sparta watch winder

22 feb2019

Chronovision Ambiance watch winders

There are a few watch winder brands located in Germany. One of them is Chronovision, which is based in the beautiful 'Sauerland' area. A region with hills, lakes and nice villages. Chronovision has become famous by their Chronovision One watch winder which is a compact watch winder in a modern design with great functionality. The nice thing about this series is that the settings, for example direction of rotation or the turns per day, can be set by bluetooth. It's modern, functional and affordable which makes the Chronovision One watch winders very popular.

Chronovision Ambiance watch winder

For the real watch lovers Chronovision recently presented its Ambiance watch winders. Watch winders which combine the finest materials with luxury details and a great functionality. Thereby the craftsmen who build these watch winders have a great eye for detail. The Chronovision Ambiance watch winders are extreme luxury and have a modern look. Most important is that they are functional as well. The German made motors are almost silent and very durable. You can set each watch winder exactly as you prefer. For example you can choose the direction of rotation, number of turns per day, activate the speed winding or sleep mode and you can control the led lightning. You can set these settings by bluetooth but also via your PC with a USB cable. 

The Chronovision Ambiance watch winders are available for 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 15 automatic watches. Thereby there are several styles. You can choose for a watch winder with carbon, aluminium, macassar or even rosé gold material. The front is always a nice glass panel with perfect view on the watches. 

Chronovision Ambiance watch winder

Only the best jewellers and online stores (for example: do sell the Chronovision Ambiance watch winders. All the watch winders come with a 3 year international warranty. Of course a manual is included so that you can set the watch winder exactly according the demands of your automatic watches. 

19 jan2019