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Swiss Kubik Startbox Blue watch winders

Posted on 08-11-2023

Since the watch winder was invented, various renowned brands have worked hard to further develop and perfect the technology of watch winders.

With the idea that 'stand still means going backwards', well-known brands opt for continuous innovation. Not only the technology behind the watch winder has been continuously improved and supplemented where necessary. In addition, more and more exclusive and unique designs are coming onto the market, making the watch winder more than just an effective way of winding your automatic watches.

Swiss Kubik Startbox Blue watch winder

Beautiful watch winders offer a stylish option to elegantly present and store your automatic watch or watches. On the other hand, you may also prefer to purchase a watch winder that is equipped with the best Swiss made technology, but also has a handy and simple design and is also affordable. There are plenty of options for this too. If you are looking for a stylish luxury watch winder for several automatic watches, or a simple design at a better price, you have definitely come to the right place at the well-known Swiss watch winder brand Swiss Kubik.

Swiss Kubik is one of the Swiss brands that can be called an absolute leader in the field of innovation and renewal. The brand has already presented 6 generations of watch winders in 10 years, which can be called proof of the drive of the experts at Swiss Kubik to do better again and again.

The Swiss Kubik collection offers watch winders for winding 1 automatic watch, but also for an entire collection of automatic watches and everything in between. In addition, the brand offers watch winders in different price ranges and made of various materials, such as leather, aluminum and polyamide. Although Swiss Kubik watch winders are recognizable from thousands due to the characteristic cube-shaped designs, the brand also offers watch winders that distinguish themselves from the other models in the collection due to the unique prints.

Whatever watch winder you are looking for, due to the diversity within the Swiss Kubik collection, the brand always offers a watch winder that suits you and your automatic watches. In this article we would like to tell you more about a specific watch winder from the Swiss Kubik collection. We are talking about the Swiss Kubik startbox blue. This watch winder comes from the series of entry-level models from Swiss Kubik, formerly the ABS watch winders. These watch winders offer everything you need to no longer have to worry about your automatic watch being down, at an attractive price. The simple design is characteristic of the Startbox models. The Swiss Kubik Startbox Blue is a very high-quality watch winder, which ensures a safe, mild and efficient way of winding your automatic watch. With the well-known Swiss made motor as the beating heart of the watch winder, you can easily provide every type and brand of automatic watch with the necessary movement. The Swiss engine is also extremely reliable and durable. Moreover, it provides the excitement in an energy-efficient manner and does its work in silence. The Swiss Kubik watch winder is therefore very suitable for placing in, for example, the bedroom or the office, after all, you do not have to fear disturbing noises during the winding process. Because the watch winder is also compactly designed, it is very handy. This makes it very easy to take the watch winder with you on a (business) trip or to the office. In addition, the Swiss Kubik startbox blue functions on a set of AA batteries. You can therefore also store the watch winder and your beloved watch in a safe, ensuring optimal safety of your watch.

The Swiss Kubik start box blue is handmade from polyamide with the greatest precision and eye for detail. This model is available in blue, but various other colors are available for this model. For example, you can choose from the colors red, aqua, orange and black. The watch winder is of course equipped with overwind protection to prevent overvoltage of your automatic watch.

You can order the Swiss Kubik Startbox Blue watch winder from us in the webshop. We supply these with an extensive warranty period of no less than 3 years and of course a clear manual. As an official dealer of the brand, we also offer many other high-end watch winders from the Swiss Kubik collection. Therefore, take a look at the options now and choose your favorite watch winder!