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Quality and style; Paul Design watchwinders

Christmas is coming and we all worry about what presents to give to our partner, family and friends. You want to buy something nice, long lasting and special. You can buy a watch, but buying a watch for someone else is quite personal. Thereby most watch collectors prefer to choose their own watch, then they are sure it's completely according their wishes. A better idea is to buy a watchwinder. A watchwinder is an accessory that's very handy and stylish. 

Paul Design watchwinders

We all know the most famous brands as B&Z, Stockinger, Döttling etc etc. But for people with an average budget a Paul Design watchwinder would be a great choice. These watchwinders have the style and looks of a very expensive watchwinder, but in fact the retail prices are very reasonable. You can buy a single or double Paul Design watchwinder for 300-450 euro. The bigger versions for six to eight watches are available for 800-1500 euro. The very special A12 suitable for twelve watches, with mirror glass and card lock system is available for 1999 euro. 

We like the Paul Design watchwinders because they have an own style, use very good materials and have a finish of a high level. We see many watchwinder brands which just copy other brands. Therefore we have much respect for those small, and maybe less famous, brands which follow their own heart and create beautiful watchwinders. The Paul Design watchwinders are suitable to wind any automatic watch and are available a worlds largest online watchwinder shops. 

If you're looking for a great gift for a real watch adept the collection of Paul Design watchwinders is certainly worth your attention. 

30 oct2016


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