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Jebely, good quality watchwinders from Taiwan

Sometimes we "discover" a relatively unknown watchwinder brand. One of these brands is Jebely. This watchwinder brand is originally from Switzerland, but taken over by a Taiwan company. Since then Jebely focuses on producing good quality watchwinders. We got in touch with Jebely a few weeks ago and learnd more about this interesting brand. 

The Jebely watchwinders are available in many different styles, colours and materials. The entry-level watchwinders are made of plastic. The more luxury models are made of wood, aluminium and glass. Quite special is that Jebely developed an own gearbox technology which is used in all Jebely watchwinders. This is quite special.

When we take a look at the Jebely website we see a modern design with a nice presentation of all models. We have to say that we are attracted by several models because of the original design. The main markets for Jebely are China and Japan, which could be the reason we didn't know this brand. It's a matter of time till Jebely expands to Europe and the USA, as their watchwinders will be attractive for many automatic watch adepts. 

Soon we will present an interview with Mr. Tony Liao, who is responsible for the Jebely branding and sales. He will inform us about the values and traditions of this Taiwan compay. We are very interested as the Jebely watchwinders do look very promising.

Hopefully we can test a Jebely watchwinder soon, so we can write about its quality, functionality and looks. Thereby we hope Jebely will expand to Europe and the USA so that consumers can see the brand in real. 

8 oct2015


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