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The importance of a good watch holder

We all know the following problem, you have a nice looking watchwinder but your watches don't fit that great on the watch holder. The watch holder is too small or too big, or is not flexible enough. This makes the watchwinder less fun to use as you want the best for your automatic watches, and more important, that they are safe within the watchwinder.

More and more watchwinder brands do offer their watchwinders with adjustable watch holders. There are all kind of systems. Those who can be adjusted by a spring and watch holders which can be adjusted by removing/adding an extra part. There are also brands which use pillows as watch holder in their watchwinders. Is the one system better than the other? It really depends on the exact watch holder and its quality. In our experience a pillow is not that great as there is no security protection. The watch holder can fall out the watchwinder more easy than a watch holder with "click-system". 

When you buy a watchwinder, please check the exact watch holder. It makes a difference. 

16 aug2016


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