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Buben & Zorweg Illusion watch winder

Buben & Zorweg calls it a Masterpiece, a word that perfectly echoes what the Illusion is all about. Within the impressive facade of its towering silhouette, one discovers a fascinating and unusual design that blends cutting edge innovative technology with a fine selection of highest-quality materials. Considered by many as a sculptural piece of modern design in its own right, the Illusion has a hidden purpose that most observers cannot immediately discern. A purpose that might seem like an unexpected illusion capable of playing with one‘s senses!

As is often the case in daily life, there are occasions when one wants to protect certain valuables - watches, jewellery, accessories, or perhaps documents or cash, without the effort of going to a safe. Place it on a desk, in a dressing room or use it as an eye-catcher in the living room just for the pleasure of its owner. It blends in perfectly.  That is, until the hidden safe is unlocked by way of a fingerprint or a transponder chip and the contents rise elegantly upwards as if touched by magic.

With the Illusion, Buben & Zorweg's passion for innovative design finds clear expression in many details, such as the drawers that pivot outwards to one side to present you with their contents. And if one would like to swap a favourite watch during the day? No problem; two or, if prefered, four watch winders in the table safe make it easy to store and select the right choice.

Since its launch, the Illusion has held a presence in the most prestigious and exclusive exhibitions around the world. This illustrious World Tour will now see the Masterpiece exhibited in the esteemed SIAR, the „Salon Internacional de Alta Relojeria“ in Mexico City between the 15th and the 17th of October. From this first-class reference point for Haute Horlogerie events in America, the ILLUSION will then travel to Dusseldorf, Germany, where the newly created Watchtime Dusseldorf exhibition will take place from the 25th to the 27th of October.

26 sep2019

The new Benson Black Series Pro watch winders

One of the best watch winder brands that offer a very good price/quality ratio is Benson. This Dutch brand is one of the most promising brands in the field of watch winders. The brand combines quality with sustainability and functionality.

This Dutch watch winder brand recently presented its latest models in the Black Series Pro collection. This collection contains watch winders with an extra large capacity for winding automatic watches. The Pro 12.19 and 16.19 models are suitable to wind 12 or 16 watches. The news is that Benson will soon be presenting two new models that are suitable for winding up 20 and 24 automatic watches. These new models have the same design and technology as the current Benson Black Series Pro models. 

The Benson Black Series Pro watch winders are characterized by a sleek and modern design, state-of-the-art technology, touch screens, LED lighting and individual control for each winder. This allows you to wind each watch individually according to the direction of rotation and the number of revolutions per day. The watch holder is adjustable so that it is suitable for every type of watch. You can wind watches from Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Patek, IWC etc etc. These watch winders from Benson will wind any automatic watch, regardless brand or model. 

The strong glass door of the Benson Black Series Pro watch winders offers a perfect view of the rotating watches and is also lockable by a key. On the inside of the watch winder you will find two touch screens to adjust each rotor individually and a drawer in which extra watches or other jewelry can be stored.

Benson Black Series Pro watch winder

For the true watch enthusiast, a watch winder is a must have. However, for the real collector, a large watch winder with space for many automatic watches is a requirement. With the Benson Black Series Pro watch winders you have all watches directly available, safely stored and always ready to wear immediately, without having to wind the watch manually first. This not only saves a lot of time, but also improves the durability of the watch. After all, for manual winding and setting the time correctly you have to open the crown. The crown is one of the most vulnerable parts of a watch and you prefer to open and close as little as possible.

The Benson Black Series Pro watch winders are currently available for 12 and 16 watches, in the exterior colors black and carbon fiber. The new models that are suitable for 20 and 24 automatic watches and will be available soon. We already tested the version for 16 watches, and when the new models are as good they will be hard to resist for the watch collector who wants the best for his or her watches. 

19 sep2019

#1 watch winder shop

At our office we have many watch winders which we test and write about in our blogs. Brands provide us their watch winders and we give our feedback. Therefore we see many  watch winders from different brands. We have to say that in general the quality is very good and that many brands spend a lot of time and effort on design, choosing the best materials and the finishing touch. The production of a good watch winder isn't very easy. The combination between electronics, mechanical parts such as motors and gearboxes and on the other hand the design is paramount. When one of these elements doesn't match with the rest, there isn't a balance. We test the watch winders with different methods and write a report, also to compare with watch winders which we tested before or will test in the future. We try to share this info in our blogs with you as reader of our watch winder blog. But where can you buy a good watch winder? 

This question is very important as there are many cowboys at the market. We have written several blog articles about these "brands" and "shops". The best way to buy a good watch winder is simply compare different shops and read articles or blogs. When you choose a shop please check if they sell well known watch winder brands, and if they are official dealer of those brands. These shops can be trusted and they offer various payment methods, solid warranty and they ship worldwide. We don't recommend watch winder shops which only sell one or two brands, or not well known brands. Mostly they buy their watch winders in China, put  their logo on an existing model and sell them for too much money in Europe or the US (see our articles about Aevitas and Barrington). These are no real brands such as Swiss Kubik, Buben & Zorweg, Benson or Bernard Favre. 

There are several good webshops where you can buy a great watch winder. One of the best shops is (and This watch winder shop is specialized in watch winders, has more than 15 years of experience, is official reseller of 15 well known brands, offers various payment options and ships worldwide. You can also take a look at Designhuette in Germany, which is interesting for people who live in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. 

And you can always contact a shop to receive more information or get advice. And in case you need more info from us, just contact us at We are happy to help you. 

8 sep2019