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Aevitas watch winders | Doubtful quality

Some time ago we wrote about Aevitas watch winders. We received some questions and remarks from readers of our blog about this brand. One of the questions was about the quality of these watch winders. The answer is simple, the quality is not what you may expect at this price level. The funny thing is that this brand is only sold by a few online shops, all from the same owner. This owner is probably also the owner of Aevitas watch winders. It seems there is no other strategy then to sell over priced watch winders through their own sales channels. 

In our opinion Aevitas is not a real watch winder brand such as Swiss Kubik, Chronovision, Rapport, Buben & Zörweg etc etc. If you really love your automatic watches we don't advise you to buy a Aevitas watch winder. In that price range you can buy several brand which do a lot better, such as Wolf, Rapport, Swiss Kubik, Benson, Paul Design and several more. 

We keep you posted about Aevitas watch winders. 

4 may2017


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