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Boda Concept watch winders - excellent quality!

We have seen and tested many watch winders. Not only in our office but also at fairs, jewellery shops, brands and factories. We love watch winders as they are a great accessory for automatic watches. There is no point in having a big collection of automatic watches and not wearing most of them. Especially because it’s not good when automatic watches are not used for a longer time. The movement inside needs a bit of motion to remain in good condition. In other words the oil inside the movement needs to be allocated to avoid problems.

Boda Concept watch winder

A few years ago we noticed the watch winder brand Boda Concept. This relatively new watch winder brand is from Hong Kong and produces very nice watch winders. This brand uses Japanese motors from Mabuchi which are known for their durability. What attracts us the most is the design. The designs are having interesting shapes with always good visibility of the rotating watches. Like any modern watch winder Boda Concept watch winders offer all functions to wind any automatic watches, regardless brand or type. The nice thing about Boda Concept is that they offer several models in different capacities and several different styles and colours. This makes it easy to find the ideal watch winder for you, as the collection always has the perfect watch winder available.

Another advantage of the Boda Concept watch winder is it’s price. Where many comparable brands such as Wolf or Rapport ask quite high retail prices, Boda Concept believes in a more friendly price strategy. What you see is what you get, and Boda Concept offers a very good price/quality ratio.

Boda Concept will launch a new series in 2020. This new series is very modern. The style and shapes are innovative and have a sportive and modern look. These new watch winders will be made of new materials (new for Boda Concept as all their models are not made of wood) such as aluminium. We are looking forward to review these new models soon to share our opinion about them with you.

We believe that Boda Concept will create new populair watch winders again, which are very suitable for most automatic watch lovers. Why should you spend a lot of money when you can buy great quality at Boda Concept watch winders?

The Boda Concept watch winders are sold worldwide by the better jewellery stores and online stores. Every watch winder comes with a 2 year warranty and sturdy packaging. Of course an adapter and manual is included.

24 jan2020

The best watch winder brands of 2020

The last 5 years we wrote many articles and blogs about watch winders. Especially about their quality, design and functions. Our intention is to give more information about watch winder brands, their technique, functionality and price/quality ratio. Thereby we like to share news about innovations, fairs and new watch winder models.

The question we often receive is which watch winder brand is the best. The answer is not easy to give. Simply because there are a lot of good brands in different price segments. On the other hand there are also many brands in different price segments which offer not the best quality. To answer the question as good as we can we have listed our most favorite watch winder brands per price segment in this blog article: the best watch winder brands 2020. Hopefully we make your search for a good watch winder a little bit more easy.

Up to 250 euro

This price category has only a few brands which produce really good watch winders. Most watch winders under 250,00 euro are not that good and are sold by Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress. Nevertheless we know there are a few watch winder brands, with also more expensive watch winders in their collection, that produce good quality watch winders for a fair price. Two brands we want to mention are Benson (Netherlands) and Boda (Hong Kong). These both brands are well known as watch winder brand and we tested several watch winders of them several times. The outcode of our tests is that these watch winders offer a great price/quality ratio.

250-1000 euro

This price segment is probably the most important segment as most watch adepts are able and willing to spend an amount between 250,00 and 1000,00 euro. In this price segment there are many good watch winder brands. We already discussed Benson and Boda Concept, and both these brands offer great watch winders in this price segment also. But we also want to mention Swiss Kubik (Switzerland), RDI (Switzerland), Paul Design (Hong Kong) and Heisse & Söhne (Germany). These brands are quite popular and offer many watch winder models, for example for 2, 4, 6 and 8 automatic watches. These brands all offer durable motors, solid technique and all functions you need to wind any automatic watch.

1000-5000 euro

When you have a nice amount to spend on a watch winder you can choose for absolute quality and great designs. We would like to mention Bernard Favre with their Planet watch winders which offer a unique and special way of winding automatic watches. But also Kunstwinder from the US offers watch winders of a very special kind. They use the best materials and did create beautiful designs which don’t even look as a regular watch winder. They wind all automatic watches in the most unique and spectacular way. Don’t forget Orbita, also based in the US. The Orbita watch winders are very popular in the US and are now getting more and more popular in the rest of the world. With their patented technique (Rotorwind) Orbita offers great value for money. Especially when you look at their beautiful watch winders built-in wooden cabinets.

5000+ euro

There are also watch winder brands which offer watch winders with prices above 5000,00 euro. These brands offer watch winders in very special designs and made of beautiful materials. Mostly these watch winders are hand crafted and have Swiss motors. Orbita watch winders offers several watch winder models above 5000,00 euro, but mostly with a big capacity. For example when you want to wind 24 watches an Orbita watch winder is a great choice as you get a beautiful cabinet to wind all automatic watches together in a great furniture piece.

King of all watch winder brands is Buben & Zörweg from Austria. They have a range of standard watch winders but mostly produce on request of clients with special demands. For example with a built-in safe, gun storage or hidden compartment. They can make everything you like. With all kinds of materials you prefer. Are this common watch winders? No…these watch winders are very special and therefore very expensive. Most watch adepts rather spend their money on a great watch than such a beautiful watch winder.

12 jan2020

The best Swiss Kubik watch winders

Swiss Kubik watch winders are not only famous for their quality and compact design, they also are famous because of their great functionality. Swiss Kubik is a Swiss watch winder brand which produces all models in Switzerland. Therefore every Swiss Kubik watch winder is Swiss made, just like watch brands such as Breitling, Rolex, Oris, Tag Heuer etc etc. Of course it’s nice to have a Swiss made watch winder for your Swiss made automatic watches.

Why do we like Swiss Kubik watch winders? First of all because of their compact designs which makes them handy to use. Even in a safe because they work a long time on a set of batteries. Secondly we like the simple and easy way to use the watch winders. They are suitable for any watch, and because of the availability of larger and smaller watch holders the Swiss Kubik watch winders are suitable for big and small watches.

Swiss Kubik Triple watch winder

The price is important as well. The Swiss Kubik watch winders are not cheap. That’s logical as they are fully made in Switzerland. Thereby they have a Swiss motor which offers a low sound level. The retail prices are fair considering the quality and functionality. Also note that each Swiss Kubik watch winder comes with 3 years of warranty, where other brands mostly provide 2 years.

We have tested many watch winders, but Swiss Kubik is one of our favorites. We have never experienced any defect in all tests we did. They are easy to use and can be placed anywhere in house or in your office. We placed them on our desk for example. We also experienced that the Swiss Kubik service is very good and they have a wide spread dealer network. For example does also sell Swiss Kubik as official dealer. This webshop offers the best Swiss Kubik watch winders, a big collection and quick delivery.

If you want to have a good watch winder for your automatic watches then a Swiss Kubik watch winder is a very good choice. Always buy from an official dealer to have certainty regarding origin, best price and good (after sales) service.

12 dec2019