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The beautiful RDI Horizon watch winders

Horizon, the featherweight of RDI-Charles Kaeser watch winder range, fully draped in black leather.

First price of RDI-Charles Kaeser luxury winding line, Horizon combines aesthetics, elegance and design. Entirely draped in black leather, glass door, on battery or on mains, 2 bracelets support (M and L), this winding has a unique program displaying 1000 revolutions in 24 hours, with a left right rotation. Fully hand-crafted, it has the quietest engine on the market.

RDI Horizon red watch winder

As it does not take a lot of space, it finds its place in your safe or cabinet without any problem. Because of its light weight, it is the ideal companion for people looking for a watch winder, to take everywhere and every time. Thanks to its small size, and its batterie power, its slips perfectly into a travel bag and finds its place even in the smallest spaces. Thus, there is little space left in your safe or cabinet but you want to put your watch: Horizon is there, waiting for you, with its weight less than 1 kg. Chic and sober, it’s also goes very well in your office. Where ever you are, where ever you want to go: The RDI Horizon watch winder can be with you.

Actually, RDI-Charles Kaeser offers you 3 variants with its small rings of different colors depending on the model of your choice: Black, Red and Silver. You want to customize your Horizon, choose your own color of rings, and you will have your Horizon with your personal touch.

10 sep2017


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