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Orbita watch winders - still going strong

In the US there are some watch winder brands from which Orbita is the most known and probably the best in terms of quality. Watch adepts all know the Orbita watch winders are reliable devices to wind an automatic watch. The advantage of this brand is that it offers a watch winder in different price ranges. You can buy a very expensive Orbita watch winder but also a version for 400-500 USD. Especially the Rotorwind versions are very popular in the US. These watch winders have a clean design, strong motors and very good functionality. The price/quality ratio is very good and therefore a good choice. 

Orbita Sparta 2 watch winder

In Europe Orbita is less known, but some specialist watch winder shops offer a complete collection. One of our favorite models is the Sparta 2. This model is not fancy looking but does focus on the most important aspect: winding your watch. 

When you have more money to spend Orbita offers many beautiful watch winders completely made out of wood, with a luxury interior and great looking design. A reason why many watch lovers have an Orbita watch winder at home. 

9 mar2018


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