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Benson watch roll Black Series 4 Black

Posted on 2 March 2023 at 2:51 PM

If you are the proud owner of a luxury watch, you will not have it on your wrist all the time. This is of course especially true when you own several watches. You then have the option to adjust your watch to the outfit you are wearing and/or to your mood that day. Of course you want to be able to store the watch or watches that are not worn somewhere safe. A watch with an automatic movement is most efficiently stored in a suitable watch winder. This not only offers a safe storage place, but at the same time also the energy supply of the watch by offering the correct movement.

This is not necessary for a luxury watch with a mechanical (manual winding) or quartz movement (battery operated). For example, a watch box or a watch case is very suitable as a storage place. A watch box generally takes up more space than a watch case. In addition, the case also offers the advantage that it is easier to take with you on a trip or to the office. With a suitable watch case you can, if desired, take all your watches with you on a (business) trip and choose a suitable watch for your outfit of that day every day. Of course you can also use a watch case in addition to a watch box. You could use the watch box at home and use the watch case when you have to go to the office or travel, for example.

For a stylish and elegant luxury watch case of top quality, you can go to the Benson brand. Benson offers many handy and high-quality watch accessories, including these special watch cases. Within the Benson Watch roll Black Series, we find, among others, the Benson Watch roll Black Series 4 Black. This beautiful pencil case is made by hand from top quality Italian leather. An eye for detail and a perfect finish are extremely important values for Benson, which are therefore reflected in this exclusive watch case, including the fine stitching that matches the leather. This model is made of black leather, but is also available in a number of other colors, such as camel and dark brown. Benson has designed this case in such a way that your luxury watches can be stored extremely safely. For example, a special soft fabric has been made on the inside, so that your watches are protected against scratches or other unnecessary damage. The upholstery on the inside is in the color grey. This luxury case also has a very stylish look. When you have carefully selected your luxury watches, you want to be able to store your watches in style.

As mentioned, the Benson Watch roll Black Series 4 Black offers space for storing 4 luxury watches. However, Benson also offers the same model with space for 2 and 3 watches in the Benson Watch roll Black Series. For example, there is a nice matching watch case available at Benson for every owner of luxury watches. All the advantages of the Benson Watch roll Black Series 4 Black at a glance: a stylish and elegant design, a compact design and therefore easy to carry, made of high-quality Italian leather, optimal protection on the inside of the case and a fantastic eye for detail. With the Benson Watch roll Black Series 4 Black you choose a very complete picture for storing your watches. In addition to the Benson Watch roll Black Series, the Benson collection also offers beautiful watch boxes in various attractive designs. For example, you can go to Benson for watch boxes with a view through the top, but also for luxury watch boxes that also come from the luxury Black Series of the brand. The watch boxes are made of leather and available in different colors, such as blue and black.

Whether you are looking for a stylish watch box or a compact watch case for your luxury watches, Benson is the right place for you! The brand is therefore known for its stylish designs in combination with the very good price/quality ratio of their products. At Benson you get a lot of value for your money. You will find the luxury watch cases and watch boxes of this brand in our webshop. We also offer an extensive collection of Benson watch winders, especially for your automatic luxury watches. These watch winders also offer a high degree of user comfort and a lot of quality for a competitive price.

If you want to take a closer look at the Benson Watch roll Black Series, you will find clear photos of both the exterior and the interior in our webshop for a complete picture. We supply these exclusive watch cases with a 2-year warranty in a luxurious packaging. You will also receive these cases with a certificate. View the particularly beautiful Benson Watch roll Black Series now in our webshop and choose your favorite color!