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BRM watchwinders with racing spirit

In an atelier near Paris in France, Bernard Richards produces great quality watches with racing spirit. Day and night, with his coworkers, he turns and assembles watches with the most complex appearance. For Bernard Richards, luxury is "attention to technical details and perfection at every stage". Like in the car industry, watchmaking has its own wizards, known only to those involved in this microcosm of the quest for perfection. In this elite milieu, the phrase mass production is nowhere to be found, still less will one hear talk of productivity. The focus is on perfection! 

At Baselworld we met Bernard Richards in his booth at the Plaza. Next to the beautiful watches were several new BRM watchwinders. They caught our eye immediately. Bernard Richards told us that the watchwinders are a perfect accessory next to his watches. Several customers who purchased multiple BRM watches do own a special BRM watchwinder as well. All BRM watchwinders are assembled by Bernard Richard himself. 

The BRM watchwinders recall an engine, reflecting the racing spirit of BRM. The watchwinders are available for two, four, six, eight, ten and twelve automatic watches and can be personalized in different available colours. For example you can have your BRM watchwinder with colours of the national flag of France, USA, UK or Germany. 

In our opinion the BRM watchwinders are unique and very interesting for those who own multiple automatic watches, and are interesting in racing. Imagine a beautiful BRM watchwinder in your living room or office. Racing fans will be enthousiastic! 

25 mar2016


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