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Underwood London watchwinders, anything new?

The name Underwood has become more known the last years....not because of the Underwood watchwinders but because of the brilliant series House of Cards with Frank Underwood who works his way up to US president. When you Google "Underwood" you won't find the watchwinder brand on the first pages of the search results. Of course when you search for "Underwood watchwinders" you will find the Italian brand instantly.

Last year we did meet Underwood watchwinders in Basel at Baselworld. In a hotel next to Baselworld Underwood presented us their newest products and materials. The welcome was very warm, as we are used to with Italian people. In the field of watchwinders Underwood London is a small player on the market with a focus on the more luxury watchwinders in a higher price level. Not as high as Stockinger or Buben & Zörweg. In our opinion the brand can be compared with Scatola del Tempo, also an Italian watchwinder brand. Their designs, materials and finishing are comparable. The fact that both brands do love to work with natural materials as leather is reflected in their watchwinder collections. Where Scatola del Tempo has a bigger range of single watchwinders, does Underwood London have a more interesting collection of bigger watchwinders for more automatic watches.

A big difference between both brands is that Underwood London watchwinders use a modular system. This means that the watchwinder can be taken out of the watchwinder case. Scatola del Tempo watchwinders do have integrated watchwinders, which cannot be taken out by the user. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

What both brand do have in common is that their level of innovation is not that high. Each year a minimum of changes are made into their new collections of watchwinders. Both Italian watchwinder brands do keep close to their values, materials and design. There is certainly a group of consumers who loves Underwood London and Scatola del Tempo watchwinders, nevertheless there is more and more competition of watchwinder brands offering a comparable level of quality, technique and finish. Innovation is normally the method to avoid too much competition. We are very curious about the presentation of the new Underwood London watchwinders, and the Scatola del Tempo watchwinders at Baselworld.

14 feb2016


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