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Change of command at Stockinger bespoke safes

One of the leading brands in terms of watchwinders and watchwinder safes is Stockinger from Germany. With a focus on security, craftmanship and luxury Stockinger belongs to the best brands worldwide. Recently Stockinger launched their new website which is more modern and user friendly.

This is the result of a change of command in the company. The new owners did decide to change several things; new website and also they let go some personnel. We are curious which effects these changes will have, as Stockinger was losing ground in terms of sales. Simply said, the competition was too fierce for this German brand, which made changes inevitable. 

Hopefully we can expect some new masterpieces from Stockinger. It seems like they focus more and more on individual projects. This results in less standard models available for regular consumers. That's a pity, as we think Stockinger can be very popular when they launch a line of watchwinders for a reasonable price.

We are curious about the new steps Stockinger will take, as a result of the change of command.

16 sep2016


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