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Interview with Mr. Liao (Branding & Sales - Jebely)

Recently we wrote an article about Jebely, a watchwinder brand from Taiwan which produces interesting watchwinders for reasonable prices. As we like to learn more about relatively unknown watchwinder brands we asked Mr. Tony Liao from Jebely for an interview. 

Could you please introduce yourself and function at Jebely?

I’m Tony Liao from Taichung, Taiwan. I did study at the University of the Art at Philadelphia, USA. I also did a major in Industrial Design for product developement. In the company I am currently resonsible for the Jebely watchwinder branding and sales since 2012.

How would you describe the Jebely company?

Jebely is a Swiss brand which we bought in 2003. We believe to bringing the high-end watchwinder to more majority market and add personality to it. For a long period of time, we were OEM/ODM for many brands in US and Europe. As a professional watchwinder manufacturer, we believe we have more proper reason to bring our own brand with our own technology and design to the market.

How would you describe the Jebely watchwinders?

Currently we have three different levels watchwinder for different market.
First is entry level watchwinder, which is made with plastic and metal combination. We are targeting the majority customer with affordable price.

Second, we have standerd and classic style of watchwinder for those who have 3 up to 8 mechanical watches. They are very simple, square-like watchwinder with different special panels and design treatment to represent the different personality and style. Mainly is for the watches collection.

Third, our flagship (or luxury) watchwinder is for special showcase in watch store, club, department store, or special watch collection.

We identified the Jebely watchwinder as the stylize, personalize watchwinder. With modern and unique design style for more younger generation.

Can you tell us more about the production proces?

Currently Jebely watchwinders are all made in Taiwan. We developed our own gear box with Japanese motor which we can provide two years warranty.

Base on our three levels of watchwinder, mainly materials are used as wood, glass, aluminum, and plastic combination.

What are the main markets for Jebely? And can you tell us more about the business structure; do you have distributors, dealers or do you sell directly to consumers?

Currently our main markets are China and Japan where we have our branch office for exclusive sales. We are currently looking for distributors, partners, and dealers worldwide.

In which way will Jebely develop the coming years? What will be your focus?

We are focusing in the entry-level watchwinder and module watchwinder.

If you would compare Jebely with another brand, which brand is this and why?

I will say that we are not easy to compare to any other brand since our product design is very different than others. We are not like traditional watchwinder brands, either we are not very high-end of technique or finishing. We are focusing in stylish consumer product.

What new projects can we expect soon?

We are trying hard to bring the metal watchwinder in entry-level price with unique design style.

Why should we buy a Jebely watchwinder?

With a long period of OEM/ODM background, we are confident to bring the European quality with Asian price, and a stylish design. 

3 nov2015


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