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New: Boda Concept watch winders

New watch winder brands always attract our attention. Because there are not that many brands, and new players on the market are seldom successful. We believe that Boda Concept can be a new brand that will excite us. Our first impression of the watch winders is that they are solid, almost silent and have nice details. We tested two pieces in our office for one week and after this week winding one Breitling Navitimer and an Seiko 5 we can say that it's working perfectly. 

Boda Concept watch winder

The Boda Concept watch winders are easy to control, have a good watch holder system and do rotate fluently. The price level (between 450-1500 USD) is very acceptable and will be very interesting for those who buy their first or second watch winder. The watch winders are suitable to wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. And that's positive as there are still brands on the market which produce watch winder which cannot be adjusted for a specific watch. 

Good job Boda Concept! We hope to hear more about this brand and receive feedback from readers who purchased one, so we can have a complete summary of how the feedback from the market is. 

Boda Concept watch winder tower

16 jan2018

Special watch winder edition from Benson

Black Series Limited Edition

In the middle price segment there are several watch winder brands which offer the most value for money. One of these brands is Benson from The Netherlands. This Dutch brand combines beautiful designs with solid technique and great functionality. The Benson Black Series watch winders are nowadays available worldwide via more than 200 jewellers. Since the launch of the Black Series in 2016 it has been a big success. A few weeks ago the new limited edition models were presented. These watch winders come in a special red or brown paint with leather finish and are available in three sizes: for 2, 4 and 6 watches. 

A watch winder is not only ment for winding automatic watches, it's also a piece of furniture or art as some believe. It's nice to look at your collection of watches, in a watch winder which keeps them running. Thereby it keeps the watches safe against dust, moisture and kids. 

Benson Black Series Limited Edition

Benson Watchwinders offers a complete line of watch winders and watch cases. Now are also the new limited edition watch winders available. If you like to wind your watches in a luxury way, these Dutch watch winders are really worth considering. 

16 jan2018

New Luwima watch winders

Some brands make a real effort to wind automatic watches. One of these brands is Luwima from Germany. This watch winder brand is specialized in creating unique objects which wind watches in a very special way.Luwima Pi6 watch winder

As the Luwima watch winders are 100% hand made and the best materials are used they combine luxury with durability. Their motto "form follows function" is reflected in the design and details. Each watch winder can be individually configurated. The Luwima Pi6 watch winders are not only beautiful but also very practical and real eye catchers. Of course it comes with a price. The collection starts with prices around 3900 euro. 

Luwima Pi6 watch winder close-up

If you consider to buy an unique watch winder, which is made by hand in Germany, you really should take a look at Luwima watch winders. Their newest collection is now also available at

Luwima Pi6 watch winder box

8 nov2017