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Advanced watch winder technology from Orbita

Orbita is one of the watch winder brands we like a lot. They have passion for what they create and do. The brand has a positive reputation and many watch adepts love their Orbita watch winder

Founded by Chuck Agnoff in 1996 in Wilmington, North Carolina, Orbita is the leading producer and provider of premium watch winders in the world. While Orbita did not invent the mechanical exercising of watches, we did introduce a new, unprecedented level of quality. They began their endeavor by learning everything they could about mechanical watches, and then researched the gentlest way to wind them. From inception, the company philosophy has been to create products of lasting value and exceptional attention to detail, as well as products that people enjoy using. Important key values if you ask us.

Orbita Sparta watch winder

When you travel a lot the Orbita Voyager watch winder is a great chouce. Orbita is the only watch winder company offering a winder of this kind. The Voyager uses the same unique mounting system employed on the Orbita Futura winders, and sets up easily wherever you are.

Automatic watches are designed to be worn, not stored and placed in a drawer. The lubricants used for these complex watch mechanisms tend to move away from critical surfaces when the watch is not “exercised”, causing wear when the watch is finally worn, which results in a loss of accuracy. A well-designed watch winder keeps unworn watches properly lubricated and ready to wear for any occasion. Needless to say, it also provides the owner with the convenience of not having to reset or adjust his or her watch after not being used for an extended period of time.

At Orbita they carefully select only the finest, timeless materials for their products, including handcrafted and detailed marquetry, the best grades of leather, sophisticated multi-layered lacquering, and the most modern carbon fibers. Orbita watch winders offer a lot of value for their money and therefore they are very popular.

8 may2019

Benson Black Series watch winders 2019

In 2016 the Dutch watch winder brand Benson did launch their Black Series watch winders. This line of watch winders immediately became very popular and successful. With more than 250 resellers worldwide you can buy a Benson Black Series watch winder at high end jewellers and the better online watch winder shops. What makes the Benson Black Series watch winders so popular? This question is easy to answer for we tested these watch winders for many months with several watches, from Tag Heuer, Seiko to Breitling. 

When we take a look at the Benson Black Series watch winders we see a very modern and stylish design. The materials are solid, functional and have a nice finish. The watch winders have a luxurious look and feel. When we take a look at the functions these watch winders are suitable to wind any automatic watch. The direction of rotation (right, left and alternate) can be set and also the number of revolutions per day (turns per day: TPD). This for each rotor individually, which allows you to set each winder exactly like the automatic watch demands. 

Benson Black Series watch winder

With the LED light you can create a perfect atmosphere to see the watches rotating. It's functional but mostly a feature which gives a nice look. The velvet inside the watch winders makes sure the watches cannot be scratched, they are perfectly safe inside. With the extra storage compartment you can store extra watches or even jewellery. 

The Benson Black Series watch winders are available for 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 automatic watches, and a few months ago Benson launched its Black Series Pro watch winders which are suitable to wind 12 and 16 watches. The nice thing is that these watch winders are available in different colours; black, white, macassar and carbon fibre. There are also two Limited Editions available, in brown and red colour (with padded leather on the outside). These last models are real eye catchers and limited at 250pc per model. 

All Benson Black Series watch winders are delivered with an universal adapter so you can use the watch winder worldwide. Thereby each watch winder comes with a manual, certificate and 2 years warranty. The prices are very acceptable and lower than any other watch winder brands offering the same quality. This makes the Benson Black Series watch winders a great choice. 

We enjoy our Benson Black Series watch winder everyday. It winds our automatic watches perfectly and the watch winder itself just looks great. In this price category it's the best watch winder available and we are looking forward to many new Benson watch winders to come. In our opinion Benson did a great job by producing high quality watch winders for a very reasonable price. Many consumers and retailers already know this as well, looking at the succes of the Benson Black Series watch winders. 

4 may2019

Paul Design watch winders | Top quality!

The watch winder brand Paul Design from the UK is one of the raising stars in the field of watch winders. The brand is original, produces good quality watch winders and has reasonable retail prices. Next to this the watch winders have a great functionality which makes it very easy to set each watch winder in combination with the automatic watches. All these aspects are important these days for a consumer. 

What we like most about Paul Design is that this UK based company produces high quality watch winders with a passion. This passion is to make it watch lovers more easy and offer a great product to wind and store his/her automatic watches. There are still brands which produce watch winders which are very expensive but offer low end technique, bad finish and noisy motors. The watch winders from Paul Design are the opposite, which makes them very popular. 

Paul Design Gentleman 4+6 watch winder

The Paul Design watch winders are sold by respectable shops and jewellers. Therefore warranty and good service is always offered. When you have several automatic watches but you don't want to shop in the price category of Buben & Zorweg, Stockinger or Kunstwinder then a Paul Design watch winder is a great choice. These watch winders do wind any automatic watch. The design and finish of these watch winders are very interesting, as it's a reflection of the passion of the brand. They don't want to offer just a watch winder, they want to offer a watch winder that the consumer enjoys and is a nice addition to the watches of the user. 

When you're looking for a well priced watch winder which offers great quality and functionality, then a Paul Design watch winder is the what you want to buy! 

1 may2019