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The beautiful RDI Horizon watch winders

Horizon, the featherweight of RDI-Charles Kaeser watch winder range, fully draped in black leather.

First price of RDI-Charles Kaeser luxury winding line, Horizon combines aesthetics, elegance and design. Entirely draped in black leather, glass door, on battery or on mains, 2 bracelets support (M and L), this winding has a unique program displaying 1000 revolutions in 24 hours, with a left right rotation. Fully hand-crafted, it has the quietest engine on the market.

RDI Horizon red watch winder

As it does not take a lot of space, it finds its place in your safe or cabinet without any problem. Because of its light weight, it is the ideal companion for people looking for a watch winder, to take everywhere and every time. Thanks to its small size, and its batterie power, its slips perfectly into a travel bag and finds its place even in the smallest spaces. Thus, there is little space left in your safe or cabinet but you want to put your watch: Horizon is there, waiting for you, with its weight less than 1 kg. Chic and sober, it’s also goes very well in your office. Where ever you are, where ever you want to go: The RDI Horizon watch winder can be with you.

Actually, RDI-Charles Kaeser offers you 3 variants with its small rings of different colors depending on the model of your choice: Black, Red and Silver. You want to customize your Horizon, choose your own color of rings, and you will have your Horizon with your personal touch.

10 sep2017

Buben & Zörweg wins industry award!

German brands are known worldwide for many attributes, among them image, quality, craftsmanship, precision, innovation and, last but not least, overall excellence. Reason enough to submit them to the scrutiny of experts to find out which are the best in their fields of expertise.The prestigious "German Brand Award", a competition organised by the German Brand Institute, is just such an entity, capable of selecting the very best among the elite of global German brands. And it takes at least 9 jury members, each one of them an expert when it comes to Trademark Industry and Trademark Science, to decide which brand qualifies for this prestigious award.

Buben & Zörweg price winning brand

In the Luxury category the decision seems to have been unanimous.
Buben & Zörweg just won the top award for Industry Excellence in Branding, a prize that underlines once more the relevance and the quality reflected by every masterpiece produced by the house founded in 1995 by Christian Zorweg and Harald Buben, and one that adds up to a series of prizes won in the recent past by the company. But that is not all...Another prestigious German institution, the German Design Council, is one of the world’s leading competence centres for communication and brand management in the field of design. Its exclusive network of foundation members includes the owners and brand directors of numerous renowned companies in addition to designers and design associations. Known as the German Design Award, its prizes are only awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the prestigious German and international design landscape. With the remarkable Galaxy Safe, BUBEN&ZORWEG has just been elected as a nominee for the 2018 Edition in the category "Excellent Product Design - Luxury Goods". And as the jury this time consisted of no less than 45 expert members, the nomination for this category can already be considered an exceptional achievement.

19 jul2017

What makes or brakes a watch winder?

Paul Design Gentleman 4When you're interested in buying a watch winder it's handy to have a guideline to make the best decision. There are so many brands and types of watch winders available. In our opinion the best watch winder is that unit that does meet your expectations and winds any automatic watch. Of course there are budget brands and more high end brands. Price is an important factor as well. 

A good watch winder offers quality, functionality and durability. Japanese, German or Swiss made motors are very important. Don't choose Chinese motors. Thereby the gearbox is very important as well. Some brands offer Japanese or even German motors in combination with a cheap gearbox which results in defects and a lot of noise. Also functionality is very important, as we think a modern watch winder should wind any automatic watch and therefore can rotate in both directions and offers selectable turns per day (TPD). Budget brands such as Modalo, Aevitas and Barrington mostly offer a reasonable price (Barrington and Aevitas are priced quite high though) but the watch winders are for the short term....the quality and finish is not as good as brands we mention later on in this article. 

When we have to buy a new watch winder, not budget but also not high-end, then we would choose a brand like Swiss Kubik, Rapport, Wolf, Benson Watchwinders, Heisse & Söhne, Chronovision or Paul Design. These brands do offer different models in different styles, and also prices vary, but in the end these brands are seriously in producing watch winders and offer quality and durability.

12 jul2017