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Bernard Favre, creator of an incredible watchwinder

 Most watchwinders do look the same; a square box with winding technology inside. But there are watchwinders which do not follow the standard designs. Brands as Buben & Zörweg but also Origin Times do create special watchwinders based on a different theme. Bernard Favre is a person who likes to create extraordinary watchwinders too. 

Born in Neuchatel, the area of watchmakers he develops and produce items for the watch industry. It's a fact that Bernard Favre is a creative person as he is also a jazz drummer in his leisure time. 

Most of time he play to shape and combine different materials in his workshop. One day this brought him to a 3 dimensional spirit item that represent the planet with 3 rings. The following was a game of logical laws of physics and innovation. 

It took several years of cooperation with craftsmen from the watch making sector untill the unique watchwinder was ready; the "Planet" winding system. The watchwinder moves in several directions which is a spectacular sight.

It supplies the automatic watch with energy in a brilliant way. You can even connect a USB cable and set the direction and turns per day. It has all specifications a modern watchwinder should have.

Of course this watchwinder is not for everybody, but the real watch enthusiast will love this watchwinder. In the nearby future Bernard Favre will present new models based on the "Planet" model, suitable for more automatic watches. 

The Bernard Favre "Planet" watchwinder retailprice is 1'290 Swiss Franc, which is USD 1420 or 1050 Euro. All prices incl. VAT. It comes in a high end presentation case with USB cable, adapter, glass shell and travelling case. 

31 jan2014


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