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The best watch winder for a Patek Philippe watch

Posted on 24 February 2023 at 8:40 AM

Are you looking for a watch winder for your Patek Philippe watch? Or a watch winder for several other luxury automatic watches? It can be quite a challenge to find the best suitable watch winder for your watches. There are many different options in this area. Depending on the number of watches you own and what your wishes are in terms of additional functionalities and appearance, you can choose the most suitable watch winder. Of course, your budget also plays an important role in this. We would like to help you with your search with this article. We are happy to tell you more about a number of watch winders that are of top quality and can provide your Patek Philippe watch with energy in a perfect way. We have opted for 3 different models with a variation in capacity, use of materials and options.

The first watch winder is from the Orbita brand. Orbita is known worldwide as a brand that places innovation and renewal high on its list of priorities. It is therefore not for nothing that the brand has several patents to its name. For example, Orbita has developed the special 'Rotorwind System', which provides the winding of automatic watches by gently shaking the watch. The brand also offers the 'Programmable System', which works through rotation. Orbita offers an extensive collection of watch winders in different price ranges. For example, with the Orbita Sparta Bold 2 Green W05533, the brand offers a top quality watch winder at a competitive price. This model has a simpler design and is made of plastic. The basis of the watch winder is formed by Swiss made motors, which are very suitable for the winding of any brand and type of automatic watch. You can also easily provide your Patek Philippe watch with the necessary energy in this watch winder. This watch winder offers space for winding 2 automatic watches at the same time. This compact model runs on batteries (long life battery system), so you can safely store this watch winder and your watches in a safe. The rotors of the watch winder are individually adjustable. Finally, the Orbita Sparta Bold 2 Green W05533 offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. This watch winder from Orbita can be found in our webshop and is supplied by us with a 2-year warranty and a clear manual.

The second watch winder that is extremely suitable for the winding and care of your Patek Philippe watch is one from a completely different price range. The Bernard Favre Planet Gold watch winder is definitely a very exclusive watch winder with a unique look. The watch winder is made of stainless steel, among other things. This model consists of a beautiful base in the color black, with gold-colored rings above it in which the watch can be placed. The watch is provided with winding because it rotates around its own axis in the watch winder. This is an extremely fascinating sight, especially for the real enthusiast of beautiful automatic watches. When you also place the glass dome over the watch winder, the picture is complete. This dome also offers protection against harmful influences, such as moisture and dust. The heart of this Bernard Favre watch winder is formed by a Swiss motor of unparalleled quality. With this you provide your Patek Philippe watch with energy without any problems and you therefore never have to worry about your watch standing still. The special LED indicator shows the status of the watch winder. The Bernard Favre Planet Gold watch winder is also equipped with a battery (100 days). This allows you to safely place the watch winder and your watch in a safe. Charging the watch winder is easy with the USB connection, using mains power, smartphone or PC. Finally, this watch winder offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. This extremely elegant and luxurious watch winder is a true compliment to your special watch and ensures that it stands out even more. When you order this watch winder from us in the webshop, we ship it with a 2-year warranty in a luxurious case.

The last watch winder that we would like to bring to your attention is suitable for a wide collection of automatic watches. The Benson Black Series Pro 16.19.B offers space for winding no less than 16 automatic watches. In addition, this watch winder is also equipped with a special extra storage space in the form of a drawer. You can store another 12 watches in this. This watch winder is therefore extremely suitable for the real collector. This luxury watch winder is handmade with the utmost care and provided with no less than 12 layers of paint and a protective layer of lacquer. The watch winder can be closed with the glass door, which is equipped with a safe lock. The inside of the watch winder is provided with a special soft velvet. This provides a luxurious look and also offers protection to your watches against scratches or other damage. If you want to put your watch collection in the spotlight, you can do this by switching on the built-in LED lighting. This gives you a perfect view of your watches at any time. You can determine the settings regarding the direction of rotation and the number of turns per day for each watch separately. This way every watch gets the most ideal way of winding. Setup is easy with the modern touch screen. Finally, the Benson Black Series Pro 16.19.B offers the programs CW, CC and Alt, an overwind protection, a USB connection and a power winding function. This last option ensures that you can wind your watches in a short time. In short, with the Benson Black Series Pro 16.19.B you opt for ultimate luxury at an attractive price. You can also find this watch winder in our webshop. This model comes with a 2-year warranty, a manual and a certificate.

With the models mentioned, we have given examples of top quality watch winders for enthusiasts with different wishes. In our webshop you can find many more high-quality models that are extremely suitable for your Patek Philippe watch or an entire collection of automatic watches. View our collection now!