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What is the best place for your watch winder?

Watch winders come in all kind of designs, shapes and sizes. Choosing the best watch winder for your personal watch collection is quite easy. Most important is to think about what style you prefer, what your budget is and how many automatic watches you want to wind inside the watch winder. Another question, but important as well, is where you want to place the watch winder. Or maybe you prefer a watch winder you can take with you easily as you're travelling a lot? 

Most watch lovers have their automatic watches in or nearby their bedroom. When you wake up and get dressed it's very handy to quickly select the watch you want to wear that day. When the watch winder is nearby, for example in your bedroom or in a cabinet or walk-in closet, it will only take a moment and you're ready for the day. But placing a watch winder nearby your bed can also result in a little bit of sound, because the watch winder has mechanical parts inside (motor and gearbox). Some people sleep very light and cannot sleep with the sound of a watch winder nearby. For those it's better to place the watch winder a little bit away from the bed. Normally a good watch winder, for example from Buben & Zörweg, Benson or Paul Design, can be placed next to the bed because of their low sound level. 

Other watch lovers place their watch winder in their living room, as they love to see their automatic watches rotating. And we have to admit, that's a beautiful sight, especially in the dark when the LED lights enlight the watches. Placing the watch winder in the living room also means that you share your watch collection with other people, for example friends or family. But of course also with people you prefer not seeing your watch collection. We always advise, when you want to place the watch winder in your living room, to place it a little bit out of sight, especially that it cannot be seen from outside. You don't want to attract the wrong attention. 

Paul Design watch winder

From experience we know that a watch winder can be placed very well inside an office. It looks very nice and therefore catches the eyes of clients and collegues. Thereby placing the watch winder at the office is convenient, as you can switch your watch whenever you like at different occasions. And when your work is done, what is more relaxing then to look at a rotating watch? 

Of course we also have the watch adepts who like to have a watch winder with them during their travels, business trips and holidays. Then the watch winder must be compact, easy to take with you and not very fragile. These watch winders are mostly ment for one automatic watch and work on batteries as well. A good example of a brand which is specialized in this type of watch winders is Swiss Kubik. The Swiss Kubik watch winders are compact, nice and do their job perfectly. 

A watch winder can be placed anywhere. You just have to think about what spot you prefer and where the watch winder, and therefore your watches, is safe. Of course it's also important  when the watch winder fits into the environment. It simply looks better! 

Swiss Kubik Triple watch winder

5 apr2019


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