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Modalo watchwinders in the fog

Some time ago we wrote an article about Modalo watchwinders. It's a good moment to see what Modalo achieved since then. Then we noticed beautiful watchwinders and a good looking Modalo website. But when we did take a closer look we noticed that Modalo doesn't share the most important information for consumers. There is no information about the motors Modalo use to wind automatic watches, and there is no information about the gearing. Both parts are incredible important when you decide to buy a good watchwinder. It's the same when want to buy a car and the seller doesn't inform you which engine type is under the hood. You certainly want to know, because there are so many differences in power, quality and reliability...and also price. 

The strange thing is that we wrote about this topic last year and also sent an email to Modalo. It's obvious they didn't use our advice:) 

But why would a brand avoid mentioning a good description of the most important parts? We are not sure, but we can guess......We really hope Modalo watchwinders will inform us, but more important informs the consumer. As the designs of the watchwinders are looking quite good it's a pity that there isn't more information available about the quality of the motors and gearing. 

When we check internet we see quite some negative experiences with Modalo regarding it's motors. Could be a chance for Modalo to improve their motors and share this important info with consumers.

11 aug2015


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