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Watchwinder functions: TPD (turns per day) explained

 Watchwinders do have all kind of specific functions to wind automatic watches with the result that they keep running. One of these functions is to select the TPD (turns per day). This is the number of turns of the turntable (or rotor) that is required every 24 hours to keep the automatic watch wound. The exact movement brand and type (for example: Miyota 9015 or Sellita SW200) inside the watch determines the required TPD. There are differences between the movements which result in differences in required TPD.

Most automatic watches require a 600 to 1000 TPD. Nevertheless there are other watches which need a higher TPD, for example 1200 to 1900 TPD. A good watchwinder will offer a function to select the specific TPD manually. Therefore you can choose the required TPD for your specific automatic watch(es). Thereby all good watchwinders suitable for more than one automatic watch, offer the TPD function for all turntables individually. In case you have two or three different automatic watches with different required TPD you can set the exact TPD per turntable, so all watches are wound perfectly. 

It really depends on the watch which TPD is the best to select. If you're not sure, don't hesitate to ask the watch brand or salespoint where you bought the watch. There are also lists available on the internet where you can find a specific watch and its matching TPD. 

An important remark: please don't worry about a too high number of TPD (for example 1500 TPD when you watch require 1000 TPD), every modern watch has an overwind protection by a built-in slipping system

10 dec2014


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