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Paul Design watch winders

Posted on 15-03-2023

A good quality watch winder is a handy accessory if you have one or more automatic watches. By choosing a good watch winder you guarantee the preservation of your automatic watches. In the first place, the watch winder provides suitable winding for your automatic watches. An automatic watch can only function with the help of movement. This happens automatically when the watch is worn, namely through the natural movement of the wrist. When the watch is not being worn, a good watch winder can take over this necessary movement. This prevents your watches from standing still.

Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Macassar watch winder

Movement also ensures an optimal distribution of the oil in the watch, which certainly benefits the life of the watch. Finally, with a good watch winder you choose a safe storage place for your watches. Enough reasons to purchase a watch winder if you do not yet own it as a fan of automatic watches. There are many beautiful brands that offer high quality watch winders with a stylish look. In this article we would like to pay attention to one special brand in particular, namely Paul Design.

Paul Design is a brand that originates from the United Kingdom. At Paul Design it was stated that there was a big gap between the quality and price of the watch winders from Asia, with the watch winders from the well-known luxury and more expensive brands. Paul Design wanted to develop watch winders that would fill this gap in the market. This means that the brand aspired to produce high-quality watch winders with a luxurious appearance, in combination with competitive prices. This has resulted in a fantastic collection of watch winders of extremely high quality. Paul Design uses high-quality Japanese motors for the watch winders from the collection. These motors offer several important advantages. These are very reliable and energy efficient. In addition, they wind the watches silently, so that you can also place the Paul Design watch winders in your bedroom or workplace with peace of mind. In addition, these Japanese motors ensure, among other things, that the watch winders of the brand remain affordable. With the extensive collection of watch winders, Paul Design offers both the enthusiast with a single automatic watch and the real collector. The brand uses various high-quality materials, such as wood and leather. The watch winders from Paul Design also have a luxurious character and are fully equipped. There are various models in the collection that offer extra storage space, for example. You can use this for extra other watches or of course for any other jewelry or cufflinks, for example. In addition, there are watch winders from Paul Design that are equipped with handy built-in LED lighting. This emphasizes the luxurious character of the watch winder and offers you the opportunity to view your watches properly at any time of the day.

We are happy to tell you more about a specific watch winder from the Benson collection, namely the Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Macassar. This beautiful watch winder is suitable for winding no fewer than 12 automatic watches at the same time, making it an excellent choice for the avid collector. The exterior of the watch winder is made of a beautiful wood color (macassar) and offers a nice contrast with the black interior. The watch winder can be closed with the glass door. This keeps harmful external influences away from your watches. Because the door is also equipped with an extremely modern fingerprint lock, no one else can get to your watches but yourself. The handy touchscreen ensures that setting up the watch winder is very easy. For example, you can change the settings per rotor separately with regard to the direction of rotation and the number of rotations per day. With the special LED lighting you ensure a perfect view of your watch collection. The watch winder also offers the programs CW, CC and Alt and an overwind protection. This model also comes with a remote control, which ensures a very high level of user comfort. In short, the Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Macassar is a very luxurious and high-quality watch winder, with nice extra functionalities. And that at a very attractive price!

You should preferably buy a high-quality watch winder from an official dealer. We are an official dealer of Paul Design and therefore offer an extensive range of Paul Design watch winders, including the Paul Design Gentlemen 12 Macassar. Every watch winder from Paul Design is supplied by us with a 2-year warranty and a clear manual. Of course we ensure that your new acquisition is carefully packed before it is sent to you. We ship our products worldwide using the services of DPD, PostNL and Fedex. View our range of Paul Design watch winders now and choose your favorite!