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Underwood watchwinders, luxury winding technology

Posted on 15 July 2014 at 3:10 PM

The history of Underwood goes back to 1926 when the Italian Rustioni founded the company. In the beginning Underwood was a company specialized in producing high quality leather products in the tradition of Italian craftmanship. In the 90's the company started to develop and produce watchwinders to wind automatic watches.

Quality inside the Underwood watchwinders

Everybody know that a good watchwinder has a good motor. Underwood uses the high end motors of Maxon, a Swiss company specialized in motors for many purposes. These motors are used by more leading watchwinder brands.

Next to the motors, the gearing is very important too. The gearing is between the motor and the turntable and makes sure the power of the motors is transfered, to turn around the turntable.

Design and exterior

The design of the Underwood watchwinders can be described as modern and functional. The designs are compact which makes the smaller models attractive for use during travels or holiday.

The exteriour materials are wood or leather. Especially the orange leather does attract us! But you can also choose for a wooden watchwinder which has a more classic look. The Underwood watchwinders can be used with batteries and a power adapter. Therefore these watchwinders are extremely handy and easy in use.

We will keep an eye on this brand, and will make sure you will read all news here on Watchwinder Blog.