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How to choose a good watchwinder?

The problem with automatic watches is that they lose energy when they are not worn. Without movement the power reserve will lose energy and the correct time settings are lost and need to be set again. To avoid this problem you can buy a watchwinder.

A watchwinder does turn around the watches to supply the movement with energy. You can buy watchwinders in different models/versions, but a good watchwinder does have special specifications.

Important parts: the motors

 We advise to buy a watchwinder with good quality motors. Japanese or German motors are of great quality and do have enough power to turn around the most heavy automatic watches. Thereby a Japanese or German motor is more reliable and will be silent over a longer period. There are some interesting Chinese motors, especially because their prices are low, but on the long term they start making noise and there is a higher risk for defects.


Next we would advise to buy a watchwinder which has several programs. Almost 95% of all automatic watches need to be rotated clockwise (CW) for optimal winding. A good watchwinder does have a clockwise and counter clockwise (CC) rotation function. Most watchwinder models do have CW, CC and alternate. In the alternate mode the watchwinder rotates first clockwise and then counter clockwise.

Adapter or battery?

Please also consider how you like to use your watchwinder. When it's placed in the bedroom, office or living room a regular power adapter will do. But if you need the watchwinder to be placed in a safe or you want to take it with you on a holiday or business trip, we would advise to choose a watchwinder with batteries. A combination of a power adapter and batteries is most useful. 

12 dec2013


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