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Buben & Zörweg at Baselworld 2015

At Baselworld (Basel- Switzerland) Buben & Zörweg presented it's master pieces for 2015. By invitation we visited the booth of Buben & Zörweg and did get a fine presentation of the luxury, fine materials and high end technique this Austrian brand offers. The friendly welcome, professional presentation and beautiful watchwinders was a perfect combination for us as watchwinder adepts. But more important, what did we see which is interesting for you?

 Buben & Zörweg "Private Museum"

One of the newest masterpieces is the "Private Museum" which is a showcase for collector's items with an appealing ambiance. It's suitable for watches, art objects and rare collector pieces. Thereby, the "Private Museum" is a masterpiece itself. It's made in Germany by the best materials and by the best craftsmen.

The showcase has high security reinforced glass (spy mirror function) and can be opened (top down) and then the safety system (invisible lasers) takes over. The precious watches, art or other collectors items are extremely safe because of the VDS-certified locking system with biometric fingerprint identification. 

For clients it's possible to choose the exact interior options you prefer. For example you can choose to use the "Private Museum" just for watches, or just for art, or for a combination of both. Thereby you can choose the exact colours (inside velvet) or optional explosion proof technique. 

The Buben & Zörweg Private Museum is a showcase which is an eye catcher itself. It combines the best materials with safety and German technique. 

 Buben & Zörweg for ladies

As we all know a watchwinder is mostly interesting for men. Men own more automatic watches which makes a watchwinder an interesting accessory. The most clients of Buben & Zörweg are men, but they also want to attract more ladies. Therefore the new Galaxy Safe line is introduced, with some special white coloured models. There are three new models; Galaxy XXL, XL and the tabletop. These safes are available in several colour combinations, but by presenting the XL in white leather at Baselworld it's no surprise that this model will attract ladies more than men. 

This new safe has a VDS 1 certification and has an keypad input and emergency key. Standard the Galaxy XL has 8 watchwinders (Time Movers) and 5 drawers, but of course Buben & Zörweg can produce the watchwinder exactly like you prefer. 

We checked the Galaxy XL in the booth and we noticed an extreme eye for detail, good solid materials and a very nice finishing of the leather (hand stitched). The ladies will love it! 

There is a lot more to share on this blog but we also would like to write about the other brands we visited. Soon we will present some articles about Buben & Zörweg's newest masterpieces.

23 mar2015


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