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New app-controlled watchwinder from Spin-R

The watch and watchwinder industry is quite conservative which makes technical innovations very interesting, as they are quite rare. When we visited Baselworld at the beginning of this year we noticed that some watchwinder brands innovate with a new feature: watchwinders controlled by smartphones. A simple app allows the user to set all important settings of the watchwinder without touching the watchwinder itself. 

The nice thing is that these apps do have all watch winding specs for many automatic watches available instantly. This will make it far more easy for the user to set the exact settings his/her automatic watch(es) need. Spin-R from Hong Kong will introduce a new watchwinder with app control. It works with bluetooth connectivity. Spin-R produces modern watchwinders with attractive designs in several colors. The interesting prices do make this Asia brand very attractive for the starting watch collector. 

We hope this technical development will result in more interesting functions for watchwinders. We know that many brands work hard on these innovations and we are sure 2015 will be a year full of new gadgets, functions and innovations.

The question is; do you really need a app-controlled watchwinder? In our opinion it's a great feature but not absolutely necessary. It's handy and trendy and will attract a younger consumer which is used using his/her smartphone in daily life! The new Spin-R watchwinders are launched already at Baselworld and the Hong Kong watch fair (September 2014) and will be available soon!

23 sep2014


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