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New technique at Paul Design watchwinders

 Earlier we wrote articles about the Paul Design watchwinders, and also tested the Paul Design Gentlemen 2+3. This watchwinder brand is in motion and developing their models, technique and design very fast.

Yesterday we received an email from Paul Design informing us about the new features in their newest watchwinder models which are available now. First of all they did introduce a new winding system by RPH (rotation per hour) which is very accurate. Most brands do have a TPD (turns per day) system which is a good system, but not as accurate as the new RPH launched by Paul Design.

Thereby Paul Design did produce a new control system that allows the user to control up to 16 rotors by just one control panel. Normally you can control up to 8 rotors individually by one control panel, but Paul Design achieved to extend it to 16 rotors. Therefore it’s more easy to control all settings for your automatic watches by one control panel, instead of 2 or even 3 panels.

We al know the problem that an automatic watch doesn’t exactly fit the watch holder. The watch holder is too big (small watches or lady watches) or too small (big watches). Paul Design found a solution for this problem; a watch holder which is designed to fit all sizes of watches, not only for men but also for ladies. Some brands already have this special watch holder, but there are also brands which only provide one watch holder suitable for 95% of all watches, or provide two different watch holders (like Spin-R watchwinders).

The new Paul Design watchwinders also have a new micro fiber material inside the watchwinder to prevent all watches from scratches. It’s a great soft material, looks fine and is protective for your watches.

It looks like Paul Design did a great job making their watchwinders even better! In November we will meet Paul Chen, the CEO of Paul Design watchwinders and interview him about his brand, technique and philosofy. We do look forward to it! 

7 oct2014


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