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The comeback of Rapport watchwinders?

 It's some time ago that we wrote about Rapport watchwinders. Then we were not really convinced about the technique and durability. We heard different experiences from users, and the watchwinders design did look a bit old fashioned in our opinion. Last "Baselworld", world's biggest watch fair held in Switzerland, we visited their booth and talked with them.

Rapport appointed some new distributors which resulted in better sales. Rapport told us that they put a lot of effort in producing watchwinders of better quality, and that new series will achieve that goal. In our opinion the last five years Rapport lost the competition with other brands like Swiss Kubik and Wolf, but it seems they found a way up. This way up didn't result in new series yet, but Rapport informed us they will present new models soon.

The old fashioned look will stay (and maybe we have to say "traditional"), but that doesn't mean that Rapport can't be really successful. We believe there is a big market for watchwinders with a more sophesticated and traditional look. The materials of the Rapport watchwinders do look and feel good. It's a nice accessory for many watch lovers, and will look great in the living room, study room or office.

We expect that Rapport will be successful in its own way. With its "British" look they are an interesting alternative for other watchwinder brands as they offer quality and tradition for an affordable price.

25 jul2015


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